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Death Note- Amelia's Story

Chapter 5- Birthday Present

Author's POV

L was in his room when he heard a knock from outside his door. Figuring it could only be Wammy or Amelia he opened the door to see a girl with short straight blond hair and blue eyes standing there. He stared at her wondering how she knew this was his room. She then told him, as if she read his mind, that Amelia told her where his room was so that she could give him the box that was sat down next to her. She picked it up and handed it to him. When she left he closed his door and walked back over to his chair and sat in it before he started to open the box that he received. When he got it opened he looked inside to see a doll….of a panda. Picking it up something else caught his eye: A note.

Putting down the panda doll he picked up the note and unfolded it to read it. It read:

Dear L,

I know you were probably wondering why I didn't bring you your gift in person. Well, I couldn't because I'm not at Wammy's at the current moment and I won't be back until sometime in the next two weeks. Why? Well, Wammy apparently told this company that sponsors young musical prodigies (as I) about me so I had to go to Wales for this interview and it's going to take a while for them to get back to me so Wammy told me to stay there just in case, which is a very good chance according to Wammy, I do get signed. Wish me Luck!

P.S Wammy is here with me so you won't see him until next week then he'll come back to get me at the end of that week…..was that confusing?

Sincerely, Your Friend and Playmate


He put down the note only to see another note but this one was smaller than the other. It read:

Dear L,

Sorry about giving you two notes (If you've seen the other already) but I was in a hurry and wasn't thinking as straight as I normally would. Anyways, I wish you a very happy birthday (Wammy told me it was your birthday today) and I hope you have a great day.

P.S Do you like your panda doll? It reminded me a lot of you

Again Happy Birthday!


L put down that note and looked at the panda doll. He pondered no he wondered how it reminded her of him. He is nothing like a panda he thought. But that aside he has just come to the conclusion that he'll be alone for the next two weeks, excluding Wammy coming back, and oddly enough (Much to his chagrin) he can't figure out why he felt so….empty? He knows Amelia's his friend and that's a reason….but there's something else.

But what is it? He'll have to look further into it when she returns he thought.

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