I did this to apologise for my inactivity xD, I'm sorry it's been so long but I will continue to not have enough time to be active but I truly hope this touches you like it touched me. It summaries my general mood now which is quite ill and bleak. I don't own digimon

The wind whipped at his face, tickling it with the speckles of rain that had begun to fall recently. He shivered a little and then looked out at the moon longingly – it had been so long. He felt sadness overwhelm him and tears began to trickle from his wide eyes, despite the fact he was digital he was still able to feel emotion. He put the down to the company he kept, his mother wouldn't have approved. "Hey," the voice broke the silence that had consumed the rooftop of the tall building that Gabumon had chosen as his home, he didn't turn his head but he still heard the footsteps. They came and sat next to him – legs dangling of the edge – mirroring him. "The moon is pretty tonight, huh?" his voice asked, Gabumon nodded absent-mindedly and returned his attention to the beauty of the night. It had been so long… "I like being up here, it gives you time to think; to reflect" he surmised, Gabumon turned his head and looked at the blonde, he pulled his knees into his chest "You get to learn what's really important when you just," he turned and looked at Gabumon "think…" he muttered, smiling at his partner. Gabumon wondered why he hadn't asked what was up and for a second the thought ran through his mind that Matt didn't care but then he realised; it was because he cared that he had chosen to allow Gabumon to make the first move. He didn't give his – often cold – partner enough credit for how kind he truly was.
"It's cold out here, isn't it?" Gabumon broke his own silence only to see Matt look out
"When you do sit and think about what's important you realise it's the stuff that never leaves you" Matt continued
"I guess…"
"Not the money, the gifts, the holidays, the memories or even those items you attach sentiment to" he spoke continually, seemingly without noticing that Gabumon had spoken
"I like a good pizza pie" Gabumon interjected
"It's those you share it all with. The family and friends that would follow you into a blazing fire or a freezing snowstorm if it meant you were never separated" he spoke passionately, without pausing,
"Did you know Digimon don't really have maternal instincts?" Gabumon announced the little snippet of knowledge, wondering what Matt was going on about
"They are what's important." He stated
"I miss my family" Gabumon blurted out, wishing he could snatch the words back
"I know."
"H- How?"
"I'm your partner, Gabumon; you can't hide anything from me" Matt explained, grinning.

The two sat and looked out into the night and felt at peace in each other's presence. They didn't need to speak to know that between them they could get through anything. Gabumon lifted the arm of his fur and moved to place it around Matt "Just like all that time ago" Gabumon said as Matt shivered, Gabumon had anticipated the cold and knew what would make it easier
"Thanks, Gabumon," Matt mumbled
"I'd rather thank you" Gabumon protested
"No, without you I'd have never had all this- this- my realisation of what matters" he stammered, looking at his partner, teary eyed.
"We're a family, Matt" Gabumon declared, quietly.