1I Miss You Too Much

AN: This is my first Michiru and Haruka story. I don't own Sailor Moon at all (even though it's soooo awesome to watch). I love all of Naoko's characters. Thank god for subs to let us English fans finish the series, ne? Anyway...enjoy!

The sun is always shining over the shores, bringing a new day to our lives. Bring a new day means new tasks, finishing up work, trying to be with friends and cleaning the house. "Aw, Ruka. Where are you?" Michiru asked herself, she looked at the clock and it was near five at night.

Setsuna was off with Hotaru training her to be a better solider and Haruka had gone to buy groceries two hours ago. "I'm home," said a voice then surprising Michiru. "Hi, Michi." Haruka said kissing Michiru on the lips.

"Where were you?" Michiru asked curiously. "I've been waiting all day."

"A little dramatic, are we?" Haruka asked putting some of the goceries away as Michiru helped.

"Were you off see Usagi-san?" Michiru asked as Haruka laughed.

"Mou, mou," Haruka said. "Michi, you know you're the only one for me. Koneko is my koneko." Michiru giggled and started dinner, she sat on the couch with Haruka. "So, did you miss me?"

"Of course, why wouldn't I? What kind of question is that?" Michiru asked. "Being separated for three hours is too long." Michiru started playing with Haruka's hands. "Oi, what's up?"

"You're hands are soft, Haruka," said the aqua haired girl. "I like them."

"I've heard that before," Haruka said as she got up and placed the plates on the table for dinner. Michiru went to get the drinks as Haruka put the dumplings onto a plate as Michiru came up and wrapped her arms around her. "You're in a good mood today."

"I missed you," Michiru said.

There was a knock at the door. "Coming," Haruka said. Usagi came in the door with Chibi-usa who had returned from the future for a vacation.

"Haruka-san," Chibi-usa said batting her eye lashes. "Do you want some Ai Cookies?" Haruka giggled.

"You girls are cute," Haruka said handing the money over to Chibi-usa.

"Arigato Haruka-san," Usagi said bowing, showing the older girl respect. "This will do well for Chibi-usa's camping trip. Let's go, Chibi-usa." Usagi said dragging Chibi-usa off with her.

"You girls are cute?" Michiru asked, her eye brow twitching as she giggled. "Never loose your love for me Ruka." Michiru said as she put the drinks on the table, spilling orange juice on her shirt. "Mou, you just got me this too. Haruka, do you want to help me change?"

A small smile curved Haruka's lips. "All right, all right," said the blond girl taking Michiru in the room and finding her a better shirt. Thank goodness dinner was done, nothing would burn now. Haruka was going to slide the shirt over Michiru's head when Michiru put her finger to her lips. "Nani Michi?"

"Let's stay here," she said. "We're home alone, aren't we?" Michiru asked kissing her lover as got the same feeling as she felt.

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