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Chapter 13 (Unlucky for some)----- Robin Hood

"So." Snape said, looming over somewhat. Harry paused putting on his heavy rucksack on, and listened to his father. "Are you coming?"

Harry- giving up- put the bag pack down on the stone floor. "Well, it's not like I have any where else to go."

"Well," Snape said lifting up the bag and lifting it up to his left shoulder. "That's true. Unless you want to go back to your aunt and uncle." Harry gave no response. "I didn't think so. Come on then."

It was the end of term for the summer holidays and they hadn't come sooner for Harry. The last couple of terms had been nightmarish. Voldemort in hot pursue of them, wanting to finish what he had begun. But this was the first time in a long time that Harry had actually looked forward to summer. And the strangest one it would be yet. To be spending it with his father. Half of him was looking forward to it, yet the other.he wasn't too sure what it felt.

Professor Lupin had broken the news of Harry's true parentage to Sirius. That meeting hadn't gone well. Harry would never forget Sirius storming into Snapes office by the collar demanding to know what had //really// happened. Then he had seen Harry. Sirius was obviously thinking the whole thing was a joke, but Harry's new appearance had convinced Sirius otherwise.

Slowly, over time, Sirius had adjusted to the idea, and Sirius was determined that when, not if, when his name was clear Harry was to be living with him. Harry, of course had other ideas, he wanted to mingle with them both, have half his holiday with his father the other with his Godfather.

But he hadn't told //them// that of course.

He thought he'd wait until Sirius name was cleared before he told his guardians of his new and improved plan.

Never in a thousand years when this hectic school year started did Harry ever think that he'd be going home with his father, Snape of all people, and Harry had already thought that his life was hellish. But he was going home, he was going somewhere this holiday where he was going to be excepted. Then some thing crossed his mind.

"Where do you live?"


"I've heard that's really pretty."

"It is."

Harry went pensive for a moment. "Do you have a VCR?"

"A what?"

"A VCR, a thing that you play videos in, you know films?"

"Oh one of those, yeah I do actually, in the attic. Why?"

"Oh nothing, I just really feel like watching Star Wars back to back, and learning the script off by heart."

"Only because you can relate to Luke Skywalker." Snape said. "I on the other hand, have an irrational urge to watch Ghostbusters of all things."

Harry could help but laugh. "That's only because you can relate yourself to slimer."

"You crack me up." Snape said in a very straight face.

"I know, Professor Slimeball." Harry's face fell. "What do I call you?"

"Any thing you like."

"Can I just call you by your name? Only I could never see myself calling you 'dad' it doesn't feel right, not yet."

"Doesn't feel right either. Severus will be just fine. Just no funny nick names. Your mother, when we were at school, insisted on calling me Sevvie, I had to keep reminding her that she had a boyfriend."

Harry nodded, and took hold of his father hand preparing to appearate. He wasn't going to take the train; instead he was going straight home, with Severus.

"Are you ready?"

"You betcha Sevvie."

"Call me that again and you're grounded."

"This is going to be a fun filled summer isn't it?"

"Wouldn't have it any other way."


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