Author's Notes: also from the kink meme, on the prompt: "AmericaxFem!Turkey. During one of his meetings to Turkey's house, Alfred is introduced to the wonders of lokum, or Turkish delights. Mun would love for this to be a very fluffy post. But some smexiness is alright too. Bonus: America being hand fed by Turkey would be nice." Yes, this is short and fluffy and mostly pointless.

"...So what flavor are these things, anyway? They're just kinda, like, made of pink."

Turkey snorts at him. "It's rosewater. And they're not pink." She scrunches her nose up in disgust.

"You eat roses?"

"Rosewater. Difference." She sips (or, well, kinda gulps) her coffee, and takes another one. "'Sides – ain't roses romantic and shit?"

"Well, yeah but – seriously, you're having another one? I think Turkish delights are awesome, but–"

Her eyes narrow in a glare. He suddenly thinks that may not have been the best sentence to ever come out of his mouth. Um.

"No, no that wasn't – an insult or anything, just, y'know, they're really sweet, like, really sweet so I don't get how you can stand that many, that's all."

She shrugs. "Coffee. Lotsa coffee."

"Dude, I love coffee and seriously, even it can't–"

"Your coffee is shit," she says, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. For a second, he's struck dumb (and yes that is unusual thank you very much).

"You take that back."

"Never." She sticks her tongue out, and he hisses at her (...seemed like a good idea at the time).

"Why I oughta–"

"Aww, shush up, kid. You'll get there some day."

"Hey, don't patronise me like that, you're not that–" he pauses and thinks for a bit. "Okay, you're older than me; you're like a lot older than me, but you're not so much older than everyone, y'know; I mean you only got Istanbul-was-Constantinople in the fourteen-hundreds, and you only came down to like, here in the 11th century, and sure you were probably hanging out up in Central Asia with all your Whateveristan bros a bit before that but I don't think like, all the different Turkic peoples had been that separated yet so–"

He suddenly realises she's staring at him. "...I've been googling you," he admits, embarrassed.

"...Mm'kay. That's fuckin' creepy, but still, really kinda sweet," she says. "I'm cool with it."

"Really?" He fistpumps the air. "Yes, Hollywood is good for something!"

She laughs. "Yeah, yeah. Just try not to let your ego get more out of hand, okay?"


"Just eat your damn lokum," she grumbles.

"... So that's what you call it." America did learn that, he totally did, and he wanted to impress Turkey by using her word for it but then he forgot the word. Oops.

She shrugs. "Yeah." And America's about to continue this conversation except Turkey suddenly presses a piece up to his lips. "Bite, or it's gonna drop."

Weird. But he does, and okay maybe he takes a bit too much opportunity to lick the tip of his tongue along Turkey's fingers but she totally doesn't seem to mind. It's sweet. Sweet as ever. But it's awesome, and Turkey just smiles and suddenly it's even sweeter in a way he wouldn't get rid of with all the coffee in the world.

He finishes it off. "Tasty," he says. She grins.

"You've got icing sugar all over your chin, you know."

He rolls his eyes. "Well yeah, if I was actually feeding myself that might not happen."

"You've had icing sugar all over your chin for hours."

He pouts. "Well, design your food better next time!"

"I'll keep that in mind," she says, and takes another gulp of coffee. "By the way, since you know all about my 'Whateveristan bros'... you're meeting my family now."