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Chapter 42: The Traverse Town Flames pt II

"Well this should be really interesting," Isa said. "I mean I've never really been interested in Blitzball, but the captain is usually the most skilled and the one who keeps everyone together, right?"

"Technically," Pence answered. "But I'm sure Riku wouldn't have left if he didn't think they could do it."

"Maybe the guy just doesn't care anymore," Axel sighed. "I mean, if Roxas got hurt I know he'd be the first thing on my mind."

"Why are all the fielders on this team so huge?" Roxas thought, looking up at the tall giant that stood before him. Marluxia gave a smug smirk, noticing the blonde staring up at him with eyes as intense as a lion about to catch his prey.

The whistle blew and Marluxia knocked Roxas down into the grass with brute force, rushing the ball towards the goal.

"Fuck you!" Selphie yelled enraged as she ran after him. Using all her strength she was able to tackle him to the ground, Roxas stealing the ball.

"I forgot just how scary Selphie can be," Zack ran near Roxas, watching Aqua come into closer view. He slowed his pace when Roxas passed the ball to Aqua. The ravenette noticed Sephiroth staying still in his spot on the field. "Sephiroth…what could you planning?"

Aqua passed the ball back to Roxas, who once again passed it back, the two zigzagging through the field before the blonde made the final kick. He angrily frowned when he saw Noel catch it.

"Ventus?" Xion asked, slowly approaching the blonde. Her eyes were wide in curiosity.

"No," Roxas smirked. "Roxas!"

Noel threw the ball into the field. It was caught by Sephiroth who held it at his side, running towards the Wave's side of the field.

"C'mon Roxas," Ven sat in the bleachers, his hood over his head. It was hot, but he knew he couldn't show up to this game unless hiding some of his features. Not even Roxas knew he was there, silently cheering him on. His hands were in fists at his knees. "Keep running…!"

Roxas neared Sephiroth, racing to get the ball from him. He reached out his foot, attempting to steal the ball but the Flames defense finally caught up with him.

"Don't even think about it." Terra stopped the blonde in his tracks.

"Nooo," Ventus pouted. "Terra don't block him!" He whined in his head.

Roxas frowned before trying to push aside the brunette to no avail. "C'mon, cut your boyfriend's brother some slack!" He growled in a low, frustrated voice.

"I kind of need to win this game," Terra said continuing to block the blonde. "And frankly, I don't like you."

The blondes efforts paused as his lips tightened, his blue eyes forming a glare. "Hmph!" He grunted, rushing past Terra with all his strength.

"I think I like this Ventus better!" Xion said to Terra as she ran past him.

"Should we go over there?" Hope asked Tifa. The two were standing a couple yards in front of their goal post, as well as a couple yards away from each other.

"We have to listen to Seph and stay here." The ravenette responded.

"But it's so boring when the ball is all the way on the other side of the field…!" Hope crossed his arms against his chest.

Selphie jumped from off of Marluxia, aware that Sephiroth was in control of blitzball. She ran after him. "I have to be careful," She thought. "He's able to predict my every move."

"She's running at my left, but will most likely swivel to my right to steal the ball." The silverette thought. Selphie did just that, switching over to his right side in her attempt to get the ball. But Sephiroth turned his back to her and kicked the ball towards the goal.

"And now the score is tied at 5-5 between the Flames and the Waves," The announcer said. "With only seven minutes left in this round!"

Sephiroth quickly took a look around the field. "The kid will pass it to the blue haired girl." He sneakily pointed towards her with his finger against his chest. Genesis nodded.

Wakka threw the ball back out into the field towards the bluenette, but Genesis intercepted and hit the ball back towards Marluxia who successfully caught it and threw it towards the goal.

"I got this one ya!" Wakka confidently awaited to block the ball, but was caught in confusion when he saw Sephiroth get near him. The silverette quickly hit the ball in a different direction at the goal, scoring another point.

"And the Flames quickly score another point! Breaking the tie!"

"Whata trick!" Wakka went to get the ball from behind the goal.

"God dammit." Selphie swore under her breath.

"They scored that goal so quickly," Roxas thought as he slowly jogged to a halt. "It's as if Marluxia knew where to be at the right time…" He remembered the talk the team had earlier. "Is Marluxia able to predict movements too?"

"Aqua," Selphie ran over to the bluenette. "Do you think you can be at center?"

"Of course!" The girl happily nodded before going to the center line to see her opponent, Genesis.

The whistle blew and Aqua fought for the ball. She struggled, Genesis being the taker of the ball and running it over to his opponent's side of the field. With the same tactic as before, they scored another goal. And another. And another. And another.

The buzzer for the end of the round rang.

Zack looked at the scoreboard, sweat trickling down his forehead and hair matted against his face. "This is bad…" He thought.

'Home: 5, Visitors: 10'

The players got off the field for their last break before the final round.

"Maybe you should go cheer up your team." Lightning suggested to Snow, her hands crossed over chest with her hip cocked out to the side a bit.

"No," Snow replied. "They'll figure things out on their own."

"Wasn't Riku the strategist," Lightning said. "He pretty much left his team knowing he's the one they needed most. All for his 'Light'. Don't get me wrong, I believe in caring about your teammates but there's a fine line between caring and selfishness."

"It's hard for me to admit this," Snow sighed. "But I think the kid has a crush on Sora."

"Well I couldn't doubt that." Lightning grinned, moving her hands to her hips.

The Waves stood together in a group with their faces full of doubt as they watched Selphie, waiting for just a little glimmer of hope to wash up.

"Um," Their eyes jumped towards Roxas excitingly. "We're doomed, aren't we?"

Selphie hit the boy over the head, having him grunt in pain. "Selphie what was…" The blonde's anger calmed down when he saw the brunette biting her lip, tears balling up in her eyes and rolling down her cheeks.

"Riku shouldn't have left," She cried. "Or he shouldn't have left me in charge! If we lose, it's all my fault…"

"No, Selphie," Aqua gave a lighthearted smile. "If we lose, at least we tried our best."

"Trying is only good if you win!" Tidus' eyebrows furrowed at Aqua.

"That's not true, Tidus." Zack agreed with the bluenette.

"It totally is," The sandy-blonde retorted. "I'd only be wasting my time here if we lose! We have to win. We always win."

"Winning ain't everything, y'know!" Rai told him.

"But it's the only thing that matters." Roxas murmured. He thought he had said it low enough for the others not to hear, but it seemed they did from the silence that fell upon the group once again.

"Way to bring us down again bruddah." Wakka sighed.

"He's right though," Seifer said. "On this field, losing means nothing. No one will remember your effort, they'll just remember your loss."

"Well I'm glad I'm not on that field then." Hayner grinned.

"You're still on the team, idiot!" Seifer said irritated.

Selphie wiped her tears from her face with the back of her hands. "Hayner," She said, a pouty frown on her face. "I want you to switch in for Wakka."

"What!?" The rest of the team yelled in unison.

"Why should we do that?!" Roxas asked the brunette.

"We're losing anyway," Selphie replied. "We might as well let him play for once!" She smiled.

The buzzer rang again, signaling the end of the break.

"Hmph!" Roxas grinned, the team walking back onto the field.

"That was terrifying!" Sora whined to his mom, tears from earlier sobs still in his eyes. Rinoa had come there from work about thirty minutes after Sora and Riku had arrived at the hospital.

The brunette was referring the way they numbed his leg and put in his ankle in place, as well as stitched closed the wound, all while he was awake. The numbing was the worst. He was absolutely terrified of needles.

"You're such a big baby, Sora!" She teased her son who was sitting in his hospital bed. They had decided to admit him for the night, not wanting to him to go out with his ankle so badly injured just yet.

Riku entered the room. "Oh! I didn't know Riku had come with you."

"Riku you should have been there with me," The brunette continued whining. "I was kept awake the entire time!"

The snow-head giggled. "Calm down, Sora," He said. "They fixed up your ankle, that's what matters."

"Sora's going to have to be on crutches for about eight weeks," Rinoa informed. "That's what Dr. Valentine said at least."

"What," The brunette exclaimed. "I'm going to be a cripple for two months?!"

"Don't use that word!" Rinoa pinched her son's cheek, him responding with a 'But it's true mom!'.

Riku sat down on the edge of Sora's bed before looking around. He hated hospitals. His first memory of them was the day he woke up after losing his memory. Sora jumped at the snow-head, wrapping his arm around the older teen's shoulders with a wide grin.

"Mom, I don't think you and Riku have formally met," The brunette said. "This is Riku Satoshi and he's my friend. Don't be fooled by his good looking appearance," Riku's expression became confused, wondering why Sora would say that, and then changed to a more irritated look. "He's actually mean and-"

"You can shut up now…!" The snow-head gritted through his teeth.


"Thank you for coming here with Sora, Riku." Rinoa said smiling.

"Rinoa Heartilly," Dr. Valentine stuck his head through the room door. "Will you come out here for a while? There are some things we need to have you fill out and check over with us about your son."

"Alright." Rinoa left the room with the doctor.

"Heartilly, his parents must be divorced," Riku thought. "I wish I could say the same for mine. Father is going to have a fit that I left the field once he hears about it, especially if the team loses because of it. And if he finds out about Sora and I…" He scrunched his uniform into his fists on his lap.

"What'cha thinking 'bout Riku?" Sora casually asked, leaning back on his hospital bed.

"The team," He lied. "I hope they're doing okay."

"Who was the one who said he had faith in them," Sora sarcastically asked. "Oh yeah, that was you!"

"Who's the one who always has to get hurt," The irritated Riku teased. "Oh yeah, it's you."

"Heyyy," Sora whined defensively, a frown on his face. "This is only the second time! It's not my fault people are out to get me!"

The snow-head turned to face Sora, before looking back down at his lap. "Now that blitzball season is over," He said. "I promise I won't let anyone hurt you ever again."

The brunette's eyes went wide as he blushed. "Don't say things like that," He snapped, earning a surprised look from the snow-head. "Things like that…a promise like that is impossible."

"Maybe you're right," Riku looked back down at his lap. "You do have two left feet after all."

The brunette open his mouth ready to retort, but stopped when he heard the door burst open with their team-mates pushing through, smiles on their faces.

"You guys," Riku got off the bed. "Did you win?!"

Selphie gave her signature grin.

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