A/N: GUESS WHO FINALLY CONQUERED WRITERS BLOCK?! Meaning I finally got off my ass and came up with a filler chapter after being inspired by something last night. I forget what it was. BUT. This is an IMPORTANT filler chapter! And I rather think my writing's improved~ Probably 'cause of all the literate roleplays I've been doing…Anyways! Yes, Germania is a girl here. There's a reason for that that's probably not really relevant to this story, but it's my headcanon. If enough people ask why, then I might tell you all why…

Chapter 3: Oh Look, an Important Filler!

"Wah! Germaniaaaa!" the Roman Empire exclaimed, clinging to the blond huntress. "It's soooo boring!"

"Let go of me, Romulus," the woman deadpanned, surreptitiously prying him off. "What are you going on about?"

"I think he's talking about our children, Aloisa," Native America (or Shima, as she liked to be called) said boredly, looking up from the TV.

Yes, TV. Contrary to popular belief, the Ancient nations had not died. They were just living in a house in a small town in Florida. The town, unbeknownst to its other residents, was under tight watch by the UN. No modern nation knew they were alive; only the countries' bosses. The "House of the Ancients", as it began to be called, moved every now and then as the center of the world shifted. They had been in Rome, England, and many others, now in America.

"How so?" Aloisa questioned, turning to the pouting Roman.

"It's always wars and politics," he whined. "Nothing exciting ever happens!"

"I heard Prussia's starting a World War III," the young Mayan Empire stated, looking up from her Barbie doll sacrifices (she was dismayed when she found out that she couldn't sacrifice real humans). "A rebellion of all the outcast nations and nation wannabes. It is starting to sound very interesting." Maya had this odd habit of knowing things before anyone else, a skill some of the Ancients found rather unnerving.

"Still boring," Scandinavia complained, opening up a beer. He stuck his tongue out at Mama Egypt, who was watching with silent disapproval.

"We could spice it up," Aztec, Maya's brother suggested, cutting a baby doll's neck with a somewhat sadistic smile.

"I have an idea," the Celtic Isles said. "We could give them super powers."

While most of the adults murmured in approval, Maya shook her head violently, staring at the fire in the fireplace. "No!" she shrieked, watching shapes and patterns in the flames that only she could see. "Giving them full blown superpowers would only result in the destruction of them, us, and the world," she said shakily. Maya mumbled a few words in her dead language and tossed one of her brother's doll heads into the fire. "…The same would happen if we let things play out as they are."

The girl grasped for her Barbie sacrifices and threw in a Ken body, without the head. "That's odd," she said softly as smoke blotted out the fire.

"What is it, child?" questioned Mama Greece, knowing to stay her distance from the strange former-empire while she foretold the future.

"The only thing I can see not ending in disaster is completely shrouded from my sight," she wondered. The small girl spoke with a voice that seemed wise beyond her years (as compared to her physical age, at least). "It is if we give them…well, not exactly 'superpowers,' but rather super human abilities, such as Alfred's superhuman strength, or Arthur's magic."

"I believe that would spice it up quite well, don't you?" Aloisa questioned Romulus, a hint of a smirk playing on the edge of her lips.

"Sic!" the brunette shouted excitedly, attaching himself to Germania and kissing her cheek. "Let's do it!"

And so they did.

Although, Rome had to do it with a broken nose. He brought it upon himself, really.

A/N: Key:

Germania/F/Aloisa (Female form of "Alois", meaning famous warrior, and it sounded pretty)/About 32

Roman Empire/M/Romulus (Said founder of Rome, raised by a female wolf with his brother Remus)/About 33, 35

Native America/F/Shima (Navajo name meaning mother)/36

Mayan Empire/F/Maya (Shortened version of Mayan Empire, and she's a girl, sooo…)/10

Scandinavia/M/Gunnarr (composed of the elements gunnr "battle, fight" and arr "army, war," hence "soldier, warrior")/21

Aztec Empire/m/Iccauhtli (meaning younger brother")/7

Celtic Isles/F/Yvon (meaning archer)/34

Ancient Greece/F/Athena (Grecian Goddess of war)/34

Ancient Egypt/F/Beset (meaning Protector)/32

Sic: Latin for yes.