A/N: Because this has happened to me recently.

To Yellow, the world always felt so big. And that had never had been a problem. (On the contrary, it had been quite the adventure.)

Until she had a reason to feel small.

Yellow had grown up with the fact that she would never be tall or shapely, and she had always been perfectly fine with that. It mattered not that her features didn't fortell her femininity, or that she had to ask for assistance to reach the jars on the top shelf. Baggy tunics and ladders had solved those problems.

But those wouldn't do when dealing with the fickle feeling in her stomache. She was lacking the arsenal to properly duke it out with the lovely lady draped on his arm with sparkling crystalline eyes and short, tight black dresses.

Yellow spent the majority of the past months arguing with herself that there is no point in loving him when those feelings are not returned. She tried and tried to quell the burning in her heart, but those fiery eyes always seem to ignite the fire when she finally manages to reduce the feeling to white-hot coals.

And when she finally feels that she just might be over him, he's there with that smile, brushing his hand against hers. Her heart cracks with the thought that this is love and she's a prisoner in his labyrinth.

But her love is a mirror without a reflection.

Strolls through the hidden paths of Viridian Forest almost help, the chirp of forest life drowning out the sound of her heart cracking. That is her sanctuary when all else seems to fail, her place of peace in a world of chaos. No harm can be done there.

However, on a Sunday afternoon, with the sun setting, casting an array of too many beautiful colors, her faith in the forest crumbles. She is walking through the woods with empty eyes and forced footsteps. There's a snap of twigs and a giggle to her right. Yellow peers around a wide willow and almost stops breathing.

They are laughing and smiling. He has twigs in his hair and she's coming through his locks with delicate fingers. Her face is so close to his and there's a peaceful aura around them. The girl's eyes flicker to the willow; amber meets with azure.

And then the connection's broken and so is her heart.

She has no choice but to look away.

Yellow sinks her teeth into her lip, drawing blood, so as to not cry out. She swallows hard then turns with the weight of the word love on one shoulder; hate on the other.

She never realized how balanced the two were.

She wishes she could cry, but the only tears she can muster are dry. Yellow likes to pretend that each tear is a wish for hope, a way to his heart. But each tear is just that: dry.


A/N: This is the first to several in a project where one-sided relationships will be the stars. This was easy to start with because it's something that's happened to me quite recently and it's too uncanny how all the characters seem to fit into place with my predicament.