Chapter One

I sigh, walking down the hallways of Ouran Academy. I had been here since Year 1 - or, in America, grade 10. I was now a second year - a 16 year old. Thank God, since it meant I could actually drive wherever I wanted. Because I had my license.

Cue evil laughter.

However, things weren't all fun and games at the Academy. Last year, I had kind of gotten dragged into joining two different clubs. The Black Magic Club [stupid Nekozawa got me into it...Almost like he knew I was a Caster / Incubus...], and...The Host Club.

Yes, I - Sydney Bloom Dunnam - was a Hostess. How the hell did I get into that club? Well, it's simple. Tamaki is actually my cousin. His Mom was biologically American - there was a mix up, and she ended up getting adopted by wealthy fancy-pants French people.

Once Tamaki found out we were cousins, he made it his soul purpose to make me join the Host Club, along side Kyoya, Hunny, Mori, the twins, and, later on, Haruhi.

I don't know how I got into it - I blame my Mother. She probably thought it was a good idea for cousin-ly bonding or some stupid shit like that.

Oh, well, it was better than my old school. B.C.S.A. sucked balls, and we weren't aloud to be ourselves. Plus, I hated those stupid preps - at least the ones here were ones I could actually put up with. I understood their language, once Tamaki and I started getting along.

Scary? Hell yeah.

Today was going to be a long day at the Host Club. We were supposed to have like a Butler theme - and for me, that meant "Maid duty".

Why the hell did I have to be dressed up so girly? Everyone knew I was the Goth type. And why dies Haruhi get away with it all? She's actually a girl...Why can't we just tell everyone, and she gets to wear girly dresses? Let Hikaru and Kaoru turn her into their doll, for once - not me, for the love of fuck.

I finally reached the door that lead to our room - music room three. I opened the door, running my hand through my hair. Oh, Kyoya was going to kill me, this time...

"Sorry I'm late, guys," I sighed. "Last period took longer then I expected."

Tamaki grinned, pulling me in a big hug. "Yay, Auntie is here!" I sighed, a vein pulsing out from the back of my head. 'Auntie' was my nickname, considering Tamaki treated me more like his sister, than his cousin - and he was the 'Daddy' of the Host Club. Kyo-kun was the Mommy, Haru, Hika and Kao were the kids, and Mori and Hunny were the Neighbors.

"Nice to see you too, Tamaki," I rolled my eyes.

My blonde cousin pulled me out of the hug, giving me a thoughtful look. "Oh, I almost forgot!" he announced. "We have a new member of the club!"

...Well, this was new.

"Sydney-Chan, I would like to introduce you to our newest member," Tama-chan lead me to the newest member, and I almost choked on the Pepsi can Kyo-chan had given me when I entered the Club.

He had short, brown hair, fair skin, and really blue eyes - a really pretty shade. He wore a Razorback T-shirt, an army jacket, ripped up jeans, and hiker shoes.

Oh, fucking shit.

"This is Will Hines," he introduced. "Our new Gamer type."

Will dead-panned. "You are kidding me here..."

Great. Just great. The love of my life - from B.C.S.A. - was here. At my new school. In my club.

Oh, and did I mention he was a Werewolf in need of anger-management?