"Come on," Tenten tugged the Uchiha's hand to follow her, letting her hand become overwhelmed by the hot sensation he held over her. Itachi seemed to stiffen almost imperceptibly and he stated his next sentence non-committaly as if he had a dry throat.

"Are we going to help Shikamaru?" The hesitation was adorable, and Tenten only smiled back at him in return before answering with a mischievous grin.

"Nah, we're gunna watch." At that he picked up the pace, a smirk on the corner of his mouth that made the mostly passive Uchiha seem anything but.

The door to Captain Nara's office was open. A large, thick, tan man held the lankier one in what Sauske promised was a choke hold, and a damn good one at that. Ibiki was letting just enough blood to Shikamaru's head that he wouldn't pass out, and had a hand holding one of his arms so that he couldn't form seals. A blue vein was pulsing madly on Shikamaru's forehead as he sputtered for what little oxygen he was allotted with a red face. His other arm that wasn't pinned behind his back was pulling down just enough on Ibiki's forearm to allow a small amount of air to pass in gulps as he struggled against the seasoned man.

Ibiki didn't let him up right away when they stepped in the doorway and they nonchalantly leaned against the frame and peered in on the action as if it were an everyday occurrence. Ibiki had the grace to look as if he had just gotten caught with his hands in the cookie jar, but didn't care enough to even let go of his grip on the Nara heir even a hair's width.

"Don't mind us," Tenten waved a hand casually, "We are just here to watch."

Shikamaru sputtered with a grunt at the thought that his would-be saviors had the audacity to lounge about like it was some form of entertainment instead of intervening like he was hoping for.

To Tenten, that was exactly what it was, well that and paybacks. Not that she was intentionally malicious or held a grudge or anything, but far be it from her to tell others not to. She smiled to Ibiki in turn at her words. "Carry on."

Itachi seemed to be pleased with this outcome and the Uchiha and the Head of the Interrogation's Unit exchanged some kind of guy look that expressed a non-verbal communication that seemed to translate into more pain on Shikamaru's part. Alarm suddenly jolted up through the party, except Shikamaru who was already at maximum panic levels, and Ibiki let go of the shadow user and patted him hard on the back saying louder than he ought, "Spit it out! Breathe man!" And the man acted like he had just given Shikamaru the Heimlich maneuver when Shizune walked in parting Itachi and Tenten as she made her way to the sputtering ninja.

Shikamaru lay on all fours, forcing air back into his lungs as the color finally drained from his face. Shizune, ever the vigilant medic-nin, crouched down to his level to evaluate the man with a critical eye.

"I really thought there would be more blood," remarked the youngest Uchiha who appeared between Tenten and Itachi, apparently crestfallen that Ibiki had not delivered on the gore that he had been rumored and notorious for.

"If you want to see some blood, just go rummaging through your brothers desk again." Tenten drawled as she picked at some dirt underneath her nails, then turned a stern look to Itachi, "And like I said before, I am not cleaning that mess up."

Sauske's eye brows furrowed at the strange conversation that had just taken place, his disappointment in the lack of violence was displeasing, so he decided to bid everyone farewell and try again to find his girlfriend again instead of just the nearest medic-nin.

"You can't say he didn't get warned now," Tenten explained to Itachi, who only scoffed at the notion of his little brother paying any heed to her ominous musings.

Shikamaru was now able to talk, and the genius in him was smart enough not to tattle on Ibiki in front of his new girlfriend.

"I was choking," he gasped when he was able to. "If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be breathing right now." Tenten had to laugh at the almost truth of that statement.

But as Shizune turned her face to the supposed hero, Shikamaru mouthed "asshole" to him with a death glare. As Shizune smiled at Ibiki with approval and gave the man a proud hug, Ibiki used the moment she wrapped her arms around him to promptly give Shikamaru the bird in return, all with a big sloppy grin on his scared leather face. Tenten imagined that if they had been three years old each, neener neener would have been spoken by either party followed by someone telling the other to stick their head in doo doo.

"Well, as much fun as that was to watch," Tenten finally chimed in as Shikamaru growled and coughed into the carpet, "I still have those reports at my place, Captain, if you wouldn't mind dropping by to pick them up, it would save me an extra trip in the morning."

"I believe I can find some time this evening to be accomodating." Itachi stated, unable to hide the sparkle in his eyes as they parted together.


"You think I didn't notice the lack of Sharingan?" Tenten smiled knowingly over her shoulder to Itachi, "I think you just like it when I sit in your lap and help you sort out your papers." She leaned off of him for a second to snatch a paper on the distal end of the desk. His warm hands wrapped around her hips, placing her firmly back in his lap. As soon as he had done so, he possessively wrapped his arms around her and whispered in a deep voice in her ear.

"I certainly hope you do not object to performing such tasks with me. It makes them definitively much more agreeable when you are present."

"And in your lap," Tenten added as she snaked a hand around to caress the tender spot on his neck underneath his long hair. He responded in another possessive grunt.

"Especially when you are in my lap." He took the time to hungrily place kisses on her neck, shifting her shirt down to try and gain more soft flesh to nip at as he traced her collar bone.

"You are never going to get out of here if we don't finish this paper work." Tenten chastised him lightly, though didn't bother to move out of the way from the hot kisses he placed on her pulse.

"Who says I want to leave?" he continued his ministrations, hands roaming farther up her along her ribcage under her shirt as he gained more purchase. Then with a sudden halt of his actions he leaned back and announced in an annoyed voice.

"I have decided that your shirt needs to go," and then turned her around on his lap to face him so he could unbutton her frog toggles from a better angle.

"Whoa, whoa," Tenten got up and crossed her hands over her checks. "As much as I am for that idea, and I am," Itachi almost looked like he was going to pout, "We need to finish the paperwork and then go some place where we won't be disturbed."

And as if right on schedule, Sauske entered the room with his girlfriend and Itachi could be heard grinding his teeth in order to prevent himself from yelling at everyone and destroying his office with his family's signature flaming jutsu. His diligence and dedication to performing even the mundane tasks such as paperwork was noted with awe from the medic nin holding Sauske's hand. Tenten swore the smile on his face spoke more of how he was going to destroy her shirt once they got to his place that night.

It turns out, that was exactly his plan all along.

He literally ripped her shirt off of her, even as she reminded him that he was messing with a "crazy vindictive kunoichi , capable of holding a grudge for years" according to some of the rumors heard around the Hokage's Tower these days. Her playfully threatening him only seemed to make him more determined to tear her clothes off and show her how exactly what he wanted to do to her in the office before he got so rudely interrupted.

She woke up the next morning to the smell of Itachi making breakfast. She was going to toga it with the bed sheet since her top was currently in strips flung around the room, until she noticed a shirt laid out for her with a note on it.

I owe you a shirt. Take this one.

When she walked into the kitchen, the look of her in just one of his shirts caused a fatuous grin to spread across his smug face.

"Was this your plan all along?" she raised an eye brow as she leaned against the doorway. He merely walked over and kissed her on the forehead, then fingered the fan of Uchiha crest on her shoulder before returning to the stove.

"Breakfast, Love?"


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