Tenten held the radio device in her hand and was tempted to snap it in two due to her frustration. Although she was new to ANBU, she knew that the equipment she received shouldn't be as damaged as what was assigned to her, unless ANBU were starting to get notorious for smashing equipment and being as irresponsible as genin. Last week it wasn't a big deal, the battery covering had come loose from a small plastic part that had gotten chipped from too much wear and tear. She easily replaced it with a cover from one of her spare remotes from home, not wanting to bring something so trivial to her superior's attention right before her first official ANBU mission. Now on her second mission, her radio antennae had been snapped clean off. There was no way she could fix this within the realm of reason. The clerk had already checked out for the day, so there was no reporting to him about her situation. That meant that she had to report it directly to her Captain, something she didn't feel was worth bringing to the man's attention, as it would only add to a list of crap he already had to deal with on a daily basis.

She sighed as she clutched the broken radio, resigned to resolve the matter quickly before putting it off before nothing could be done about it. She inspected the rest of her gear and double checked her supplies before making her way to an office which size easily rivaled that of her entire apartment. She knocked with confidence on the door, and straightened up with a respectful stance for her ANBU Captain. She opened the door fully and closed it behind her after hearing the muffled, "Come in, Tenten," from the other side.

She knew her Captain had been ANBU since he was twelve, yet it still impressed her that he knew it was her and had even bothered to call her by name.

"Sir, I apologize for disturbing you," Tenten started professionally, and the man behind the desk looked imperceptibly pleased at the distraction from the stacks of paperwork littering his oversized desk. His cold exterior had not changed at all, it was just a feeling that had suddenly struck her, though she couldn't imagine why. Perhaps the man really did need some time away from the tedious paperwork that haunted every ANBU captain. He had pushed back in his chair to show that she had his undivided attention and no doubt was putting as much distance between him and his infernal paper work as possible. "I can return at a later time, Sir, if that would be more convenient."

"I am afraid the paperwork would still be here upon your return." He offered her a small smile, something she had only heard the former member of Akatsuki did from rumors, but had witnessed them first hand on several occasions. She could understand the man was known to be intimidating, but she had yet to see such things. The eldest Uchiha seemed to be favorably inclined towards her at least, and she was determined to stay on his good side and keep it that way. She hoped this incident with her radio wouldn't get counted against her.

She offered a smile back, eyeing the deadly towers of hellish tedium without envy. She had no desire to be a Captain anytime soon. Shikamaru constantly complained about the troublesome load that was "the bane of his existence" and was "the biggest drag of all time." She had helped him out on more occasions than she cared to admit, something that was completely against protocol. The late night help promptly ended when she had the sneaking suspicion that Shikamaru was using it as an excuse to keep her after hours alone with him just so she could do his work for him. She was glad that she had joined ANBU when she did; the excuse not to help the man do his own job because she was too busy was certainly a plus.

"How may I be of service to you Tenten?" The resurrected Uchiha asked of her, eyeing the broken device in her hands.

"I need a replacement radio, Sir, the assigned one I received is damaged." As she spoke she noted the different files and forms across his desk with curiosity. The system that he had in place regarding the paperwork was adequate, but she had developed a method that was twice as productive and far less time consuming the many hours she assisted Shikamaru doing the same task. She wondered briefly if she should share it with the Uchiha ANBU Captain, or if she should leave quickly so that he could return to it as soon as possible after he helped her with the radio problem.

"And by damaged, do you mean that someone ripped the antennae off?" Itachi frowned and took the proffered device from her outstretched hands. Part of his palm grazed her fingers during the transfer, and she was amazed at how warm it was considering the office was damn near freezing. Perhaps katon worked so well because Uchiha men were naturally hot.

"Am I correct in assuming that the clerk had gone off duty so that you could not request a more suitable piece of equipment?" He looked up from the technology in his hands to pierce her with his dark eyes. She nodded, and the Uchiha sighed again, scratching at one of the lines on his face that seemed less and less pronounced these days. Maybe paperwork was good for the former Akatsuki member.

"We leave early tomorrow morning, I could put in an order for another radio, but there is no guarantee that the equipment will come in on time or not be in the same shape as this one here. I have no choice but to give you one of my own." He then proceeded to go behind his desk and open drawer after drawer in search for his extra radio. After opening and shutting all of them, he leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath as he closed his eyes. It looked like the man was praying for patience and trying to meditate at the same time. He finally opened his eyes after taking another deep breath, staunching the homicidal wave that had threatened to break his passive exterior.

"I may have to commission you formally to set traps up in my office," his voice came out even and carefully controlled.

"Sauske filched your radio," she took a stab at who could have possibly had the gall to steal from The Uchiha Itachi. The former missing-nin was the obvious choice as main suspect for such a crime. Itachi probably gave him a set of keys to his office to top it all off. He always did have a soft spot for his little brother. After a moment to consider it, she continued, "I can set up a trap that no Sharingan would detect, as long as you are okay with your brother walking away with less fingers than when he arrived."

The Uchiha smiled conspiratorially this time, a glint of evil mischief in his eyes, "His girlfriend is a medic."

"As long as I don't have to clean up the mess," she shrugged.

Itachi looked at the wall clock and grabbed his keys, "I will be back shortly with a radio, would you be able to have it set up by then?"

"Yes, Sir."