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A few warnings for starters:

-There will be spoilers for all games! You've been warned.
-The Main characters from each game in this fanfic are called Minato Arisato (P3:FES), Minako Arisato (P3P) and Souji Seta (P4)
-There'll be some cursing. (Anyone that played any persona games knows that some characters on it curse quite a bit.) as well as some heavy subjects.
-Main Pairings in this fanfic: MinatoxYukari, ShinjiroxMinako, SoujixYukiko, KanjixNaoto, AkihikoxMitsuru, YosukexChie.
-Hinted Pairings(in later chapters): JunpeixChidori. (Hinted because Chidori doesn't appear much on this story) KenxNanako (Ya know those little girl's crushes on older boys? It'll be along those lines) FuukaxKeisuke (Other than Minato and Junpei, Fuuka only displayed some sort of close relationship with Keisuke the club president. I found it kinda cute.) TeddiexRise (Just for giggles. They are afterall the two hyperactive cuties of the team X3)

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Persona series and all its characters (c) Atlus

Chapter 1: Chance meeting.

Tatsumi Port Island… The place wasn't that bad. Sure, he'd been living there for only a few months, but then again he was used to his life changing over and over again because of his parents' busy careers. This time, however, his world had been turned upside down.

Only that afternoon, Souji Seta had been released from Tatsumi Memorial Hospital, with no clue of what had happened to his parents, and still reeling from it. Just a few months ago, he felt happy that, while leaving behind all his friends back in Inaba, with all of whom he had formed deep and unbreakable bonds, he would be seeing his parents for the first time in just under a year.

And a heartwarming reunion it was for the silver-haired boy. The night he arrived home, Souji surprised his mother by enveloping her in a warm hug, repeating the process with his father before talking long into the night with them about many things, enjoying their company and presence as they caught up with one another.

Time passed and Souji enrolled in Gekkoukan High for his senior year. The school was fine and all, but he couldn't help getting an odd feeling about the place, almost like déjà vu. Despite that, he had no problems studying, constantly maintaining his grades.

But then, summer came and there was the accident. On a rainy night, the Seta family was on their way home from dining outside when it happened: a drunk driver in a large pickup truck had been speeding, and had run through the red light of the intersection just as their smaller car was going through. Souji fainted after that. When he came to, he was lying on a hospital bed. According to a police officer, he was the sole person the paramedics found inside the wreckage of the car, with a gash on his forehead and a broken arm. His parents were never found, and no traces of blood were found on their seats as well, despite the fact that it was impossible for anyone to survive that crash unscathed.

Souji couldn't really remember the rest of that night, or much of the next days, until the call from his uncle Dojima had come. The police had called him, informing the detective of the situation, and he immediately offered to take him in, for as long as he needed, and Souji was deeply grateful for that.

Everything had been taken care of by Dojima over the phone. All he needed now was paperwork from the school and Souji would be transferred back to Inaba. Tomorrow, he'd pick up the papers and hopefully board the train on the day after. His uncle had already purchased the ticket for him.

As Souji walked home, going against the doctor's order to take a taxi, he wondered if any of his friends knew anything about the accident that had claimed his parents. They probably didn't, since Dojima was sensible and had mostly likely figured that he wouldn't be able to handle any of his friends in his current state. He'd have to thank him when he arrives in Inaba.

With a sigh, he gazed at the sky; the sun was setting. The sight comforted him a lot. It brought him back memories; deeply buried memories from when he lived in Port Island all those years ago, when he was just a toddler. His parents were busy, but they always had time for him. And he was never alone, because there was always somebody who would play with him…

'Why am I even thinking about them now? It's been so long…' Souji shook his head, frowning. It was something he never told anyone about, not even his girlfriend, Yukiko. 'Well, we did live here once…'

All of a sudden, his surroundings changed. The sky turned greenish-black and the setting sun was replaced by a full moon with an eerie yellow glow. "What the hell?!" Souji gasped, frantically looking around. The street he was walking on was crowded, but now, instead of people, coffins stood in their place. "What's going on here?!"

A sudden rush of adrenaline started pumping through his veins. Not too far from where he was, three creatures stood: humanoid figures in samurai armor standing over what seemed to be two bodies. 'Shadows…'

Before the Shadows could come any closer, Souji quickly drew a Smart Bomb (made into a keychain as a souvenir from one of his ventures in the TV World) from his jacket pocket and threw it at the trio of monsters. The Almighty impact blew the Shadows back, without hitting the humans, giving Souji enough time to check on them.

As the silverette ran towards them, he got a better at the two people on the ground. Both were male; one was pretty tall, almost as tall as his friend Kanji. He wore a maroon pea coat, a black beanie, black pants and brown leather boots. His hair was slightly long and brunette. The other was a bit shorter than he was, and more slender. He had dark blue hair and wore the uniform from Gekkoukan High, the only difference being the red armband around his left arm, which said 'SEES' embroidered in black.

"Hey? Hey!" Souji called, shaking the blue-haired teen. "Are you okay? Answer me!"

With a soft moan, he opened his eyes; storm blue-grey. "Ugh… My head… What happened?" he mumbled, uncoordinatedly trying to get up. As Souji helped him sit down, the young man noticed the other guy also getting up. "Huh? Is that you, Shinjiro-Senpai?!"

"Dammit, that hurt… I feel all stiff…" the tall guy muttered as he rubbed his shoulder. When he heard his name being called, he immediately looked at Souji's direction, recognizing the blue-haired guy. "What the…? Minato?! The hell you're doing here?!"

'Minato?' Souji stared at said person more than necessary. 'I know that name! And that voice…sounds so familiar…'

"Might as well ask you the same question since the last time I checked, we were both dead…" Minato brushed the dirt off his jacket, before spotting the Shadows trying to get back up."What the…? Shadows! The Dark Hour's back? What's going on?!"

'Dark Hour? And what's with him saying they were dead?' Souji slightly begin to panic, but his leadership and fighting skills enabled him to keep calm. 'This just keeps getting more and more confusing…'

"Save questions for later," the one called Shinjiro said, nudging his chin at the enemy. "Looks like those guys want to get their asses kicked. You got your Evoker?"

"Of course..." Minato replied, calmly sliding his hands into his pants pocket. Then he noticed Souji. 'That guy… I know him…'

The more he stared at Minato, the more and more familiar he was to Souji. 'Is it possible? Could it really be him…?'

"Hey!" Shinjiro shouted, snapping them out of their trances. "Stop zoning out!"

"R-Right…" Minato mumbled apologetically, and turned to Souji. "I'm sorry. I'll tell you everything later. But for now, can you fight?"

"I'm...not sure." It was true, Souji knew he's unable to summon his Persona out in the real world, plus he didn't have a weapon in hand.

"You have a Persona, right?" Minato cut off his thoughts. "You must have, if you can still function during the Dark Hour. Can you summon it?"

Souji was bewildered, and slightly dumbfounded. Not only did this guy know about Personas, but expected him to summon his? It had been only about a few months since he last did it, but that was in the other World. In that slight moment of doubt, a voice spoke within him. "I am thou… Thou art I… The time has come… Open thy eyes and call forth what is within..."

The Shadows were closing in on the trio. A small light appeared in Souji's right hand, and a card appeared. It was blank. 'This sensation…' Pure, raw power coursed through his veins, a grin forming on his lips. "Per…so…na…!" He shattered the card. "IZANAGI!"

A naginata-wielding Persona in a long black trench coat and white mask appeared before them, lunging at the nearest Shadow and slashed it in two.

"No shit… He can summon his Persona without an Evoker!?" Shinjiro was in disbelief, before he noticed the other Shadows readying their katanas to attack. "Heads up!"

Minato swiftly evaded the attack be jumping to his side, but there was no time for Souji to dodge. The Shadows' physical attack knocked him back, very hard, causing him to collide into a mailbox by the street. The pain of his barely-healed broken arm shot through his whole being. 'Ugh...Crap, this can't be the end!' he thought, trying to shake off the dizziness.

Souji felt helpless. He needed Rise. He needed Yosuke. He needed everyone, especially Yukiko. He felt panic and desperation at the thought of Yukiko, knowing full well she would not have wanted him to die when she wasn't around. Wait, what was he thinking… she wouldn't want him to die at all! His thoughts were cut short when he saw the Shadows charging up to attack again. He narrowly dodged the next one, but they just kept on coming. The pain had gotten so bad, he was unable to focus enough to summon Izanagi again, leaving him wide-open. 'This is it,' he thought, too fatigued to get up. 'It's all over, and it hasn't even started.'

The sound of gunshots and shattering glass was heard, followed by shouts.

"Orpheus! Maragi!"

"Castor! Blade of Fury!"

The combination of fire magic and slash attacks seemed to work well on the Shadows, making them back off. Minato and Shinjiro bought enough time to get close to Souji and help him up. "Are you okay?" Minato asked.

"Yeah…" Souji winced as his arm ached and bleed. He swore he could feel blood dripping down his forehead.

"This ain't good... Gotta get ya out of here," Shinjiro said. Frantically looking for a way out, his gaze landed on the Shadows. "Talk about some tough bastards...any ideas on how to get rid of them?"

"They're strong against physical attacks, but they can't repel it…" Minato observed.

"They seem…to be weak against fire… A stronger fire attack…might work…" Souji panted, trying to find a strong fire-based Persona in his psyche. He held out a palm and a glowing blue card materialized, spinning softly. "Mada…"

"Agi-skilled, huh?" An idea popped into Minato's head. "Senpai, hit them hard. We'll handle the rest."

Shinjiro raised an eyebrow at that, noticing how Souji's face screwed up like Minato's when changing Personas. "Don't tell me this kid can also use more than one Persona like ya? Tch, whatever, let's get this over with."

Minato looked at Souji, who in turn nodded as well. As Shinjiro and Minato readied their Evokers, Souji couldn't help but find it strange that they were pointing what seemed to be guns to their heads.

"Here goes! Castor! Heat wave!"

"Mada! Maragidyne!"

"Surt! Maragidyne!"

The remaining Shadows had no chance against their onslaught, and were reduced to a cloud of black smoke that dissolved in the air.

"Well… That's that," Shinjiro concluded, rubbing his shoulder again. "Damn, I'm sore all over."

"You're telling me…" Minato sighed. "My muscles are all aching…Then again, we haven't used our bodies in like what? Two years…?"

Souji could only stare at them, just plain confused when his wounds started taking their toll on him. "Ngh…" He let out a groan as he rested his body against a nearby wall.

The other two turned their attention to the silver-haired teen. "Hey, you okay?" Shinjiro asked.

"Yeah… Luckily I didn't break my arm again…" Souji said, wincing as he rubbed it.

"Hold on." Minato readied his Evoker again. "Melchizedek, Mediaharan!"

As the mechanical-looking angel appeared, a soft violet light enveloped them for a few seconds. Souji's bleeding began to cease and his arm finally stopped hurting. "That's a lot better…" He smiled at Minato. "Thanks."

"No problem," Minato smiled back at him. Just as it happened, the sky was turning back to normal and the eerie moon is nowhere to be seen. "The Dark Hour is vanishing… We should get out of here. I seriously don't want to handle people's shocked expression at the damage caused by those Shadows."

"I'm with ya, but where do we go?" Shinjiro asked.

"Let's go to my place," Souji suggested. "I don't live too far from here."

Minato nodded. "Good idea. Lead the way."

As the Dark Hour ended, the trio quickly ran off, leaving several passersby confused at the damage caused by a battle that no one witnessed.

Soon enough, they reached the apartment where Souji's family lived. "And I thought I've seen everything after what went down in Inaba…" he mumbled loudly as he plopped down in the couch. He turned to his two odd companions. "Uhh… Please, make yourselves comfortable."

Minato and Shinjiro nodded and sat on the other couch. After a few minutes of awkward silence, Minato decided to take action. "Well, I suppose we owe each other some explanations so might as well start with the introductions," he said. "I'm Minato Arisato."

"Name's Shinjiro Aragaki," Shinjiro said flatly.

"Nice to meet you both." Souji gave a short bow with his head. "I'm Souji. Souji Seta."

Minato's eyes went wide. "Souji… Seta… So it IS you!" He radiated a mix of surprise and joy as a genuine smile formed on his face. "Wow, I barely recognized you, Banchou-kun!"

The familiar smile and pet name stirred up some memories, which made Souji smile as well. "I knew you were familiar…" His eyes turned misty. "It's been a long time… Aniki."

Minato got up from his seat to gently hug him, being mindful of his arm. "Too long if you ask me…" he said, breaking off the hug. "You were just a toddler the last time I saw you!"

"I know… I tried to get a hold of you over the years, but my parents kept moving all across the country over and over because of their work…"

Seeing that he was the odd one out, Shinjiro decided to butt in before they wasted any more time. "Hey!" he snapped, interrupting the two of their nostalgia. "Sorry to interject, but mind explaining to me what the hell are you two talking about?"

"Oh, sorry, Senpai." Minato rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "You see, Banchou – I mean, Souji-kun and I have known each other ever since we were little kids. Our parents went to college together and used to be good friends. In fact… it was his family who found me after the car accident on the Moonlight Bridge."

"You mean the one that happened on the day Aigis sealed that thing inside you?" Shinjiro asked incredulously.

"Yup. That one."

Now Souji was confused. "Umm… I'm gonna take a wild guess. Is that somehow related with you guys knowing about Personas and Shadows?"

"More or less…" Minato sighed. "You too have the power of the Wild Card, I see. So I assume what happened to you in Inaba is also related to Shadows."

It was Souji's turn to sigh. "Yeah… It's a long story."

"So is ours," Shinjiro said. "We got all night. You go first…after I make us some coffee."

Seated in the Seta family's living room over mugs of strong, black coffee, Souji began narrating the story about his adventures in Inaba. The fog, the murders, the TV World, his friends' personal Shadows, how they summoned their Personas, the final battle with Izanami; he continued on until he felt he had covered everything possible.

"So that's how you can summon your Persona without an Evoker…" Shinjiro whistled.

"Evoker? Ya mean that gun like thing? That's just…" Souji trailed off.

"Crazy? Yeah, I know. Blame Aki and Kirijo for that."

Souji raised an eyebrow, still confused. Minato laughed at that. "Don't worry. I'll explain."

With Shinjiro's help, he told Souji about their own adventures with SEES, the Dark Hour, Tartarus, the twelve Full Moon Shadows, the battle with Strega, including the one where Shinjiro died, Death being sealed within Minato, The Fall, the battle against Nyx, and finally him becoming the Great Seal.

"...And that's how we got to here," Shinjiro finished off Minato's explanation, expecting Souji to be shocked. He was partly right as the silverette was a little surprised, yet thoughtful.

"You two are probably wondering why I don't seem as shocked to yours and Aniki's return," Souji started before Shinjiro could ask. "While I am curious to as why and how you guys returned from the dead apparently, my friends and I witnessed our own... miracle as well."

"Go on," Minato urged.

"The TV World contains places that are created from the victims' mind and well... My cousin was one of the victims we had to rescue. The only difference was that she was a six year-old kid..."

Shinjiro put the pieces together. "So with someone that young, the effect of that world is harsher on her?"

"Yes, that's right. Her name is Nanako, and she was forced to stay in the hospital for a long time. At first, we all thought she would get better, but then...she took a turn for the worst." Souji closed his eyes at the memory, reliving the pain, sadness, and the anger he had felt when he thought he'd lost her.

Sensing his friend's sadness, Minato placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. Souji snapped out it, giving him a grateful smile. "She survived, or rather, came back to life, thanks to one of my friends, which is why I wasn't that surprised to hear of your story. The Seal part worries me though. I mean, if you were released from the Seal, doesn't that mean this Nyx being might try to wipe out all life on earth again?"

"To be honest, I don't know…" Minato said thoughtfully. "The Great Seal was made from my soul. If it was broken, then I wouldn't be alive now. And there's the mystery regarding Shinjiro-senpai's return as well."

"Tch, I'm about as lost as you two," Shinjiro said.

"Hm… If only I could contact those two, maybe we could get some answers…" Souji wondered out loud.

"Two?" Minato asked. "One of them wouldn't be called Igor, would it?"

Souji smirked. "I should've known. Of course you'd be familiar with the Velvet Room."

"So, that guy was the one helping you out with those multiple Persona?" Shinjiro asked. "I've always wondered about that."

"That's him alright," Souji replied. "If there's anyone who can give us any info, it's Igor. Though, I don't know how we can reach the Velvet Room from Port Island."

"There used to be a door to it in the alley next to the police station in Pauwlonia Mall," Minato said, digging into his pockets. "Good. I still got my Velvet Key."

"I got mine too." Souji took out a glowing blue key from his own pocket. He looked at the clock. "Shoot, it's almost midnight."

The two SEES members quickly looked out the window. As the clock struck midnight… nothing happened.

"Huh? No Dark Hour? Man, things are more screwed up than ever," Shinjiro sighed.

"In a way, that's a good thing. No Shadows roaming around and no Tartarus either. For now, at least," Minato stated. "And we did experience the Dark Hour before midnight today so it might be related to that, strange as it is."

"It's possible…" Souji yawned widely. "Sorry, but I'm beat."

"You aren't the only one," Shinjiro said, covering his own yawn.

"Yeah… I'm tired myself." Minato agreed.

"You can stay here tonight if you want," Souji offered. "Tomorrow morning, we go to the Velvet Room to see if Igor knows anything about what's going on."

"Yeah, that's a good start," Minato said. "Thanks, Souji-kun."

"No problem. Be right back." Souji left the room to get some pillows and blankets.

Shinjiro leaned by the window, crossing his arms. "Hey Minato, think that kid know Aki and the others?"

"I'm not sure, Senpai. Except for Ken and Koromaru, everybody else probably graduated by now. Even Junpei." The blue-haired teen took off his school jacket and shoes. "But we can try looking for them tomorrow."

"Got a point there." Shinjiro took off his coat, boots and beanie. "No point thinking about that now. Let's call it a night and get some rest."

They silently agreed just as Souji returned with two sets of pillows and blankets. "Here. If you need anything else, let me know."

"Thanks." Minato and Shinjiro took one each and made themselves comfortable on the couches.

After wishing them good night, Souji headed for his room. So much has happened today, he could barely believe it. Despite the mystery of his parents' whereabouts, he was glad to meet an old friend again. However, that meeting brought several questions to mind and couldn't help but feel that he was about to embark on yet another Journey. As he drifted off to sleep, all he could hope was that this one would not be related to murders and death like his last one.

Was he dreaming? He felt like he hadn't done that in ages. The scenery was all too familiar; Naganaki Shrine. Shinjiro often came here in the evenings to walk Koro-chan by himself, or that one time with Minato.

However, instead of his blue-haired team leader, an auburn-headed girl sat next to him as they watched Koromaru playfully running around the Shrine. She smiled at him, her ruby red eyes sparkled with something he couldn't quite read, but for some odd reason he felt very comfortable around her. Her laughter was the sweetest music his ears have ever heard.

The girl suddenly frowned, looking sad and lonely. Not understanding why, that really bothered Shinjiro. Instinctively, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders, muttering something about the cold. The girl looked up at him, gasping softly, but then she smiled, her cheeks becoming a light shade of pink. Shinjiro couldn't help but smile himself, his face turning warmer.

As the girl rested her head on his shoulder, he felt at peace. He closed his eyes and they simply remained like that.

Shinjiro woke up with a jolt. His eyes wondered around, trying to get his bearings and found Minato sleeping soundly on the other couch. He took out a silver pocket watch from his pants pocket and looked at the time: 5.00 AM. 'What the hell was that dream all about…? Who was that girl?' Shaking his head in confusion, he took another glance at his watch. There was a huge dent on the back. 'Why do I feel like I'm missing something important? Shit… Am I going crazy now?'

Ruffling his hair in frustration, Shinjiro decided to try and get back to sleep. However, he couldn't get the mysterious girl of his dreams off his mind. Little did he know that this girl would be connected to him, as well as the two Wild Cards.

Not bad for a start, huh? Well, things will be getting interesting in the next chapters.

PS: A few terms that you guys may not be familiar with:
-Banchou means "gang leader" in japanese. It's a name some japanese artists give to Souji due Izanagi's appearance. Minato gave Souji this nickname due the games they used to play as kids and tends to call him that when they're alone.
-Aniki is a japanese term that means 'Big Brother' and it's also a slang for 'Boss.' Souji calls Minato that due him being an older brother figure to him

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