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Chapter 1:

"Verdammt noch mal, Sun. Just shut up, ja?" he growled, totally not feeling like gracing the world with his awesomeness today. He was just going to stay in bed, celebrating the anniversary of the most un-awesome day in history. Maybe have a beer. Yeah, he definitely needed a beer.

Hold on. What was West saying?

"…st! You may not be a nation anymore, but you are still going to that Vorld Conference today!"

"Nu," the albino slurred, turning over in his bed. "I don't feel like it…"

"Stop vhining and get up, East!" Germany practically roared, icy blue eyes flashing in annoyance (and, although he wouldn't admit it, a bit in understanding). "I knov it's the anniversary of your dissolution—" At this, Prussia cringed. "—but you really need to get up. You knov the only excuse for missing a Vorld conference is death, var, or the threat of death, be you nation, micronation, ex-nation, or vhatever!"

Ruby red eyes revealed themselves from under the covers, along with a messy mat of white hair. "…Meh," they seemed to say before disappearing again.

Germany just sighed, rubbing his forehead before an idea came to his mind. "…Gilbird is going to starve—"

"GILBIRD!" came the loud, Prussian cry, a white blur flying across the room, down the hall, and into the kitchen, where Germany had insisted that the little yellow chick be kept. After frantically looking through the cabinets and pantry, Prussia sighed, finally finding the birdseed. He sprinkled a bit onto his hair and opened Gilbird's cage, letting the hatchling jump onto his head and devour the seeds as Prussia walked back to the "Awesome Cave" (Better known as Germany's basement), only to find the door shut and his little brother guarding it.

"What's this?" Prussia whined (awesomely, mind you). "Lemme into my room, West!"

"You'll just jump back into bed again," Germany said stoically, almost glaring at his older brother. "You are going to the Vorld Conference, bruder."

Prussia glanced down at his homemade black "Bitches Don't Know 'Bout My Chicks" t-shirt and boxers (which had the Prussian flag on them), then looked at Germany's fancy suit and tie. "…Can I at least put pants on?"

Germany rolled his eyes, but stepped aside, allowing Prussia entrance to the room. "…Fine. But be quick!"

"Ja, ja," Prussia said, running into his room and searching through the dressers for a good pair of jeans. Contrary to popular belief, the ex-nation was perfectly capable of keeping things organized like his little brother. However, he was, for lack of a better word, lazy.

He finally found a pair of suitable pants (read: somewhat clean. It wasn't stained, or smelled bad, anyway) and sluggishly put them on, dreading the WC (and still moping about the date). After all, he didn't want to get mauled by a frying pan (again).

"Hurry up, East!" Germany called, getting irritated. "I don't vant to be late again!"

Prussia shuddered. Well, THAT wasn't a memory he was fond of. It had only happened once, and for a good reason. That stingy aristocrat had woken up late, and he refused to leave until he had had his tea. The other nations had apparently started without them, because when Prussia, Germany, and Austria had gotten to the meeting room, it was complete and utter chaos. More so than usual, even, everyone this close to murdering each other. In fact, it took Germany, Prussia, and several of the micronations (who weren't fighting) to gain (some) control over the situation and prevent any deaths.

"I'm coming, West!" Prussia exclaimed, the threat of being late more than enough to sway him. He grabbed his iPod, some ear buds, made sure that Gilbird was still on his head, and jumped out of the room. Germany grabbed his older brother's wrist and dragged him out to the car, mumbling obscenities in German.

Prussia was silent the whole ride over, fumbling with his ear buds and playing Angry Birds. It's not fair… he thought moodily, flinging another bird with a flick on his thumb. I'm not a nation anymore, so why do I still have to come to these stupid meetings? Hell, why am I still ALIVE? He glanced over at Germany, seeing him in a black cloak and an almost pirate-like hat for a split second before shaking his head. It's not like I represent something else like West, right? Sure, I was East Germany for a while, but what about now? Deutschland's reunited, and West takes care of everything now. And yeah, the Teutonic Knights are still around, but it's not like I represent them, right? I know Vati died after Germania sorta disappeared, or whatever; Same with Rome.

So, what's going to happen to ME?


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Verdammt noch mal: German; dammit

Ja: German; yes

Bruder: German; brother

Ja ja: Yes yes

Deutschland: Germany; Germany

Vati: Germany; Dad