So, I am supposed to be doing school right now, but I'm not. I just don't feel like it. But, while I was studying, this popped into my head. IDK how, being that all I'm studying about is constellations, but oh well I hope you enjoy!

"No, Kendall! I'm not doing that! Don't you remember what happened last time?"

"But this time, Mom and Katie are out, and the guys aren't even here! There is absolutely no way we could get caught!"

"It's not sanitary!'

"You're the only one that thinks so! Plus, we can be quick. In and out."


"Okay, okay! Calm yourself. I'm just saying opportunities like this rarely come by and-"

"When they do, you grab onto them with both hands and go big time. I've heard it before, Kendall. But this is not cool. What if someone hears us? Or even worse, your mom! I couldn't live with myself if they caught us doing that."

"Then you'll have to be quiet, Logie."


"Well, you can be pretty loud."


"We'll even clean up afterwards! I'll bring the washcloths."

"You do realize we're going to need a change of clothes, right? We're going to get dirty, and you can get pretty rough when you're excited."

"You can borrow some of mine, Logiebear."

"Oh, don't Logiebear me, Kendall! This isn't going to work out. We'll be caught and then my parents will ground me! I am not okay with that!"

Kendall pouted, crossing his arms. "I just wanna go jump in the leaves. My mom helped me rake them and it's perfect leaf-pile-jumping weather right now… Please, Loges? For me?"


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