Damian knelt in front of a new grave stone. The ice cold Gotham breeze, behind him. His eyes remained dry, free of bitter tears. Not shredding a single tear, now, or at the funeral. He sat back on his feet and closed his eyes. "You saved my life," He whispered. "You pushed me out of the way," he took a deep breath, "You took a bullet for me." He cleared his throat and opened his eyes. Still no tears, "I lost you…Haven't I?" he asked painfully. The icey wind blew through his jet black hair, as if it was answering his question. He put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a thin black tie. "You gave me this before you died." He gestered to the tie in his hand. "You tied it around my leg to stop the bleeding." He smiled, with saddness in his eyes. "I never said thanks…Thanks." He whispered. He closed his eyes again, clutching to the tie in his hand. He was praying quietly in his head, begging for a un-goodbye. "We were near the bat-cave , weren't we? You see I'm trying to remember it all." He trailed off, rolling his eyes to hold back tears. "I got shot! And you came to get me, without alerting anyone, because I told you not too. Then you, uh…" He choked cutting off the words in his throat. Blinking to stop the flood of tears burning behind his eyes. "Then you tied this around my leg," he held up the tie. "To stop the bleeding." He finshed smiling and softening his features. "Then you helped me get up to get me home," he punched the freshly dug up dirt in front of his knees. "And then the butt-head that shot me came back!" he clenched his teeth. "You pushed me out of the way of the bullet! Dang it!" he cursed. "And then you got shot! And killed! Not me! You!" he shouted. "They would've wanted it to be me instead of you!" he frowned. Damian bit his lip, and still held back the tears. "I hate you! For taking that stupid bullet for me!" he choked on his words. "Gosh it hurts." He complained under his breath. "Guess this is goodbye?" he muttered. He started to stand up but fell back on his feet again. "Curse you! Curse you!" he cryed. A gentle hand touched Damian's shoulder. "Lets go" The voice behind Damian said. "Yeah. Whatever." He stood up andwalked past the figue behind him. Then they were walking slowly back to the car together. "Wait!" he stopped in his tracks. "Dick?" he looked up at Dick's gentle, sad, eyes. "Give me a minute?" he said, and started walking back to the grave, without Dick's answer. He knelt in front of the grave, again. "We'll miss you Pennyworth." He murmured. "And thanks for saving my life!" He said with feeling. Damian would never forget that. He was in pain, and scarred. But it would lie in his memorie, as a precios treasure. Secretly and silently locked inside. Then he set the thin black blood stained tie down on the roses in front of the graves stone. He stood up and walked from the corpse buried deep in the dirt. And as the wind blew in dark clouds into Gotham, making it rain. Sadness crept over Damian and he took Dick's strong but gentle hand. And the tears he'd been holding back finally broke out of Damian's blue eyes. *THE END*