Chapter Three

I entered the Black Magic Club room, hurriedly closing the door. "Hito-Sempai?" I called out. "Hito-Sempai?"

"Yes?" Nekozawa called out, in his usual tone of voice. He crawled away from his lab, and looked at me. He was wearing his uniform, and taken away the wig, as usual. "Hello, Sydney-Chan," he greeted, with a smile. He looked at how nervous I was, and dawned a concerned look. "Is something wrong?"

Nekozawa Umehito was one of the only now three people who knew what I was - the others being Tamaki and Will. Well, at least this school. Tamaki, because he was my cousin, and Neko-Kun, because he himself is a Caster, with a little trace of Cat Demon in him.

I gulped, nervously. "I fucking tried to drink blood," I explained. "Not a nose-bleed blood, but, like, actual blood from the pulse in a neck." A single tear rolled down my cheek. "I broke my promise, Neko-Kun..."

Umehito stayed quiet for a moment, before looking at me. "Wait here, Sydney-Chan," he told me. "I have something I can give to you, to help."

He went over to his table, and started making something. I was sitting in my chair, hugging my legs, and looking down.

Great. Just great. Kenzie, my best friend from back in America, had always told me it might happen. I found out I was an Incubus at age 13, almost 14. She told me, that while I eat dreams, I might end up wanting blood within a few years. Guess it only took a couple, huh?

It only took a minute for Neko-Kun to bring over a bottle, that looked like it was from a chemistry set. It was a blood red, with only small swirls of white and light blue, like water, quickly disappearing. "Here, this will help your thirst."

"What is it?" I asked, confused.

"The Incubi are known for finding ways to drink blood," he explained. "Without having to use humans as their meal. Because most or all crave it at least one point in time. So, they came up with the blood tablets."

I raised an eyebrow. "Like, the ones in Vampire Knight?" I asked. "Really?"

"Well, the author herself knew a great deal about Incubi," Neko-Sempai explained. Since she was one, herself."

I looked at the drink, took in a deep breath, and chugged it down. Let me just tell you this; blood tablets weren't that good. I made a stink face, after I drank it. "Vampire Knight is misleading," I announced. "Real blood is delicious. That taste likes fish shit."

"It should at least help your thirst," he explained. "Your body won't know the difference, and you should be fine for a while." I nodded my head, putting the bottle on the table next to me. "May I ask, just what happened, Sydney-Chan?"

I sighed, leaning in my chair. "The new kid in the Host Club is somebody I went to school with," I explained. "A Werewolf. I guess we've had attraction for each other, and well, we kissed, and then things went hazy for me..."

"And you started trying to drink his blood." my best guy friend concluded. I nodded my head, in agreement. Hito-Kun pondered over this for a minute, before looking at me. "This is the first time you've actually started thirsting for blood," he reminded me. "Is it possible that there's something...Delicious...About his blood?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Maybe," I spoke. "So, what should I do?"

Before he could answer, there was a knock on the door. "You may enter," Called Neko-kun, Soon the brown haired host entered the room.

"Will. What are you doing here?" I questioned sheepishly.

"I wanted to check on you. You left before I could say anything."

I crossed my arms. "Well, I'm fine. Now go back to the music room before someone gets worried."

He sighed, throwing up his arms, defeated. "Fine." As soon as he left Neko-sempai looked at me,

"You love him don't you?"

I looked away. "Yeah, I do," I told him. "Just promise me you won't tell anyone."

"Of course I wouldn't."

I smiled, hugging him. "Thanks, Hito-Kun," I told him. After we broke the hug, I let out a yawn, and rubbed my eye. "I'm sleepy...I'm gonna take a nap."

"Alright," Neko-Kun nodded his head. "I'll wake you if anyone comes looking for you."

"Thanks." I told him, going over to my bed. We had one in here, because I was prone to my naps. Like Hunny was.

I flopped onto my bed, and instantly went to dreamland.

I was shaken awake, not long later. I opened my eyes, and looked up, expecting Nekozawa to be there. I looked up to see Will staring at me with a worried expression. I grumbled. "What time is it?" I questioned with slight annoyance in my tone.

"3:53. You slept through the whole club hour. I was worried." I jumped off the cot and got on my feet.

"Where are the others?" I asked, stretching my arms.

"They left," he replied. "It took a while to get your cousin to get the hell out of here, but, Kyoya dragged him out."

"Oh," I nodded. Sounded like Tamaki, that was for sure. Then, I realized something. "So, what are you still doing here? Shouldn't you be at home, yourself?"

"I had decided to give you the offer of driving you home. Unless you wish to walk in the rain." He smirked as I cursed under my breath. I glanced outside and saw that it was basically a downpour. "Let's go.." I grumbled.