I ponder the night sky in its infinite expanse and marvel at what little change two millennia have wrought on its beauty and purpose. It is a constant in the ever changing world and I can feel the beginnings of change stir in the world around me. The Great Reveal they are calling it. I am as unsure as I am excited about the prospect of living openly. I know that freedom comes with a price. I know we may not have to hide our nature but we will have to hide still. For every human that is intrigued with our existence there will be two humans that wish to end us.

I worry we have lost too much of our humanity as vampires to co-exist in their world. They will think us brutal and we will think them weak. I will call Eric and his child. This is not a time for us to be separated.

The stars begin to fade as dawn approaches and I stand to acquiesce to the dawn. I turn toward my home and I see a star fall from the sky. I am momentarily distracted and did not notice the creature approach. I jump into a defensive stand as soon as I notice its presence.

It is a small white kitten. Hahahaha! Two thousand years and I am startled by a kitten! I step closer to the little animal and it does not flee from me. As I get closer its scent stuns me. I have never smelt anything so good before. It is not a scent I wish to devour but roll around and luxuriate in.

"MMhhmmm. Little kitty, you smell divine." I reach down and stroke its tiny head. The fluffy ball starts purring and rubs against my hand.

I continue my short walk to the house and notice that the kitten is following. When I reach the back door, I turn and bend down.

"You are a very interesting creature but this is no place for a little kitty. I am a vampire and there are other vampires that stay here. A small thing like you could be hurt." I stand to open the door but am assaulted with the tingle of magic and the smell of something more wild. I look back down and my tiny white fluffy friend has been replaced by a large white tiger! The beast makes eye contact with me then roars!

Well, now this is certainly a change, I have never encountered one such as this. She smells female but not like a were or shifter; sweeter like the fae, and like magic. The tiger stares at my face while thoughts flit through my mind. She must have tired of my silence because she pushes her big head against my arm and side.

"Alright then, it seems you wish to join me. I will allow this."

Not everyone was excited by our new nest mate but I care not. It is one of the advantages of leadership, I will do as I please. Sweetness, as I have taken to calling her, has remained at my side for three weeks now. She follows me everywhere. I even tried to leave her at my home to attend some meetings but she took offense and made it known when she finally caught up to me at my club, Clairvoyant, in downtown Dallas. I wondered how she had found me and followed so quickly but she answered without me asking. She shifted and teleported around me quickly into different animals, making different sounds, in different spots all around me. It was very unnerving; poof here, poof there, poof all around while her image and cries changed from growl, to roar, to squawk and back again. I finally sat on the floor and calmed her.

"Shh,shh,shhhh. Sweetness, I did not leave you, I just have business to attend. If you wish to be at my side you may remain but you must be on your best behavior." She morphed back into the big white tiger, scoffed, bumped her large head to my forehead then licked my face. After she was satisfied she curled at my feet, tired from her tirade. As astounding as her behavior and magic is, I am glad no one witnessed her antics or mine.

Her feline forms seem to be her favorite either kitten or tiger but she uses other forms as well. I had a meeting with some young businessman. We were to discuss the possibility of a joint venture. Sweetness, kept herself hidden from the man, which was unusual for what I knew of her. Thirty minutes into our meeting a black snake with blue eyes began traveling up the back of the man's chair. I had a very good view. The man seemed to be getting more and more nervous for no reason, as he did not notice the snake. He pulled his brief case into his lap as if reaching for more papers. Sweetness lunged. She sank her fangs into the man's neck and hung on. The man jumped from his seat and flailed about with her hanging from his neck. He had a tight grip on her but fell to his knees, his hold slackened, he fell on his side choking, and Sweetness slithered toward me. When she was only inches away she morphed back into a tiny kitten, jumped into my chair, then onto my desk and started cleaning herself. I watched it all in surprise then tried to make sense of it. I looked in the briefcase and all was made clear. The man was going to detonate a bomb. Sweetness stopped him, dead. No wonder she is now on my desk as if she owns the place.

I have never been much for affection but I picked up her tiny form and nuzzled her with my face and held her close to my chest. She returned my attentions with purring and rubbing herself against me.

I no longer try to leave her, she goes with me everywhere. She even rests in my lair during the day. Those in my nest and area have become use to her presence. Though only a few have seen her change forms. Most think she is a were-tiger somehow indebted to me. I am still unsure of her origins but am sure that she holds many secrets and is very clever.