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Chapter 27

One Word: Wow

I raced towards the road looking for a car. Any type of vehicle I could find, preferably a van. I didn't have enough time to strategize on how to stop a driver, so I was looking on the curves where people parked their cars. I'd learned how to hot-wire and all I could find was a motorcycle...don't ask me why I carry a wire in my jeans. I looked at the wet bike and wondered why someone would have a motorcycle in this weather. Oh well. I took out my wire and found three cords. Once I found its connection, I unhooked it and placed the wire in its place. When I saw it click on, I flipped the switch and took off, doing a pop wheelie and practically crashing as I swerved.

The police sirens got louder as I headed down the road. I saw a cop car speed to the left as I headed for a stop sign. I began to follow him. I was being cautious because I knew I could flip off at any second. I tried to stay behind the cruiser, but I couldn't keep up. The car was moving much too fast and I couldn't be seen, but I also needed to see it. Looks like this was a lose-lose situation. After about a minute passed by, the cruiser stopped and pulled over to the side. Two officers dashed out and they had dogs with them. They let them loose and they went barking towards the alley. Aw come on! Dogs, seriously! I decided to stay on the bike and I sped around the officers and even though I didn't look at them, I know they saw me.

I surprisingly got over to him quickly and I made an abrupt stop on the road. But it wasn't him.

"Derek? What the hell are you doing here?"

"Just get on; where's Justin?"

"Where the hell did you get a motorcycle? Whatever, anyways, I got something better." I ditched the bike and followed Richard.

"What did he do?"

"Too much to explain." He was running way too fast and I was trailing behind. "Come on!"

"Slow down!" He slowed down to get me and threw me on his back. In seconds we arrived to a black automobile. "Is that a Mischief?"

"I wish, just get in." I got in the back seat and claimed I was letting Justin hop in the front, but I was too chicken to admit I was scared to be in the front when he was driving.

Richard smirked, sort of sarcastically, and slammed on the gas. We were moving way too fast and I was more afraid here than I was on the motorcycle. I heard the window rolling down and I opened my eyes. In seconds, Martha jumped in with us.

"Where's Ashley?" Martha questioned.

I shrugged and Richard turned back at us, "With Luke." She nodded.

"I swear I am going to kill him!"

"Aw come on...don't do that." Richard was smiling again.

"Shut up Richard; I am so not in the mood!" Richard mumbled something about PMS and she growled. Things were moving too fast and I saw Justin jump in with us.

"Where's Ashley?" He quoted, but he had less worry than Martha did. Before Richard could answer, Martha got a clean slap to him and it echoed as Richard said, "Oooo." As if he were in a crowd rather than being the only one to react, besides Justin.

"What was that for?"

"You know exactly what that was for!" Martha spat and sat back in her seat, "Drive Richard!"

"What do you think I'm doing?"

"Drive faster!"

Richard hit the gas harder and he was swerving. I could still hear the sirens, but they were fading away as we hit a corner. Martha saw my shaking and started caressing me. I tried to block it all out. The sirens, the car, our movement, but things just got louder. I felt the impact as we crashed into something and I wished I'd put my seat belt on as I bumped heads with Justin. I winced, but Richard kept on moving. I sighed in relief when it was all over.

I got out with everyone else and Martha was still livid. We were at our burnt out house and I sighed again, wondering how it all happened. Re-living 30 minutes in my head. I watched Martha and Justin exchange glances then they turned towards me and Richard.

"Richard, go find Ashley and Luke." He nodded, but before he left he whispered to me.

"Don't let them kill each other." I nodded, but had no idea how I was going to stop them if they did get in a fight.

I started thinking about what Renesmee must think of me. She probably thinks I'm weird, messed up in the head. I followed Justin and Martha in the house and sat on the couch I always sit on. They went upstairs and I heard a door shut. Usually I couldn't hear a word when they were arguing, when anyone was arguing and we were on different levels, but now, I could hear everything. And to be honest I didn't want to, but I still listened because I was curious. At first I tried to muffle things out, but then I heard them talking about the rest of us.

"I'm tired of this Justin! God-damn it, do you even care about them?"

Justin's voice was a whisper and I'd never heard him so powerless before, "Of course I do." His voice rose, "It was a mistake, okay, people make mistakes!"

"Derek could have died because of you. If you haven't realized, he's still a 12 year old boy!"

"He's almost 13."

"Wow...just wow."

"Look Martha, if you haven't realized, I'm still 14! You can't expect me to have everything under control. I provided safety, I provide food...most of the time. He's my brother! You really think I'd allow anything to happen to him."

"Oh yeah, well where was he? Did you even know that he hot-wired a fucking motorcycle and was driving in the snow?" Justin was quiet and I could picture him looking on the ground.

Wait, how could she have known that? And if she saw me, why didn't she stop me? This was turning from a small problem to a bigger one. I wanted to budge in, tell them to stop yelling at each other. It gave me a twisted feeling in my stomach when I heard them yelling at each other. But what could I say? What could I do? Well, Richard did tell me to stop them if they tried to kill each other. But, they're old enough to know how to work it out...oh wait...

"That's...irrelevant." Justin finally mumbled and he was the weak one again. Not knowing what to say. Note to self: don't argue with women...even half women or a girl, but I think Martha shouldn't be considered a girl. Teenager, yeah, there goes the word.

"How is that possibly irrelevant?"

"Martha, you treat him too much like he's a baby. Like he's your baby. He's never going to grow up. And I'm not just talking about Derek! Luke would be spoiled too if weren't for Richard. And Ashley...well she's just...look you know what I'm talking about. Stop babying him; stop worrying so much." I'm not being babied, am I? I figured Justin just needed a comeback.

"Stop worrying, ha! Look where that's got us Justin! Your "motto" isn't helping you, me, or anyone else! And it never has, never will."

"I'm just saying stop taking things so seriously."

"Well someone's got to!"

I felt as if they could go on forever...and ever...and ever. Right now, I don't know whose side to take, but Martha is making some sense. I tried my best to stop listening again and it worked this time, but I could still hear the yelling, just not their words, like it used to be before all these changes. I began hearing them again and started to think about a subject that would always distract me. Mom, dad, Peter and the rest. Fire, vampires, killing...murder. Where were they right now at this very moment? Where do werewolves go when they die? No, where does anyone go when they die. Well, you know what they say, "All dogs go to heaven". I laughed at my joke and realized I was bashing on my family.

Should a group of werewolves even be called a family? Well the Cullen's can do it, why can't we? Family. Another topic to distract me from the noise. Family, love, and care. Together, unison, funerals and family reunions. Me, Ashley, Richard, and Luke. Martha and Justin. Damn it! I'm thinking about them again. Come on, just think of something. Renesmee. Yeah, there's another topic. Renesmee and I, Renesmee and her family, Renesmee and that weird shape-shiter guy she knows. That got me wondering why she's with him, with them. I thought vampire and the Native Americans didn't get along. Well that's what I get for thinking.

I wasn't the only curious one so Martha went over to spy on them all at La Push. She snuck in one of their houses and found a lot of cash. Old money. Says she's saving it for emergencies. Just in case we needed to move, and Martha hid it from us all because Richard would be the first to spend it. Also, a group of people like us would get a lot of questions as to how we got the money in the first place. Guess Martha planned that out too. Wait, no! I'm think about them again. I couldn't fight it any longer. Justin was ending his sentence when Martha had just began. How long have they been going at it? 20, maybe 30 minute. And where was Richard and the others?

"They need someone to look up to."

"It doesn't have to be us. Martha you need to seriously stop this! You're acting like we're parents or something." Justin mumbled the last part. There was silence and he spoke up again, "Is that it? That's why you treat them this way? You're using them as a substitute? Martha I know it's only been 2 years since, but-"

"No!" Martha's voice was breaking and that was another first, "We are not having this conversation. We are not, so don't you dare bring up that baby. Don't you dare!"

"We can talk about this, maybe it'll make you feel better. Besides, we never have."

"I don't care." I could hear the tears in her voice, "I don't want to talk about it." I was now absorbed in their conversation and nothing could distract me.

"Martha, it's okay. We were young and stupid, well we still are young and a little less stupid, but you know what I mean. And us being young is part of the reason why this is so difficult. It happened once. We made a mistake, just like I did today. Except now we can only apologize to ourselves. And our baby."

"Shut up Justin! Just shut up!"

"Come here." He eased her and I could hear Martha sobbing into his chest. "I won't talk about it right now, but...never mind. Just know that we're gonna get through it."

"We've already been through it and there's nothing to get through. And I told you to forget about that thing! Move on with our lives."

"I know that's not how you feel. I know you loved it so don't even call him or her that thing!" He whispered to her now, "Did you name it?"

She sighed, "Justin...please stop. I-I-I can't take it." She sounded battered as if Justin's next word would make her have a heart attack.

"Okay." he agreed and I stopped listening. Now all I could hear was soothing and some kissing.

That was too much, way too much. Well, what happened to the baby? I thought about and half way knew the answer. But I've never even seen the slightest bump on Martha's belly. I don't know much about pregnancy, but I do know that it's noticeable, especially from a girl Martha's size. After hearing her break down like that, I realized that deep down, way deep down, there was a frightened girl beneath her.

I realized I was standing and flopped back on the couch. I curled up in a ball, closed my eyes, and knew that I would never be able to look at them the same way again.

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