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Chapter 1

Harry looked in the mirror in the bathroom, ever since his birthday it had started, ever since his fifteenth birthday, (which of course the Dursley's had traditionally forgotten) he was beginning to change. His hair was beginning to get longer more quickly and that bit greasier, then his complexion was getting paler and more oily and now this. Now his nose was slowly ever so slowly becoming to get a bit hooked.

Squashing it down did nothing, it only made it painful and the scary thing was, no one was noticing, no one at all. No one save him. At first he guessed it was because the Dursleys never looked at him enough to notice subtle changes in him, but not even Ron or Hermione had noticed, no one. Well that was a bit of a white lie. One person seemed to have. But Harry wished that person were the one who hadn't.

Snape had noticed these subtle changes, and to Harry's fear more than anything Snape seemed scared at this, as though now he would actually need to do something about it.

But what Harry really wanted to know was why this was going on, why he was changing. It just didn't make any sense did it?


"I suppose that you have seen it." Lupin asked him. Severus Snape turned around.

"Huh?" he asked trying to be innocent.

"Don't play dumb with me, I know Severus, I know"

Snape swallowed hard. "I have no idea what you're talking about." He lied unconvincingly.

Lupin smiled evilly. "It's very obvious, you know to the trained eye, the subtle changes, and I know Severus, so there is no point hiding it anymore. I know Harry's your son."

A good few minutes silence then a croak, "How did you know?" Snape asked.

"I didn't, I just heavily suspected, a werewolf can see that it's a spell, I see a younger you there, not a younger James. Don't get me wrong I see Harry, looking like James, but it's not real, and I can see that it's not real."

Snape bowed his head and thought. "I don't know what to do."

"Tell him." Lupin pushed.

"No, I can't, don't you see it'll destroy him, I can't be his father, he can't be allowed to know, it's just not right, it's not fair!"

Lupin gave a manic laugh. "Not fair? Not fair? Well Severus it's hardly not fair. He has a right to know."

Snape shook his head. "I just can't believe it, it doesn't make sense."

He saw Lupin fold his arms across his chest. "No you're right, how did it happen?"

Snape bit his lip and began to tell the tale.

"Well, remember around sixteen years ago now, James and Lily had had a fight over something, financial worries, I dunno. Well Lily had stormed out and decided to stay at the local muggle inn, and at the bar I was. I hadn't spoken to her in a good few years, and well we began to catch up, and we kept drinking. The next thing I remember is waking up at home next to her. We just guessed really what had happened. Only saw her once after that, that was when she told me she was pregnant with my child. She thought I had a right to know I guess."

Lupin nodded and he had a pensive expression on his face. "And…the spell?" he asked. Snape thought, what was the spell, he didn't know truth be told. It was some illusion spell, Harry didn't really look like that, it was a plastic covering so to speak. When James Potter had agreed to raise Harry as his own he had intended to do it properly and so he started with the spell. But now it was wearing off, and as no one knew what the actual spell was they couldn't 'update' it.

So now Harry was going to slowly look like Snape and the thing was, Harry was obviously going to notice these changes in himself, so Snape would have to tell him, and he absolutely no idea how he was going to do that.

Finding out he was going to be a father, most people would be overjoyed but not Snape. All he felt was dread.


"Severus?" He turned around to see Lily there, her beautiful green eyes and long red hair.

"Lily." He acknowledged.

"Severus," she walked up to him grasped his hand, but then let go again. "Severus, do you remember that night me and you…you know."

"In a matter of speaking, yes."

"Well, you've probably heard that I'm pregnant."

"Yes," he said trying not to sound bitter. "Congratulations."

She smiled sweetly. "It's not James'. It's yours"

Snape swallowed a lot on a dry mouth and was silent except for his ragged breathing. He shook his head refusing to believe what he had just been told.

"No, no Lily, it can't be."

"Well do you remember using protection 'cause I sure as hell don't."

"I don't particularly remember any of it Lily, but Lily it's James' don't even think otherwise."

Lily laughed slightly her mood lightening. "Please, don't get me wrong, I love James more than anything, but I haven't had sex with James in an age. He has trouble performing."

Snape was taken aback. "Oh he said. Look are you sure?"

"Oh yes," she said still laughing, "very sure, the number of times I've tried to make him have a…"

"Not about that about this little situation you and I have."

"Oh." She said calming down; "yes I'm positive, it's been six months since me and James…"

"Don't want to know."


"Look, Severus," Lupin said dragging Snape from the past, "You have to tell him, tell Dumbledore, you could have him back, you could be his guardian."

Snape scoffed, "Please Lupin, he's probably very happy with his aunt and uncle." Lupin face darkened. "What?" Snape asked slowly.

"You don't know?" he asked. "You don't know what they do to him?"


"Severus, this may come as a bit of a shock but, Harry doesn't leave a happy life. He's beaten by his uncle, it took a while to get him out of him calming potion, he had broken ribs and bruises. I asked Ron once, his aunt and uncle lock him in the cupboard, and they had to break him free once because Vernon Dursley wouldn't let him come back to school."

Snape bit his cheek, and twiddled his thumbs a lot, and was overall silent for a long while. "Lupin?" he asked rather weakly. "Lupin why?"

"They don't like magic. They see it as abnormal, freakish, out of the ordinary…the list is endless. Well they thought that they could beat Harry out of it. Didn't know anything about it. They're scared of him, so they get as much control over him as possible making him scare of them."

Snape closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, after a while he stalked away, grabbing Lupins' arm, "Were going to tell Albus."

"Only if you tell him Harry's your son."

"I can't. I'm ashamed of it, what I did. How alcohol consumed me to make me live out my fantasy. How it created a child, an orphan child who then again isn't an orphan at all."

Lupin then became very harsh. "You will, or I will, and I know he'd much prefer it coming from you."

Slowly Snape nodded, "Very well."


"Good evening Remus, Severus. What can I help you with?"

"Actually, there are two matters of importance that we need to discuss."


"Do you want to go first, Severus?"

"No, it would be best if you did."

"Very well. Headmaster…earlier in the semester I made a startling discovery concerning Harry Potter….he made me promise not to tell anyone about it, but I feel that I must."

"What is it? He's not getting into any sort of trouble, is he?"

"No…actually it's more in regards to the Dursley family. When he came to class the first day back from summer holiday, he was not looking well, so I held him after class to see what was the matter. After giving him a calming potion, I finally found out what was wrong."

"What on earth was it?"

"His Uncle beats him, Headmaster. When Harry came to class, he had several broken ribs and horrible bruises, all carefully hidden by his robes. According to Mr. Weasley, he's also been malnourished and imprisoned, not to mention a probable load of other mistreatments."

"You're convinced that this story is true?"

"Oh yes, Poppy can confirm the injuries if you like. And the information wasn't exactly given willingly."

"Something must be done at once...the Dursleys must be spoken with immediately, and some sort of arrangement made for Harry for the summer holiday….I honestly can't believe that Harry has never said anything…"

"He's probably ashamed, Albus…he can't be blamed for that."

"Yes, and probably scared of what would happen were he to be taken from his only remaining family…undoubtedly he'll have to be placed in an orphanage, unless the Ministry would agree to letting him stay here…"

"Actually, Headmaster, that brings us to the second topic." Remus cast a glance at Severus, who nodded slowly, "You see, The Dursleys aren't Harry's only surviving relatives." Lupin said

"Pardon? According to the records, all of the Evans and Potter family are dead."

"The records are correct on that point, but wrong on another. Albus, James Potter was not Harry's father," Severus said.

"Then…who is?"

"I am,"

"What? How is this possible?"

"Well you might remember Albus Lily and James had a fight around sixteen years now and well, Lily decided to stay at the local inn, and I was there, so we decided to have a few drinks, well, it was a bit more than a few. Well any way, we went a bit beyond our limits. The next thing I remember was waking up at home next to her. She told me Harry was mine, she was a hundred percent certain about it. She and Potter hadn't slept together that recently."

"Have you spoken to him?"

"No…and I hadn't been planning on it. But…in order for Remus to tell you about the abuse, he made me promise that I would tell you and Harry the truth."

"Merlin….You're Harry's father….I always thought there was something about you two…"

"I fathered him, Albus, but I'd hardly consider myself a father."

"Maybe not now, Severus, but you'll learn easily enough. At least Harry won't have to go to an orphanage now…"

"Yes…and I do hope that the ends are worth the means."


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