Chapter 10: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

-Mysterion stands at the edge of a building that he brought Nora up on. He then turns to Nora, looking serious.-

Mysterion: Why, Nora? Why did you go out and kill?
Nora: It's a long story...
Mysterion: Fine then.

-Mysterion stands at the edge looking out towards the city. Nora sits to herself with her knees together holding he arms around them. She looks at Mysterion.-

Nora: Are you going to tell on me?
Mysterion: That depends.
Nora: Depends on what?
Mysterion: Are you going to keep on killing people?
Nora: I've never killed people, I've killed criminals.
Mysterion: They are both human. Doesn't matter what path you choose in life, you don't deserve death!
Nora: Fine then... I won't kill anymore.

-Mysterion doesn't show any reaction to her response. He just keeps watching over the street from the edge of the building.-

Nora: Listen, Mysterion... If I now promise to keep on fighting crime... without killing the criminals... would you...
Mysterion: No. As I tried to tell Kyle, I work alone.
Nora: Well if I apply by your rules, why can't we be partners?
Mysterion: I don't want to be responsible for your death or anyone else's.
Nora: Well you should have thought of that before you took on that costume of yours.

-Mysterion turns to her looking mad.-

Mysterion: Listen here! I did this because there's something about me that nobody knows! There's a reason why I am not afraid to fight these people and it's this: I can't die!
Nora: I know, Kenny.

-He looks at her surprised, confused and wired.-

Mysterion: How?
Nora: Well I'll never tell you if you won't let me be your partner.

-She reaches out her hand to him. Mysterion looks at it, not sure if he should shake it, but then at the end does so.-

Mysterion: Fine, but if I want to go solo on something, then let me!
Nora: Fine.
Mysterion: Now tell me, how do you know?
Nora: Well I can't tell you yet.
Mysterion: You said you'd tell me if I would let you be my partner!
Nora: And I will, but you're not ready. When the time comes, I'll tell you.

-Mysterion looks at her, then he smiles a little. The smile turns into a grin.-

Mysterion: Very well then.

-Nora then takes her mask and binds firmly her mask on and takes on her cape and the hood on.-

Mysterion: Just a comment, you look better without the cape.
Undoer: Thanks, but I don't need fashion advice for a guy who keeps his underpants on the outside.
Mysterion: I'm just telling you, you look better.
Undoer: I'll think about it.
Mysterion: Good. BTW, how did you know I was Kenny the whole time? I didn't show or tell you when we went to the Coon and friends headquarters. Undoer?

-Her turns around, only to find her gone. He then grins to himself and returns to his watch over the town.-

Kyle: Mysterion?
Mysterion: Yes, HK?
Kyle: HK?
Mysterion: Human Kite.
Kyle: Oh, cool! Well I was just wondering if you'd stop the criminals.
Mysterion: Yes, the police are now taking them into custody.
Kyle: Great! You should get home and get some sleep.
Mysterion: There might still be criminals out there!
Kyle: I know, but you need to get some sleep or you'll never make it in school.
Mysterion: Fine then.

-Mysterion then headed home for bed and he that night, he slept like a baby. Even though he wanted to go solo, he'll discover that he's going to need his alias, more than he knows.-

The End.