The Undoer


I am doing like Project B did on her superhero episode. Whenever they have their mask off or normal self, I write their real name and when they have their costumes and mask on I write with their superhero name.

Personal comment: I didn't want to actually make this right now. I wanted to wait until a little further when I had explored the relationship with Nora and the other boys a little more, but sense this won on the poll I will do this one.

The Coon -Cartman


Human Kite-Kyle




Iron Maiden-Timmy

Chapter 1: Going solo

-The boys and Nora, except for Cartman are playing over at Stan's house. They are playing Mario go cart-

Kyle: I am kicking your ass, Nora!
Nora: Ha! You wish!

-Kyle is leading while Nora is on third place-

Kyle: Dude, just give up, I've already won!

-Suddenly he crashes into a wall and spins around a little-

Kyle: No!

-Nora grins looking serious, keeping her concentration at the game and then passes Kyle. Kyle gets mad and concentrates as well and drives close up on Nora-

Kyle: You're not gonna win this!
Nora: Oh yes I will!

-She lets out a Banana skin which Kyle drives into-

Kyle: No, no, no, NO!

-Nora then finishes the race and wins-

Nora: Ha! You got beaten by a girl!
Kyle: Fuck...

-Kyle looks surprised at the screen, seeing how he got on second place. Nora happily mocks him and high fives Kenny and Stan-

Nora: Suck it looser!

-She grins doing a little dace. Then a alarm goes off-

Alarm: Coon and friends alert. Alert. All coon and friends meet at the coon and friends headquarters. I'm serious you guys. Alert. I'm serious, get your asses over here.

-Nora looks wired at the alarm, wondering what it is-

Stan: We have to go, Nora.
Nora: Huh? Why? I am meeting Kenny now!
Kyle: Yeah, but we're being summoned. We need to go.
Nora: Well can I come?
Kyle: Sure thing.
Stan: I'm not sure if (The Coon) will like that.
Kyle: Oh... Well it's worth a try at least.
Nora: So I can come?
Kyle: Eh, sure.

-They leave off to Cartman's house-

-At Cartman's house-

-They run downstairs, in their costumes, and meet TupperWare (Token), Mosquito (Clyde), Iron Maiden (Timmy)-

Coon: Good. I see you are all here. We have something important to discuss. It seems that not many people know of our group, coon and friends so we need to-

-Mosquito raises his hand-

Coon: Yes, Mosquito?
Mosquito: Can you take down that alert thing? My parents are getting pissed off because of it.
The rest: Yeah!
Coon: -sighs- Look, we've talked about this before! I need to summon you guys when I need you!
Human Kite: Why can't you just call us then?
Coon: Because that's not very superheroacty
Toolshed: Neither is it that you're mom is driving us where we are supposed to go.
Coon: Shut up, Toolshed! Now, we need to focus! People out there-

-The Coon notice that Nora is standing there-

Coon: What the fuck are you doing here?
Nora: I wanted to play with you guys. Is it not okay?
Coon: No, because A: you're not in a costume and B: You're a girl.
Toolshed: Sorry, Nora. Maybe tomorrow.
Nora: What if I get a costume?
Coon: You're still a girl! Grow a penis and I'll consider it!

-Nora glares at the Coon-

Nora: That is so gay in so many ways...
Coon: Like I care what you think! Now get out of my basement!

-Nora leaves mad. Mysterion looks as Nora leaves mad-

Mysterion: -to Toolshed- Why are we still in this group? After the Coon sent us to that dark oblivion and we're still working with him?
Toolshed: Well that's just how it works.
Mysterion: Well I have had it with his way of working and his racism, anti-Semitism, sexism, Homophobia! I've quitting!

-The Coon focuses his attention on Mysterion-

Coon: You can't just leave like that, Mysterion! We're a team!
Mysterion: This club has NEVER been a team! It's ALL you!

-Mysterion raises his voice and gets mad-

Toolshed: Dude, Mysterion... Chill out!
Mysterion: No, Toolshed! I'm leaving! I'll be working solo for now, like I used to!

-Mysterion heads up the stairs angry. Human Kite looks at his sides a little and then runs after him-

Human Kite: Hey, Mysterion! Wait!

-Human Kite runs after him-

Coon: Good. Human Kite will talk Mysterion into staying, in the meantime, I want all of you to start making Coon and Friends T-shirts and start advertising.


-Human Kite runs after Mysterion-

Human Kite: Mysterion! Wait!

-Mysterion turns to him-

Mysterion: Don't try to talk me into going back there again! I'm leaving! End of story!
Human Kite: Dude! I'm not trying to get you to stay! I'm leaving with you!

-Mysterion looks at Human Kite with a wired look-

Mysterion: You are?
Human Kite: Of course! I hate it there! We two can now work together and fight crimes side by side.

-Human Kite smiles at him, but Mysterion turns his back on him and looks down-

Mysterion: I'm sorry, but as I said, I'm working solo now.
Human Kite: Well we don't need to fight crimes together like that. I can be on the computer and be your back up at finding information and stuff.

-Mysterion thinks about the offer-

Mysterion: Well... now that you put it like that... Okay fine!
Human Kite: Thanks, Mysterion! You won't-
Mysterion: On one condition!
Human Kite: What's that?
Mysterion: We do things MY way, okay? You may come up with suggestions, but you always follow my orders and don't try to stop me.
Human Kite: Well... Okay then.
Mysterion: Good, because there's a case I need to work on and I might need your help.
Human Kite: Great!

-They leave the house-

End of chapter 1