A/n: The boys discovered the use of computers. Enjoy. Also, Peter isn't really in this story because I HATE HIM…so yeah.

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Chapter One: Puns, Rhyming, and Boxer Payback!

SiriusTheAwseome has entered the chat room

SiriusTheAwesome: Hello unsuspecting people of Earth!

WolfWithStrangeFriends has entered the chat room

WolfWithStrangeFriends: I'm probably going to regret asking this, but what are the people unsuspecting of?

SiriusTheAwesome: *grins evilly*

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Padfoot?

SiriusTheAwesome: Yeeees Mooooony? *Gives Moony innocent eyes*

WolfWithStrangeFriends: What did you do? And by the way your puppy dog eyes never work.

SiriusTheAwesome: *sighs* Most people would think that someone who transfigures into a dog every month would be better at giving the puppy dog face…apparently no such luck.

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Stop avoiding the question.

SiriusTheAwesome: What question? I didn't hear anyone ask a question.

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Seriously Sirius! What DID you do?

SiruisTheAwesome: *giggles like a little girl* you made a pun.

WolfWithStrangeFriends: What?

SiruisTheAwesome: A pun; an amusing play on words. Sheesh and I thought YOU were the smart one.

WolfWithStrangeFriends: I know what a pun is! And for your information Sirius I got almost all E's on my OWL's, so I am the smart one.

SiruisTheAwesome: 'Seriously Sirius' is still a funny pun. Ha ha, pun is a wierd word, pun pun pun, dun dun dun, punny pun dun! *laughs*

WolfWithStrangeFirends: AH! Padfoot, stop. And you spelled weird wrong.

SiruisTheAwesome: I did NOT! I before E; I put the frickin I before the freaking E, Mr. Smarty Pants.

WolfWithStrangeFriends: I know you did, but that's not how you spell it, there's an exception to practically every grammar rule.

SiruisTheAwesome: *mumbles* stupid grammar *mumbles* stupid exceptions.

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Ooookaaay, now back to my question. Sirius, what did you do?

SiruisTheAwesome: *mumbles some more* No! I'm not answering right now; I'm still too upset with the English language and its stupid, mean grammar rules that made me look dumb.

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Look?

SiriusTheAwesome: Stop being so rude Moony, waaah. *cries and hexes Moony*

WolfWithStrangeFriends: You can't hex someone over IM.

SiruisTheAwesome: Well I can try! Stupefy! *waves wand madly at air*

WolfWithStrangeFriends: You didn't hurt me; nothing happened.

SiruisTheAwesome: Oh something happened alright…

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Which would be?

SiruisTheAwesome: AHHH! No please don't hurt me! It was an acciden-…..*falls out of chair*

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Sirius! Are you okay? Uh…what's happening over there?

SiruisTheAwesome: *climbs back up to chair and quickly tries to type before being hit again* I'm *ducks* being pelted with silverware…HARD!

WolfWithStrangeFriends: By who?...why?

SiruisTheAwesome is unable to respond at the moment- this is the automatic response system. SiriusTheAwesome's automatic response: I'm too sexy for my shirt…to sexy for my shirt…yeah! *struts around, shaking cute booty, to the music*

WolfWithStrangeFriends: I could have gone my whole life without that mental image …but no …Oh cruel, cruel fate…

SirusTheAwesome has returned to the chat room

SiruisTheAwesome: Don't be like that, you know I'm a kick a** dancer. OOPS! *doges a fork* Forgot I was still being attacked…OW! It was a bloody accident woman!

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Kindly tell me why someone is attacking you with cutlery? Who and why would also help.

SirusTheAwesome: So many questions so little time! Sorry Moons, gotta duck and cover here…hold on!

SiruisTheAwesome has momentarily left the chat room…AGAIN!

WolfWithStrangeFriends: So confused.

SiriusTheAwesome's automatic response: I'm too sexy for my shirt…to sexy for my shirt…yeah! *struts `around to the music*

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Not that again!

SiruisTheAwesome has returned to the chat room

SiruisTheAwesome: Phew! That is the last time I randomly yell a hex and wave my wand around…well I'll stop doing it for a while at least.

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Good your back so I don't have to read your automatic response again, and you can tell me what the he** happened?

SiruisTheAwesome: One: my automatic response rocks! Two: I cannot believe that you just cursed Moony!

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Do you enjoy avoiding my questions and making me frustrated?

SiruisTheAwesome: Actually I do, when your frustrated you make a really funny face and I can just imagine it right now *imagines the funny face* hahahaha

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Rhetorical question. And please tell me why and who attacked you.

SiruisTheAwesome: Well you see, when you hurt my feelings and I tried to hex you, it actually DID work, to some extent. It didn't hit you, but because of my somewhat frantic wand waving it accidently hit a 5th year Gryffindor girl who was walking by me in the common room (I'm on my laptop in the common room) and well, let's just say girls don't take nicely to being randomly hit with a stupefy hex, after she got up from being hit with my hex (my totally bitc*in' hex just byyyy the way), she started conjuring up knives and forks and throwing them at me and screaming stuff like 'You moron!' at me. (Why she choose to use silverware to hurt me, I don't know) and yep, that's pretty much what happened.

WolfWithStrangeFriends: LMAO! You really should try to not be so spastic with your wand.

SiriusTheAwesome: Normally I would find that spastic comment mean, but I'm going to ignore it and focus on how funny the word spastic is! SPAS-TIC! SPAS-TIC! Don't be spastic with plastic, spastic plastic!

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Noo! The rhyming, the singing! Make it go away!AHHH!...btw the forks she threw weren't plastic right? (a/n- I just noticed that Moony is kind of bi-polar, isn't he? Screaming and then just calmly asking a question? Wow)

SiriusTheAwesome: Nope, not at all. They were entirely made of metal, which makes for a worse ow-ee. It just rhymed with spastic!

Prongs+Lily has entered the chat room

SiriusTheAwesome: Why hello there Prongs.

Prongs+Lily: Sirius Black!

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Yay! James made the singing stop.

Prongs+Lily: I'm going to murder you Black!

SiruisTheAwesome: Uh oh spaghetti-O! *runs away*

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Make it stop!

SiriusTheAwesome has left the chat room and is now running for his life.

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Yes he left; no more rhyming.

Prongs+Lily: He is going down!...and by the why I find your screen name offensive Moony, I am not strange. Sirius is, but I'm not.

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Yeah sure your not.

Prongs+Lily: It's just about Sirius and Peter right?

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Uh…yeah, sure it is. You keep thinking that.

Prongs+Lily: Yes, so where was I? Oh yeah trying to kill my best mate, so let the Sirius hunt begin!

WolfWithStrangeFriends: *Ignoring Prongs outburst of anger* And what did Sirius DO exactly?

Prongs+Lily: He-he-… he magically wrote 'James Potter NEEDS Lily Evans! 3' on a pair of my boxers, made them really big, then hung it in the great hall on the ceiling! *fumes with anger*

WolfWithStrangeFriends: Ooooh! So THAT'S what he said the people were 'unsuspecting' of…

Prongs+Lily: Hello? Major embarrassment problem here. (a/n: James is such a drama queen in this story-sorry)

WolfWithStrangeFriends: oh…Sorry. If you're that mad then…run after him or something!

Prongs+Lily: I've got a better idea; payback! *smiles mischievously*

Prongs+Lily has left chat room to plot Sirius's downfall. Heh heh.

WolfWithStrangeFriends: *rolls eyes* this can't end well…