We left off at the end of the first chapter with Flik passing out unconscious from being brutally beaten by Hopper and that rabid grasshopper (which I found out that his name is Thumper… far from a cute little bunny if you ask me…). Here we come into chapter two leading off right at that point.

Flora came running over to the spot where Flik lay passed out on the ground. Atta cradled his head and leaned over him, trying to protect him from the falling rain. The princess knew Flik was hurt, but she never imagined that something like this would happen.

As Flik lay unconscious on the ground, thoughts and voices ransacked through his mind. He could hear Hopper's voice, telling him that he was lower than dirt; telling him that ants were made to serve grasshoppers. He could see, from Atta's eyes, the bird catching on fire and crashing to the ground. He could feel the pain of being kicked and punched repeatedly by Thumper and the lack of air from Hopper choking him. He could hear Atta telling him to leave and never come back. He could here little dot telling him it was not a seed, but a rock. And last, but not least, Flik could see what would have happened if he hadn't come back. How the queen would have been squished in front of the whole colony and how the grasshoppers would have come back the following year, and the year after that, and the year after that…

"Atta…" Flik was starting to come around. He could barley open his eyes, but enough to see that he was in the infirmary wing of the ant hill, instead of out in the rain. He was in the same bed that Fancies had been in when he broke his leg. His voice was hoarse and raspy and he sounded out of breath.

"She's coming, my boy." Manny sat by Flik's bed along with the other circus bugs. Just then, Dot came running in.

"Flik! Flik!" Dot raced over to his bed and tried to climb on, but was stopped by Rosie.

"Sorry, honey. Flik's not feeling too great…" Rosie felt sorry for Dot. Dot was Flik's best friend, and for the young princess not to be able to sit on the bed with him was kind of hard.

"Hey, Dot." Flik said in a weary tone. He tried to sit up, but found himself too weak, and fell back into his pillow. It was so unlike his normal, hyper self. For an ant, Flik usually had a lot of energy, but it seemed to all be draining away now.

"Hi, Flik. I heard what happened to Hopper. So... we get to keep all the food now?"

"Yup," He said in a raspy voice, "Every last bit of it."