I am confident our plan will work. If a vampire has been working with these humans I doubt it would have given them all the secrets about the vampire race. Surely we can go in, humble ourselves and converse with them, use our acute hearing and investigative skills to locate Farrell, and out we go. I hope Godric allow us to torch this place afterwards.

Pam and I enter and are instantly jumped upon by a very unintelligent, backwater, misled Jesus freaks! They'll believe anything Steve Newlin says, apparently because they believe their Lord has warned him of a vampire invasion and has commanded him to lead these people to righteousness and the holy land. I think I am going to be sick. Poor, poor stupid cattle; Their Lord did live and was a good man, but he did not write the Bible and he did not speak with Steve Fu#$%g Newlin. The couple has been showing us around and seems a bit nervous but I foolishly credit that to my and my progeny's great beauty.

We follow them down a corridor while they continue to spill their ignorant words. I can hear several heartbeats on the other side of the large door that looms at the end of the hall. There is quite a bit of racket and I assume this is where they are gathering for some prayer or other. The shabby couple stepped through and spoke more softly but I did not hear their words because the moment my child and I were through the door a silver net was dropped on us quickly followed by three more. Rage engulfed me but the silver made me weak to the pathetic strength possessed by these awful humans. My heart wrenches as I see six men overwhelm my darling child. I feel Godric getting nearer almost instantly. Panic burns through me; he cannot come, not now!

We are jerked down a wide stairwell, none too gently; the silver is now touching bones, and we are thrown into a small empty cell where the nets are ripped along with plenty of flesh from our brutalized bodies. I do not have time to digest our situation when we hear a commotion from above. My child is consumed by her own pain, frailty, and need for blood to heal but she looks to me. "I fear it is him. I do not know if he has a plan but I am pretty sure he entered blindly when he felt my anger."

"Unless he knows how to contact Isabel or Stan we are f%^&ed!"

I glare at the disrespect in my child's tone. "You will speak to me with more respect or I will punish you despite our current situation!" She is smart enough to lower her gaze and look ashamed.

We are joined minutes later by Godric. He is consumed by his foolishness and despair. He can feel that his 'Sweetness' is angry and close but that is all. We all hope that she retrieves Stan and Isabel but she has never shown them her human form. It could be a disaster. Several hours passed and still there was no sign of upheaval or help. We are well and truly trapped.

"Forgive me my impatience, children. Had I only remained calm we would have returned to my nest by now. I have too long thought myself above humans and this is where it has lead." Godric spoke softly and somberly.

"There is nothing to forgive master. They baited us into a trap. Someone knew we were coming and they tipped them off." Eric countered upset at Godric's ill confidence.

"How could anyone know what we were up to; it was kept strictly between the three of us, my Sweetness, Isabel and Stan." Our musings continued until near dawn. We may actually meet our deaths for our arrogance. The time was coming for the FOTS members to return and torture us, or sacrifice us to the sun, yet none have come.

Could Stan or Isabel secretly harbor feelings against the reveal? Stan does not secretly anything and has been very vocal of his opinions but the steady supply of volunteer donors is too much for him to be against. Godric and I can't believe Isabel capable of such treachery but she is a vampire.

A gasp, nearly soundless was heard, followed by a thud. The same noise pattern continued. "What is that do you suppose?" asked Pam. Keys sounded against the silver prison door. "We are about to find out, be….." Eric's words were cut off by Godric's chuckle.

In the doorway sat a pretty, fluffy little kitten cleaning her face which seemed to be covered in blood. Godric roared his laughter as he hurriedly scooped up the kitten and left the cell. The vampires were surprised at the scene they followed through the compound. Nearly one hundred of the radical church members lay dead. All appeared to have dropped in the middle of their mediocre tasks. Each harbored only a snake bite somewhere on their body. The group quickly made their way to Godric's home; the kitten purring all the way.