"Going to the chapel and we're gonna get married"

"Face it, Quinn's not coming"

"She said she be here okay. I don't want to start without her."

"Rachel we got to go right now or we're going to lose our slot"

"Can we please wait a couple more minutes for Quinn? Please."

"It's now or never."

She couldn't even look him straight in the eye. This was the man who she was going to marry, the man she was going to spend her life with, and he couldn't even spare a few minutes. They had their whole lives ahead of them, what was the rush? It wouldn't be the same without Quinn. In what seemed like no time at all, Quinn had become one of her closest friends. Never in a million years would future Broadway star Rachel Berry dream of the day where HBIC, Quinn Fabray, would befriend the young starlet.

But where was Quinn now? She said she would be here and Rachel believed she would be; she just needed a few more minutes. Rachel was there in the hall with Quinn after Regionals. Quinn was wearing her old cheerleading uniform and wearing the most adorable smile that Rachel had even seen. A smile that she had saw regularly. A smile that felt like it was saved for her.

"Hey, how do I look? Coach Sylvester gave it to me early and I couldn't resist."

Rachel looked at the ground and couldn't help the smile that fell upon her lips. She wanted to tell Quinn that she look great, amazing. She wanted to reinstate to Quinn that she was the prettiest girl that she had ever met, but she couldn't do that. Not now. Now she had Finn, a wedding, her future. Her future that was finally so solid and so sure and she couldn't have anything ruin that. Not even Quinn. Quinn was the one person who could change Rachel's whole world around and that just could not happen. So with her best acting, Rachel looked up into Quinn's hazel eyes and said, "Well I'm glad you're happy. Everyone deserves to be happy."

"When you were singing that song, you were singing it to Finn and only Finn...right?"

Rachel never expected those words to fall from Quinn's mouth in that moment, to Finn and only Finn...right? What was Rachel to say, no? She was not singing that song to her future husband but a part of her was singing to Quinn. There is a part of her that holds all these feelings towards the blonde, but it is feelings that she could never act on.

Quinn was her only true friend, even though she had Kurt and Mercedes, they weren't Quinn. Kurt and Mercedes were always there, but she never felt worthy to have them as friends. She felt that their relationship was more a bond between divas than actual friendship. The three had often withheld information from each other, or went behind each other's backs, but that was never the case with Quinn. From the start, even in her HIBC days, Quinn was always 100% honest with Rachel. She never held back to spare her feelings, and she admired that in Quinn. Not even Finn, her future husband, was that honest with her. His honesty usually was used to intentionally hurt Rachel, where Quinn's was used to aid Rachel in the long run.

It was in those moments of honesty, no matter the point in their friendship, where Rachel began to develop these feelings for Quinn. Feelings she was sure that Quinn shared as well, but they both knew they couldn't act on them. If they were to do that, they were just going to hold each other back. Quinn had even said herself "you can't change your past, but you can let go and start your future."

And that is what Rachel was going to do. She was going to ignore all of her feelings for the blonde. She was going to marry Finn, move to New York and start her career on Broadway. She was going to grow old with Finn, have a few children, and live a normal and moderately happy life.

So she looked into those haunting hazel orbs and lost all ability to speak. She could only subtly shake her head in response to Quinn. They both knew they wanted more from each other, but they also knew they were both destined for greater things.

"He really does make you so happy." Rachel couldn't ignore the subtle sadness that was laced in her tone but forced a smile at the mention of Finn. "I want to support you Rachel...and Finn, and come to the wedding, if it's not too late?" Rachel could see the tears forming in Quinn's eyes at the realization that she had lost her chance with the girl she loved. However, Rachel had to admire Quinn, even though Rachel could see that it pained Quinn to let her go, she was still willing to do so. She was willing to support Rachel no matter what as long as she was happy in the end.

Rachel let out a laugh all while trying not to burst into tears. Rachel reached out for Quinn and embraced her in a hug. She could hear Quinn's intake of air before she fully hugged her. She could feel Quinn slightly tense at the contact, but she soon relaxed the longer they embraced. The breath that Quinn was holding was slowly released into Rachel's hair. She could feel Quinn's sad smile against her cheek, but Rachel had to ignore it. If she let Quinn get under her skin now, she would never be able to walk down that aisle with Finn.

The embrace between the two felt all too familiar. This same feeling was felt in the hug at the announcement of Quinn getting into Yale. The feeling that everything is changing, though seemingly for the better, the two couldn't help but dawn on the fact that it was changing them; their friendship. Any chance that the two had of being together was slowly being swept away. They were meant to move on, they were meant for better, they were meant to get out of Lima and never look back. Though there they stood, both times, it the embrace of one another wishing they never had to let go. The reality is they had to. Rachel had Finn and Broadway, and Quinn had Yale.

Gee I really love you, and we're gonna get married

Rachel turned away from Finn in one last effort to reach out for Quinn. She couldn't walk down that aisle without her by her side, if not as her own bride, the least she could be is a bridesmaid.


Rachel waited patiently for Quinn to reply all while getting annoyed looks from everyone in the room. Kurt was to the side of her and she could see the annoyed expression on his face as he lazily twirled his flower bouquet. She knew that he did not approve of this marriage, much like Quinn, but the difference was he was here and Quinn wasn't. She couldn't even muster up the courage to look at Finn. She knew if she did, she would be met with not only annoyance but also slight heartbreak.

Finn was always suspicious of her and Quinn's relationship. He always felt that is was never true, that one day Rachel was going to get her by her. He never trusted Quinn and always felt like she could never change.

They truth is, Finn had caused her more heartbreak than Quinn had ever did. He never stood up for her, he always knocked her down and made her feel less important, and he always put his needs before hers. She remembered the discussion that she had with Finn in relation to senior year.

She remembered the conversation she had with Finn after nationals; the conversation about the kiss that destroyed their chance at winning national and also about their relationship.

"What were you feeling in that moment?"

"That I loved you...and that I would have done or given anything to kiss you one more time."

Rachel looked at Finn with a weary expression, having a feeling that this conversation was not going to the go the way she hopefully intended. Rachel was hoping that Finn would just let it all go, just let her be. She could leave Lima with no regrets and nothing to hold her back; that thing holding her back being Finn.

"So you did. You gave it all up for one kiss." She really wanted to let him down easy. It was not that she never loved the boy, because she did at one time, but she didn't feel that way anymore. Quinn was right, Rachel was leaving and going to Broadway and she didn't want to keep Finn hanging on to something that could never happen. "Was it worth it? "

"Yeah. What about you? Was it worth it for you?"

"You have to know that I'm leaving Finn. I'm going to New York and I'm never coming back."

"Graduation's a year away. Got any plans till then?"

That was all it was supposed to be. One year. One short lived relationship with Finn before she packed her bags and headed off to NYADA with Kurt. Once graduation hit, Finn would stay in Lima and work at Burt's garage and Rachel would live her dreams on Broadway.

Now here she stands, so soon after regionals, in a wedding dress about the walk down the aisle with Finn. At this point she wasn't waiting for Quinn because she needed her best friend; she needed Quinn to stop the wedding. She needed Quinn to barge in and confess her love for Rachel, or to at least stop Rachel from making the biggest mistake of her life.


That was the last message that Rachel received from Quinn. She waited for 15 more minutes and Quinn never showed. She grabbed Finn arm and began heading towards the room saved for their ceremony. Just before they were about to get to the "I dos", Rachel's phone rang out. Seeing that it was Quinn's number she picked it up a quick as possible. In a frantic voice Rachel said, "Quinn where are you? You said that you were on your way."

A voice appeared on the other line that was not Quinn's; it was a man's voice to be exact. To say Rachel was confused was an understatement.

"Hello may I ask who is speaking," the low voice mutter on the other end of the line.

"This is Rachel Berry. May I ask who is speaking?"

"This is officer Thomas, your friend Quinn has been in a terrible accident involving a pickup truck. She is being rushed to Lima medical as we speak."

"Is she okay? God please tell me she's okay." Rachel could feel the hot tears streaming down her face, but at this moment, she couldn't have cared less.

"Her current state is not known, but she was not responsive at the scene. The doctors at Lima medical would have better knowledge of her current state."

Rachel dropped the phone and fell to the ground and broke into a gut wrenching sob. Finn came to her side an attempted to hold her in his arms, and she felt too weak to refuse him.

"Rachel, what's going on? Where's Quinn?" It took every last ounce of strength Rachel had to muster up a response for her friends and family.

"She's been in an accident, and I don't know if she's going to be okay"