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Chapter One Fresh Beginnings

Seven. Seven Fifteen. Seven Thirty. Seven Fourty Five. The sound of knocking pierced through the quiet room. One knock, two knocks, three knocks till the girl standing on the other side decided to yell, "Sora! Sora, are you there?"

Eyelids awoken, sleepy blue orbs resting beneath them, they closed again to feel the owner rubbing them with the back of hand.

On the other side of the door stood a boy and girl, the boy being a bit short and chubby and the girl being slim with long auburn hair resting on her shoulders. "He's probably sleeping," The boy said. "You know how Sora is. Maybe you should try again."

Kairi nodded and proceeded with her earlier method, a knock and call. "Soraaa!"

"Yeah, Mom?" The tired voice on the other side yelled.

"This isn't your mom," Kairi giggled. "Get ready or you'll make us all late!"

Sora came to a realization that it was Kairi on the other side of the door, and that 'all' must've meant Pence was with her too. 'Like we planned.' He thought. Suddenly his eyes jumped to the clock that read 7:50. "Uh-uhwaa," He yelled, rushing off his bed and to the door as fast as lighting. "We're LATE!"

The door opened, a rushing Sora running toward the other side of the hall to the bathroom, Kairi and Pence backing out the way to save their selves from getting run over. Kairi put her hands on her hips. "Well," she sighed. "Can't say we didn't expect this." She looked over at Pence with a light smile. He smiled back.

"Um…so guys," the brunette girl began. "Are you looking forward to this year?" She shrugged at the end of her sentence, a light smile on her face. A couple groans were made by some of her friends who were sitting at one the large blue circular lunch tables with her.

"And so her positivism begins," The blonde Hayner Finnlet sighed, his head resting in his arms on the table. Of all the students of Destiny Waves High School, this large group of friends was all too fond of Olette Watanabe's optimism. Olette's response to Hayner's comment was a quick, yet soft, hit to the arm. His head quickly rose to look at her. "Hey, I was only saying the truth!"

"Ugh-wahhh," A fiery red head wailed, throwing his head back. "Why is it so hot? Why did school have to start on such a hot day like this one?" Today Destiny Islands was excessively hot, but due to the weather being considered the normal for this Island, School was still going to start as planned; On August 30th.

As the usual start of the first day of school, all one-thousand-five-hundred students, excluding about three-hundred freshmen were supposed to wait in the gym, were ordered to wait in the Indoor and Outdoor lunchrooms for further instructions.

"Oh quit it Axel," The short Roxas Strife retorted as he walked up behind Axel. "It's only 102 degrees." The boy looked down at Axel, who then opened his eyes, from above. Axel's eyes were exuberantly green from the sunlight that beamed upon the school, though usually they do remain true to color even without the bright sun.

"Has heaven sent me an angel to shield me from this heat," Axel cooed. "Or am I just dreaming?"

"You're just dreaming!" Roxas angrily responded as he sat down in between the red head and co.

"Ooo, burned." Axel joked as he leaned his head back on his hand, which made Roxas in turn a bit more miserable.

Olette began to look around from her seat at all the kids, her evergreen eyes searching for the rest of their friends; eyeing for the spiky brown hair, red head girl, and chubby boy, which could not be found. "Where are Sora, Kairi and Pence?" She asked the trio.

"Kairi told me that she and Pence were going to walk with Sora this morning since they all live near the same block." Roxas inadvertently stated as he was playing with the rubber bracelets on his wrist. He was tugging at their elasticity, having them painlessly snap back at his wrist. He wasn't trying to hurt himself; it was more of just a harmless habit.

"Ha, how much you wanna bet Sora woke up late?" Hayner laughed, smirking.

"C'mon guys," Sora yelled from a couple feet ahead of Kairi and Pence. "We're going to be late!"

"Aren't we already?" Pence questioningly replied. Kairi, who was walking along beside him, giggled.

"No need to rush Sora," She kept at her and Pence's slow pace. "I'm sure school will be starting a bit late today, considering it is the first day."

"Fine," Sora sighed as he began to slow down. "It's so hot today." He began to pout, tiny drops of sweat beginning to form on his forehead.

"Oh well, we were going to tell you but…-"

"You were rushing too quickly," Kairi finished Pence's sentence. "You accidentally put on your winter uniform." Even on Destiny Islands it got cold enough in winter for a winter uniform. Winter on this island only ever reached a low temperature of 60 degrees though, so the long sleeved button up of the winter uniform was still thin.

Sora blushed as he quickly began to roll up the sleeves of his uniform, Pence and Kairi quietly laughing at him from the sidelines. "You guys should've told me earlier!" He pursed his lips.

The trio reached Destiny Waves High in what seemed like no time. The building was very huge from the outside, colossal on the inside. Students were heading into the building, new faces and old ones. The new faces Sora saw were that of freshmen, who he thought to look really small. It was not long ago that Sora and his friends, excluding Axel, were those 'tiny' freshmen. This year they were sophomores and Axel, being a year older than them, a junior.

"Do you think they're at the usual spot?" Sora turned to look at Kairi and Pence, hearing an 'of course' overlapping a 'definitely'. They walked along the white and blue tiled floor, DWHS notable school colors, holding each other's hands and pushing their way through a couple of crowds before reaching the indoor lunch room where they then let their grips go. Walking beside the tan stone walls they arrived at the large glass doors that opened to the courtyard aka the outdoor lunch room.

The courtyard seemed to get more beautiful each year. The grass, from excessive sunlight, was as green as a crayon. Colorful flowers planted by the Eco Club each year were all blossomed and dancing the couple short winds that blew by every now and then. On the north side of the courtyard was a fountain that let out water into a pond full of fish. This is where the seven friends had all met each other one school day. Where Axel found the perfect blonde boy to harass named Roxas who had, trying to back away from Axel, bumped into a spaced out Sora who fell into the crystal clear pond water and then was comforted by a worried Kairi, as well as an apologetic Axel and Roxas, who was nice enough to introduce to her three other friends Hayner, Pence, and Olette. This was where their first memory as a group of friends existed.

"Sora," Olette jumped up from her seat seeing Sora at the doorway. Her arm was raised high in the air, waving. "Over here!" Sora looked back and forth till Kairi had spotted the group that awaited them. The three jogged over to the table, happy to see their friends after a long summer.

Sora's signature adorable smile appeared on his face, blue eyes brightening. "We made it on time!" He exclaimed. Hayner stood up and poked at Sora's cheat with his finger. "And was it you who made the other two wait?" He asked, as if in detective mode and trying to figure out the culprit of an elaborate crime. "Y-yeah?"

"I KNEW IT!" Hayner sat back down with all his pride fuming in his head.

"Don't get too over worked, kid." Axel laughed at Hayner, who was still caught in his ego.

Olette gave Kairi a hug. "I'm so glad to see you again!" She bubbled. Olette and Kairi, being the only girls and best friends since kindergarten, bonded a lot. The two were inseparable when together. They were each other's girl 'fix', being able to gush about guys and gossip about things they heard together without the other guys becoming bored over the topics. "I'm glad to see you too, Olette," They let out of their hug. "How was Greece for the whole summer? We still haven't gotten a chance to talk about that!"

Olette pulled out her cellphone beginning to show Kairi a couple pictures. "Girls, focus." Hayner said.

"Yeah, we have other things we need to talk about," Roxas stopped playing with his bracelets. "Like our schedules. What if we don't see any of each other at all this year? I would hate to be alone in gym again-."

"What do you mean 'alone'," Axel cut Roxas off. "I was there." Axel had failed gym his freshmen year. He would never show up. Therefore he was behind a year in that category, which was alright since at DWHS you only needed three years of gym to graduate.

"- with Axel." Roxas finished. Axel felt a bit dumbfounded as the rest of the group laughed at him.

"Yeah, say that again when you're begging me to be your partner for everything," Axel grinned as he saw Roxas' face turn angry. "You're so cute when you're mad, baby." He began to make kissy faces towards the blonde.

"Quit it!" Roxas' face began to turn to many different hues of pink, and so he quickly looked away from the other. Kairi leaned over the table and began to turn the lever of the retractable table umbrella. The umbrella began to open and created a large shade over the group.

"Now the heat won't kill us," she rubbed her sweaty forehead. "Or ruin my eyeliner."

"Hey Kairi, why don't lean over again for me," Hayner grinned, earning a slap to the arm from Olette which was this time harder than before. Kairi quickly pulled down her skirt down a bit a sit on the bench. "I was only kidding, sheesh."

A loud voice came from the intercom; it was recognized as the principal Ansem Wise. "Attention all Students, I would like to welcome back all the sophomores, juniors, and seniors to Destiny Waves High, and as well welcome the new freshmen who I know will be happily welcomed by the upperclassmen without any bullying or pranks," as principal his tone was serious. "Last year as most of you know was a spectacular year, our school holding many fundraisers, dances, and afterschool activities. I would also like to announce our many Blitzball victories - "

"Is that all we're ever going to be reminded of," Pence sighed. "The jerks we call our Blitzball stars."

"Hey! Some of them seem really cool!" Sora turned.

"Are you really going to defend them," Roxas retorted. "One of them is the one who attacked the student last year for calling them 'self-absorbed idiots', which is exactly what they are!"

Sora looked down with a pout. "I don't think Riku did that," he said. "I don't believe it."

"Look squirt, just because you have a crush on him doesn't mean he's perfect in every way you want," Axel brushed his hand through his fiery locks. "Look at Roxas for example."

"HEY!" Roxas yelled, which earned him a couple 'shush'-es by the other students in the courtyard, as well as a 'ha, got you back' from Axel.

What Axel had said was true, Sora did have a crush on the oh-so-popular Riku Satoshi; star fielder of the Blitzball team and maybe even the best Blitzball player who ever played for the Tides, DWHS's mascot.

"Of course Riku Satoshi, as well as our other Blitzball stars will be filling up the team the year for even more chances of victories. All other sports are open for tryouts and a sheet will be handed out once in homeroom tomorrow. Now, all freshmen report to the teacher in the gym holding up the letter sign of the beginning of your surnames to receive your schedule. And all upperclassmen are to wait in the schedule handout lines, which are also in alpha order, for their schedules. If there are any missing schedules, please report to the main office. Thank you and have a wonderful school year." With that, the intercom went off with a beep and all students began forming lines at the lunch tables that had teachers handing out schedules.

"Let's go get our schedules guys." Olette said. The table of friends dispersed into their correct lines.

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