The first day of Cheerios camp. How freaking charming. Thank god it's my last year of this ridiculous crap. Being surrounded by these morons makes the monster inside me seethe. Especially with all of the teeny bopper freshman strutting around like they own the place.

Why am I doing this again? I ask myself this all the time and I can never come up with a personal reason as to why I torture myself with this petty indulgence that these half wits all call a sport. But it is senior year, and senior year is all about being the Cheerios top hoe after all.

"Santana!" a smooth alto voice called out from across the field. I rolled my eyes, already assuming I wasn't going to enjoy what was about to come out of her mouth, it's too damned early for this. I took as long as I possibly could to turn around and face the blonde haired, hazel eyed beauty-bitch that was walking towards me.

When she finally reached me, she just stood in front of me with her hands casually resting on her hips, with a huge genuine smile on her face.

"You suck so bad Quinn Fabray, why must you be so goddamned peppy all the time? It's 7 in the morning, just let me have my bitch-time in peace." I didn't say this with as much bite as I would have if it had been anyone else looking at me like the Cheshire cat.

Out of everyone on the cheer squad Quinn Fabray was the one I could stand the most. I guess you could say we were friends. We joined the cheerios together, we slept with Puckerman the same year, We were co-captains, and everyone who knew us automatically placed us with the "best friend" label, even though in my opinion we weren't really THAT close, at least that's how I look at it. Who knows what she thinks, I have no interest in knowing, or inquiring into such useless things.

"You do realize you don't have a specific time for being a bitch right?" The girl with the golden locks said through her smile. "You can't call it 'bitch-time' if you're a bitch ALL the time." I sneered at her but kept my kept my eyes soft so she would know I wasn't taking real offense to what she just said.

"Ha ha….Point taken, it's just so friggen early! Anyway, what's up?" I sat down on the ground under the enormous white tent that was set up to shield the squad from the sun when we took out water breaks, since it was the middle of July.

Quinn sat down next to me. "There's a big turn out this year for freshman. We are going to have a blast cutting them." She said enthusiastically.

Although I was prepared to tune out whatever she was going to say, A sly grin slid across my face as I heard this. Ah, yes. Tryouts. This may be the only part about cheer camp that I actually enjoy. Quinn and I were captains last year, and during tryouts we devised a game where whoever made the most girls cry won. And, of course, I won. Quinn just doesn't have the finesse that I do when it comes to being cruel. I however, have mastered the art of it, and enjoy it thoroughly.

"Dios Mio! I cannot wait!" I shouted gleefully. Girls who were just arriving, or who had been sitting around waiting for practice to start, looked at us curiously. I glared back at everyone and their eyes all darted away as fast as they could. I snickered under my breath. I looked back at Quinn and said: "You want to make the game more interesting by throwing in a prize?"

Quinn laughed and said "of course, whatever did you have in mind?" She began stretching and I followed suit. The girls around us took note of this and began stretching too. I sighed. How obnoxious. I hate that everyone's always watching us, but I guess that comes with the title.

I leaned closer to her. "I was thinking of something delightfully and dangerously fun." I said in a whispered tone, because I knew the girls surrounding us were trying to eavesdrop on our conversation. "The loser has to have a party at their house after cheerios camp this weekend, and they have to buy all the alcohol." Quinn's eyebrows rose quickly like she wasn't expecting me to say that, then her face settled into that Cheshire cat grin. I knew she approved.

"Deal! Game on skank!" And she got up and clapped her hands to get everyone's attention. I smiled, stood up beside her, and crossed my arms across my chest. All the girls assembled around us, waiting for direction.

"Alright ladies! Welcome! It's nice to see such a big turn out!" Quinn yelled loud enough so all the girls could hear. "First of all, can I have my returning cheerios go to the right, and my freshman and newly trying out girls go to the left?"

Everyone began shuffling tiredly to their sides. Quinn's leadership skills were pretty extraordinary. She was so relaxed and happy, and you could tell she loved being in charge. As for me I stood there with a scowl on my face and just played the part of the intimidator. I was good at that. She continued talking and I began to look at all the newcomers.

Geesh what were some of these girls thinking! The look on my face as I scanned the crowd of girls turned from a scowl to absolutely horrified. There were some ugly ass bitches here. I just shook my head and kept scanning.

I spotted a girl about three times my size and practically choked on my stifled laughter. "Christ, does that lard ass REALLY think she can be a Cheerio?" I whispered under my breath to Quinn as she was speaking. Quinn ignored me, but I saw a glint of a smile in her eyes. I smirked, and looked back to the crowd.

Since I was paying no attention to what Quinn was saying, I saw her first. A girl with long blonde golden hair came skipping across the field, literally skipping, without a care in the world. My first instinct was to find a flaw in her, but to my astonishment I couldn't. In fact, for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off of her. It must have been the way she was gracefully carrying herself, like a dancer.

As she got closer and closer towards where we were I began to focus on her features. She was slim, and had very long legs. Her face had almost…cat like qualities. But it was a soft hint of them, and very feminine. She was absolutely stunning. For reasons unknown to me my face started to get really hot.

My eyes darted to Quinn to see if she had noticed, but she was still focused on telling the new girls what the agenda was going to be like today. I looked back at the girl and she was beginning to push her way through the new girls to the front. I wondered what she was doing.

Normally if a girl had shown up late I'd be irritated, especially if she made it a point to push through the front and cause a stir. I would usually step into the crowd and humiliate them, but my god…the way this girl weaved in and out of the faceless bodies surrounding her just had me hypnotized. It was like she was walking on the clouds.

She stopped when she got to the front, and that's when Quinn took notice of her. Naturally, the new girl had her eyes focused on Quinn because she was the one talking, but something inside me just urged for her to look at me instead. I shifted my stance and moved my arms down to my side to see if she'd take notice, but she didn't. From the expression on her face it was as if she wasn't really here at all. She looked distant and dreamy…I wonder if that's normal for her? And somehow I just knew that it was.

I took a moment to look at what she was wearing, and what I found was very peculiar. Her cheerleading shorts were neon orange with bright yellow polka dots all over. Most of the other girls just wore red and white, or sometimes black. She was also wearing a white boy tank, which had a huge yellow smiley face that matched the polka dots on her shirt. If anyone else tried to wear this they would look childish, but somehow she pulled it off.

I scrunched my eye brows together as I was thinking. Cheerleading is about fitting in, it's about being accepted. But this girl didn't seem to notice. The girls that surrounded this mysterious ice-blue eyed beauty were all very aware of her presence, and one girl wearing these moronic pigtails even turned to the person next to her and laughed. This angered me.

"Aye idiota!" I pointedly yelled out at the girl who laughed, interrupting Quinn. My Spanish tends to slip out when I get angry. This made the blonde girl look at me, and for some reason I got slightly nervous. The girl with the pigtails looked around frantically and then lost all color in her face when she realized I was yelling at her. You could tell the entire group was holding their breath.

"Yes, You! Is something funny?" I start to walk towards the girl. Quinn raised one eye brow questioningly, but doesn't even try stopping me. She's so used to my outbursts of rage and usually she's amused by them. I get to where she's standing and cross my arms. Anyone close to her takes a few steps back, clearly afraid of being dragged into it.

"Uh…uhm…no?" The pigtailed girl said in a panicked breath.

"Well do you usually laugh when something isn't funny? Or do you just have Tourette's?" Quinn and some of the returning girls snickered. The girl with the pigtails looked angry, but was too afraid to say anything back. Good, these brainless barbies need to know their place. I waited for a response, but she just looked at me. So I spoke up again.

"What were you laughing at?" I spoke louder. Now I could really tell I was making her angry, and she seemed confused. She looked toward the girl with the orange polka dotted shorts and looked back at me. My eyes followed hers, and then returned to her face. I gave her the best sneer that I could muster, and she flinched backwards. I could read it on her face that she was wondering why I didn't find the girls outfit amusing. Normally I would have found this exuberant outfit annoying, but not on this girl. I turned dramatically and walked up to the blonde girl, and she gave me a brilliant smile. There was no sense of intimidation in her face at all. That was strange.

"What's your name?" I said, and my heart started racing suddenly. What the hell was going on with me? This is just a random girl, why do I feel so…weird?

She continued smiling at me and said as if it were one word "Brittany S. Pierce." How ironic I thought, and it made me smile. She also stuck out her hand for me to shake and I took it. Her hands were so soft, and for some reason I didn't want to let go, but I knew it would be weird if I didn't so I just let my hand fall slowly to my side. "What's yours?"

"Santana. I like your outfit." I gave her a big genuine smile. She looked in my eyes and I hoped she could hear the sincerity in my voice. I looked back to the girl with pigtails, and her jaw was dropped. I stuck my nose up at her and looked back at Brittany. Brittany smiled that brilliant smile again and said "Thanks! Lord Tubbington picked it out. He has the best fashion sense." I had no clue what she meant but I nodded in agreement, let out a soft chuckle, and walked back towards Quinn.

"Anyways, back to what I was saying!" Quinn spoke up when she saw I was finished, and continued on with her boring speech. I turned around and crossed my arms smugly. That girl will never laugh at Brittany again. I chanced a glance back at Brittany and found she was still smiling at me, and when we made eye contact she waved enthusiastically at me. I just smiled warmly back at her.


On the car ride home all I could think about was how we had 5 more days of this shit. I was ready to be done with it now. The bad part is that today is the best day of the whole week. Quinn and I got to sit in the gymnasium and make the cuts all day. We had played our little 'game'. Quinn nearly made me piss myself laughing when she made a tiny girl with coke bottle glasses who did a ridiculous routine to "The Loco-Motion" cry.

She started off by having her jaw dropped the entire time. Mid way through, when the girl fell down trying to do a toe touch, she said out loud: "You've GOT to be kidding me." At the end she looked at me and asked: "Loco means crazy right?" a devious grin spread across my face and I was excited to see where this would go. I nodded my head to answer her question. "Well that was some SERIOUSLY crazy shit. The fact that you thought you could come in here with THAT, and make it onto MY cheerios squad, sincerely makes me consider recommending you to Miss Pillsbury to be sent to an institution for the criminally insane. That'll be all."

I was dying. I looked back to the coke bottle girl and there it was, tears of success rolling down her cheeks. As she ran out of the gym I fell off my chair onto the floor as Quinn sat there triumphant.

"Well now our scores are tied." She stated matter-of-factly.

We had gone through 28 different routines. 28 excruciatingly boring, terrible, and hilarious routines. We managed to recruit seven mediocre freshman for our junior varsity squad, and I couldn't be happier that the day was almost over. I picked myself up off the floor and turned to Quinn.

"How many are left?" It had to be ending soon.

Quinn looked down at her roster "Just one: Brittany Pierce. She's a junior who just transferred here." She paused for a moment and then continued "What was with your little outburst this morning anyway?"

When I was reminded of Brittany I could feel my ears starting to get hot. "Because that freshman needed a ticket back to Loserville. I hate freaking freshman." Did that sound like something I'd normally say, or would Quinn notice that I was nervous?

"Gotta love your Snix juice." Quinn laughed. I shrugged innocently, and turned toward the door that had just opened. When I get really pissed off, Santana gets taken over by my other evil personality. I call her Snix. Her wrath of words is called Snix juice. My advice is to just not mess with me but hey, what can you do right? Some bitches justs needs ta' be snixxed.

Finally Brittany walks in. I had been waiting all day to see her routine. I didn't know what to expect but whatever it was, was nothing compared to what she had brought. She practically floated up to our table, handed Quinn her CD, and gave me that giant smile again. Butterflies scuttled through my stomach and I couldn't help but smile whole heartedly back.

Quinn put her CD in the player. I think she was aware that I wasn't going to want to make fun of this one, so she just gave Brittany the thumbs up to let her know when she was ready. I leaned forward in my chair so I could pay close attention. Brittany nodded and Quinn hit play.

What happened next is something I don't think I can even begin to explain. It was like the whole world stopped and there was nothing in the room but Brittany. Metro Station's "Shake it (with a twist)" started playing. Brittany started to dance, and it was like she became one with the music. When I thought about how she looked like a dancer the first time I saw her, I was wrong. It was then I realized she was an artist, and she didn't just dance to the music, she WAS the music. She breathed it, she felt it, and her beautiful flowing movements were something you could only see in a dream. The song was perfect for this situation: "I saw you dancing and I couldn't get you off my mind."

It was as if everything that had ever happened in my life was leading up to this moment. Like the stars were meant to align at this very instant and bring this beautiful, mystical creature in front of me. Somehow I knew that this dance was intended just for me. It was intended to seduce my soul, and free my being.

I was so lost in the way Brittany was dancing that I wanted to yell when the song ended. I wanted there to be a repeat button on life so that I could watch what had just happened over and over, and over again.

When Brittany stopped dancing her eyes moved straight to mine. There was a look in her eye that I determined must have mirrored mine. And it was in that moment everything changed…It was in that moment…my heart ceased to be mine.