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Quinn sat in the back of the classroom, her pen drumming against her notebook. She was doing her best to keep her attention on the current lesson, but it was proving to be difficult. The allure of functions could not compete with Rachel Berry, who happened to be sitting a few rows ahead of her. She managed to focus her attention on the teacher for nearly 20 minutes before her eyes sought out Rachel.

"Listen Q, if I have to sit next to you, can you at least keep your leering to a minimum? It's making me nauseous."

She peeled her eyes away from Rachel to glare at the Latina next to her. "Please Santana, like I didn't have to sit through you leering at Brittany from freshman through junior year. This is all just payback."

"Look Quinn, if you keep staring at Berry like that, you are going to burn holes into the back of her head."

Quinn rolled her eyes and looked away from the raven haired girl and back to the front of the room. She watched as the teacher graphed a few of the functions from the textbook, drawing them in her own notebook, before putting her pen down. Her attention was completely lost at this point. She would just copy the notes from Rachel later, who she was sure had them all written down and colour coded.

At the thought of Rachel, she moved her gaze back over to the girl, only to see the brunette looking back at her over her shoulder. Even after all this time, Quinn felt a blush tinge her cheeks. Maybe it was more the fact that she looked like a complete creeper that made her blush or the fact that Rachel looked really adorable today. Either way, she didn't hide her face. It was worth it to see Rachel's smile.

The bell rang and everyone began packing up their things and rushing out the door. Quinn didn't blame them either. No person in their right mind would willingly stay after math. These days, however, she was usually the last one out. Well, other than Rachel who always patiently waited for Quinn to gather her things before walking out with her.

"You know, you really should be careful with your leering," Rachel smirked as she made her way over to the blonde.

"You're starting to sound like Santana."

"Oh god, please don't say that."

Quinn couldn't help but chuckle at the worried look on Rachel's face. They may have acted like they hated each other, but Quinn knew Santana had a soft spot for the starlet and vice versa.

The blonde was almost done gathering her things when a note was slipped onto her desk.

"Rachel, what is this?"

"Just open it."

Quinn turned the note in her hands. Rachel had decorated the piece of paper with glitter, ribbon and various colours of paper. The blonde smiled at how adorable it was. Her name was scrawled across the front in neat, gold calligraphy, surrounded by purple ribbon.

"Rachel this is adorable."

"Please just open it and save me from the embarrassment," Rachel's cheeks and tips of her ears were bright red. Quinn couldn't help but reach for her hand and place a soft kiss on her knuckles.

She then let go of the girl's hand and opened up the letter to read what was inside.

Quinn Fabray,

You are cordially invited to attend the Berry Easter Dinner Extravaganza.

You and a guest (your mom) are invited to join us in an elaborate feast.

(Yes this means I will allow you to eat turkey without complaining. Though there will be a delicious tofurkey to eat if you would prefer).

And since it is a holiday, I will still let you kiss me after you eat said turkey.

Here's hoping you will join us.

Love, Rachel xoxo

"Is it too much?"

"Baby this is too cute," Quinn smiled up at the brunette.

"So is that a yes then?"

"Of course, but babe, Easter was weeks ago. Why are we celebrating it now?"

"Well with everything that was going on with you getting out of the hospital and with all of your appointments, we kind of missed it all together. My family also doesn't usually partake in this particular holiday, but I wanted to do something special for you. Not only because we all need a little holiday, but also to celebrate your amazing progress."

It was true that Quinn had made a lot of progress these past few weeks. She still needed her wheelchair most of the time, but she had graduated to walking with crutches. She could stand and walk around with them for nearly half an hour before she needed to rest. This is why for school she just stayed in her chair. She was making incredible strides as Rachel said, but she still had some road to travel until she was back to her old self.

As for the holidays, it had completely slipped her mind. After her dad left, Quinn and her mom never really bothered with holidays anymore. Holidays used to be about playing perfect family in front of her father's clients or in front of extended family. Holidays usually involved a lot of alcohol and usually ended in a fight or two after their guests had gone. So when her dad left, they never really bothered with them anymore. Holidays just brought bad memories, and it was also incredibly sad when only two people were celebrating. They made a few exceptions like Christmas, but never really bothered beyond that. It was easier to try and ignore that they were happening than trying to force conversation and cook a pathetic meal for two. And with her mom trying to quit drinking, it was best to avoid depressing situations to avoid triggering her.

But Rachel had made a personal invitation for Quinn to celebrate a holiday that she didn't believe in just to make the blonde feel better. And while she was hoping to skim by Easter with no problem, she wouldn't let Rachel down. Quinn had a feeling this holiday would be different. It wouldn't be her and her mother sitting on opposite ends of the table trying to hold conversation and not think of the past. She would be surrounded by the people she loved the most. And it would be the first holiday that she and Rachel would have shared together.

"I think that's an amazing idea, Rach. Thank you, I really needed this," tears had unknowingly welled up in Quinn's eyes.

"I think we all really need this," Rachel placed a soft kiss to Quinn's lips. "Besides, it will be our first holiday together officially," she beamed.

"You are such a dork."

"I made be a dork, but you still love me."

"Yeah, yeah I do," Quinn smiled.

"This is impossible!" Quinn growled.

She was riffling through her closet trying to find the perfect thing to wear to dinner. And while she knew Rachel wouldn't really care, it still mattered to her. She was used to having to make impressions. And while she had spent most of her weekends at the Berrys, she still felt like this dinner was more official. This was their first holiday together and she didn't want to screw it up.

"Did a tornado rip through your room of is this your idea of redecorating?"

"Mom, not now," Quinn whined from the closet.

"What are you even doing?" Judy asked as she weaved around the piles of clothes to walk towards Quinn's closet.

"I'm trying to figure out what to wear to this stupid dinner and I can't find anything," she replied, throwing another dress to the floor. "Ugh, do you think we have time to go shopping before we go? No, scratch that, I don't feel like dealing with bratty retail workers working for their commission telling me how great I look while pitying me."

"Woah, where is all this animosity coming from?"

Quinn sighed, dropping her face in her hands. "I don't know," she mumbled into her palms.

"Do you want to know what I think?"

"Not really."

"Well, too bad because you are going to hear it anyways."

Judy walked around Quinn and found the small stool that was in the walk-in closet. She placed the stool in front of Quinn and sat down, forcing the younger blonde to look up from her palms and pay attention to her.

"I think you are thinking too hard about this. This is Rachel we're talking about here. This is the girl who stayed beside your bedside for weeks. She's seen you at your lowest of lows and your highest of highs. I don't think a dress is really going to matter, sweetheart. All she cares about is you. She just wants you to be there and have a good time."

"I know. I know all that, I do. But it just feels really real tonight, you know? Like one mistake will somehow ruin it. Like I am not going to wear the right thing or know what to say. This dinner feels like a test."

"It's not a test, honey. And all those Berrys are wrapped around your finger, believe me. And you've been there and had dinner there a million times, so why is this different?"

"Because this is our first holiday together and it feels really serious. And, you know, holidays never really work out for Fabrays."

Judy felt her throat constrict at Quinn's admission. She fought hard to hold back the tears that threatened to well up in her eyes. She knew that Quinn never really favoured the holidays, and she was partially to blame for that. Though she was never as bad as Russell, and she is far from the person she used to be, it still pained her to know she hurt her daughter like that. However, she wanted this year to be different for both of them. After months of sobriety and being separated from Russell, she was determined to make holidays different for them. They were going to turn over a new leaf.

"This year will be different, I promise."

Quinn gave a weak smile and Judy returned it. And though it seemed like they would never get rid of the dark cloud that surrounded the holidays, Quinn was willing to try with her mother. It was a new year and they were both changed people.

Judy stood up and looked around the closet at the few remaining dress that still managed to hang there.

"I'd go for the yellow. It's a very spring colour. And maybe that white cardigan."

"I was thinking the same thing," Quinn smiled.

"Do you want help getting ready or-?"

"I can do it, but thanks."

Judy smiled and placed a kiss to Quinn's forehead before making her way out of the closet.

"Hey mom?"

Judy turned to look a Quinn.


"For what exactly?"

"For being there for me and not giving up. For trying your hardest to be everything that dad could never be. Just thanks."

Judy nodded, afraid that if she spoke she would start crying. It seemed that Quinn understood and just returned her mother's smile. And with that, Judy turned on her heel and headed out of the room, tears now falling freely after she crossed the threshold and closed the door behind her.

Rachel paced nervously around the living room while her parents both sat comfortably on the couch. They did their best to try and watch the TV as Rachel crossed back and forth in front of it. After craning their heads around a nervous Rachel enough times, they decided to talk to the young girl.

"Honey, if you keep pacing like that, you are going to put a hole in the hardwood."

"And this flooring was hard to find, sweetpea," Hiram added.

"I know. I'm sorry it's just that I am really nervous."

"You're nervous? We couldn't tell," Leroy voiced sarcastically.

"Not helping right now, dad."

"Sorry, honey. What can I do to help you then?"

"Do we have the turkey? Do we have the tofurkey? Do we have enough food, or should I go out? Are you really going to wear that shirt dad? I really don't think it suits your skin tone."

"Okay, slow your roll kiddo. First of all, we have all the food and we have plenty for everyone. Second, I picked out that shirt and I think your dad looks quite handsome," Hiram smiled at his husband.

"Sorry dad, just ignore me."

"Will do," Leroy smiled.

Rachel signed and sat down on the couch with her fathers. She didn't know why she was acting like this. She knew it was just Quinn and it was just dinner, something that they both had done a million times over, but this somehow felt different. She didn't know why she was so nervous all of the sudden to see her girlfriend.

"Honey, what is going on with you?" Hiram asked.

"I don't know. I know it's just Quinn and it's just dinner, but it just feels really real, you know?"

"Do you want us to reschedule?"

"No, that's not the problem. I want Quinn here. I'm just being weird."

"First holidays will do that to you," Leroy smiled.

"So this is normal?"

"Rachel, of course it's normal to be nervous. Even after years I was still nervous to bring your father home for Thanksgiving dinner. Holidays are when you are surrounded by food and family. You usually only spend holidays with the most important people in your life, so sometimes it can be scary. But once she walks through that door, you will be okay. I know it," Hiram smiled, kissing Rachel's forehead.

"Thanks daddy. You always know what to say."

"It's my job. Also it stops you from putting a hole in my floor."

Her mom helped her out of the car and into her chair. She had finally gotten over her freak out episode and got ready. She placed the dessert that they had brought in her lap and wheeled her way over to her mom. Judy grabbed her crutches from the back seat and attached them to the back of her wheelchair. Quinn had been working and hoped she could use them more today.

"Are we finally ready?" Judy asked.

"Of course," Quinn smiled, making her way towards the Berrys' front door.

It wasn't too long until Leroy had opened the door, welcoming both Quinn and Judy. He took the dessert that was in Quinn's lap and handed it off to Hiram to put in the kitchen. Leroy stepped out to help Quinn over the threshold and into their house. When she was finally inside, she caught a glimpse of Rachel standing at the end of the hallway.

"Why don't we leave these two lovebirds alone? I believe there is some wonderful apple cider in the kitchen with our names on it."

Judy accepted the invitation, smiling at Rachel and Quinn as she passed through the opening into the kitchen.

"Hi," Rachel said nervously from the end of the hall.

"Hi," Quinn chuckled.

Rachel walked the hall slowly, her smile widening with each step. Quinn felt a smile widening on her own lips, Rachel's happiness being infectious. The worries that both girls seemed to have seemed to vanish with every step Rachel took.

Rachel sat in Quinn's lap, her arms wrapping around Quinn's neck and her fingers tangling in the short, blonde locks.


Quinn attempted to speak but was quickly cut off by Rachel's lips. Quinn drew a sharp breath through her nose as she deepened the kiss. The kiss was needy and heated. Quinn could feel a moan rise in the back of her throat at the feeling of Rachel's lips pressed firmly to her own.

Rachel pulled back, only for a moment, before taking Quinn's bottom lip and sucking on it. The moan that came from Quinn ran through every nerve in Rachel's body and went directly to her core. She then took Quinn top lip and sucked on it, emitting more delicious sounds from her girlfriend. She was throbbing now, painfully so, and she wanted to do nothing more than to take Quinn upstairs and ignore dinner all together.

Rachel pulled back, both girls now panting. A lazy smile stretched across Rachel's lips and Quinn mimicked it.

"I think that is the best hello I've ever had," Quinn beamed

"Sorry, you looked so good. I couldn't help myself," Rachel smirked.

"Oh please, continue. There is no objection here."

Rachel giggled as Quinn's lips found Rachel's jaw. She began trailing kisses along the brunette's jaw line, making her way towards the girl's collar bone. Quinn ran her tongue across Rachel's skin, making the girl shiver, before sucking on the spot where her neck met her shoulder.

"Mmm, if you keep doing that, I am not sure I will able to last through dinner."

"Well we could go upstairs and skip dinner all together," Quinn said against the shell of her ear before gently sucking on the brunette's earlobe.

"As tempting as that sounds, I believe our absence would be noticed at the table."

"You think?" Quinn joked.

"Maybe a little," Rachel replied before lightly kissing Quinn's lips.

"How about a rain check then?" Quinn kissed the corner of Rachel's lips. "Maybe we can continue this after dinner?" Quinn placed a kiss to Rachel's lips.

Rachel smiled against her lips, loving this flirtatious Quinn that she hadn't seen in awhile. She pulled back before replying. "Maybe if you play your cards right Fabray."

Rachel placed a quick peck to the blonde's lips before standing up and fixing her dress. She was wearing a strapless, black dress that was cut just above the knee. It was simple, but Quinn loved the way it looked on the girl.

"You look beautiful by the way, babe."

"Thank you," Rachel blushed. "You don't look too bad yourself."

It was Quinn's turn to blush, still not used to the compliments Rachel gave her or the way she looked at her. She still never understood how she got to this point.

"Now how about you make yourself useful and help me make some dessert," Rachel said as she started walking down the hall towards the kitchen.

"I thought you were my dessert?" Quinn smirked as Rachel threw a mockingly offended look over her shoulder.

"Come on and help me already you dork."

Quinn had finally abandoned her wheelchair in exchange for her crutches. It may have been more strenuous for her to use them, but she loved the feeling of being able to move again, even if it was aided. It made her feel like she was finally getting somewhere and it gave her the knowledge that she would be okay again. She would one day be the girl she used to be. She may not be ready to do back flips or cartwheels any time soon, but it was a start.

She did her best to help Rachel around the kitchen, but it was difficult to use the crutched while also trying to help Rachel with the vegan dessert she was making. Finally giving up, she just made it a mission to distract Rachel as much as possible while she was cooking.

Rachel was at the counter preparing some of the ingredients as Quinn came up behind her, nuzzling into Rachel's neck.

"Babe if you keep distracting me I will never get this done."

"You can skip dessert. You have me," Quinn softly said into Rachel's ear, aware of the parents in the room.

"As nice as that sounds, a girl needs her dessert," Rachel replied, turning to place a kiss on Quinn's lips.

"You know Quinn, we have a full meal preparing over here. There is no need to eat my daughter," Leroy casually said over the island.

Quinn backed up so fast that she almost lost her balance. Rachel tried to hide the laugh that threatened to erupt from her mouth. Quinn placed a few feet between herself and Rachel, her face burning in embarrassment.

"Yes, a mother can know you are in a relationship without seeing you maul each other with your mouths."

"Mom, please stop talking. So not helping right now," the three parents laughed as Quinn's cheeks seemed to get impossibly red.

"Well, why don't you two put your mouths to better use and come join us for dinner?"

Both girls looked at their parents shyly, both of their cheeks tinged red now. They slowly stepped away from the kitchen and made their way towards the dining room to sit for dinner.

"If you don't mind, I would like to make a toast," Hiram called from the end of the table.

"Oh no, not one of daddy's speeches," Rachel hid her face in her hands as Hiram stood.

"Now being a Jewish man, I do not happen to celebrate this holiday. However, this holiday is not about religion or any of the other celebration tied in with this holiday. This holiday is about families coming together, no matter the differences, to celebrate in love and success. To celebrate the joining of the Fabrays and the Berrys and to celebrate the positives, as well as let go of the negatives."

Quinn reached over and grabbed Rachel's hand, giving a light squeeze. Rachel turned and gave her girlfriend a small smile, which Quinn returned.

"I don't think there is a different group of people that I would rather be spending the day with. Cheers everyone!"

"Cheers!" Everyone cheered, clinking their glasses before taking a sip.

Quinn looked around the table as everyone began their meals while diving into conversation. If you had asked Quinn a few months ago if she liked the holidays, she would have said no. She would have listed the reasons on why she hated the holidays, spending time with the family being at the top of said list. But being here, surrounded by a loving family and her beautiful girlfriend, she couldn't imagine a better day.

"Hey, you okay? You look a little spaced out babe." Rachel asked from beside her.

"Yeah, I'm great. I've never been better actually."

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