Me: Can someone kidnap these people? PLEASE? Last night, when I walked into bed, Luigi was sleeping on the floor, Rosalina in the bed, Daisy in the closet, Toadette on the windowsill, and Wario sleepwalking all over the place.

Rosalina: It was your fault for giving us bad rooms!

Waluigi: I was good...?

Me: You were squirting whipped cream in Luigi's hands.

Luigi: Don't worry, fans! I didn't fall for it!

Me: He did, actually. But it was his foot, not his face.

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Daisy breathed in deeply. She was sick of this! All that stupid fuel from the kart was probably in her throat, because when she screamed for someone in the castle, they could hear her even twenty six floors apart.

Daisy realized he was probably ignoring her because...well, who knew? Guys are just like that.

So Daisy came up with a wicked plan. A wicked, evil plan. All she needed was a net, a camera, and some peanut butter.

Well, truthfully, Daisy didn't really have a plan when she got these items. But she knew she could use them.

So Daisy got to work, only she kept on running out of peanut butter. So after using up all sixty eight jars, she substituted pickle juice for it.

"Okay! I'm all ready now."

And Daisy smiled as she began.


"Nice, Daisy."

Daisy frowned. Something happened that was wrong! What happened!?

"And I thought you couldn't get any more pathetic."

Daisy shifted herself up slightly, so she had a better view of the person standing on top of her.

It was Rosalina.


Luigi bolted into the room, managing to get caught in the trap. Since she was under the ocean of peanut butter and pickle juice that filled the living room, he ran across the whole room, his momentum carrying him into the net that bounced him backward right next to Daisy. Daisy slyly began to move peanut butter over their heads, leaning forward to kiss him, when


Daisy had forgotten Rosalina had a firm foothold on top of her ocean of peanut butter and had begun to walk across it, right on her head.

"Ow!" Luigi was next.

"She is such a nincompoop," Daisy muttered, rubbing her head.


I just really wanted to include that scene. I know it was sort of weird, but I thought it would be...funny?



Luigi struggled against the grip of his captors. The five Koopa-Troopas had a death grip on him.

"Luigi! Help!"

It was Daisy.

Luigi craned his neck up and gasped.

Rosalina was cackling and stomping on Daisy's hands and feet as she lay on the floor, held down by Waluigi. Bowser flew over them in his Koopa Clown Car.

"DAISY! I'm here!" he called.

"Luigi! Please help me!"

Her hands and face were covered with blood and bruises, but beneath all of that was a pleading expression. She needed him. Her dress was tattered and ripped but she was still so beautiful.

"You idiot!" Rosalina laughed, kicking her temple. Daisy cried out helplessly.

Bowser's eyes turned red and he took a deep breath. Luigi gasped. That meant only one thing.

Fire breath.

He gave a mighty heave, but the Koopa Troopas did not let go. Rosalina kept on kicking Daisy while she cried out, and called Luigi's name. He needed to get to her before Bowser...


Bowser drew in the final gulp of air and spewed out the flames. They charred his beautiful girlfriend to ashes.


Bowser's cackles, Rosalina's giggles, and Waluigi's snorts all became echoing around him. Everything disappeared except for the darkness and Daisy. She was still dead, but not burned from fire. She was just beaten from head to toe.

Luigi rushed at her, cradling her head in his lap. He reached for her hand, now cold and pale. Her body, usually so alive, was still.

All he could feel were his quaking sobs. His desperate sobs. The tears running down his face.

"There, there," a soft voice comforted him.

Luigi opened his eyes and realized where he was. In his bed, in his green boxer shorts and white t-shirt with a green L in the middle. And Daisy, sitting on the bed next to him in her floor-length yellow nightgown with an orange flower in the middle.

"What's wrong, Weegee?" She cooed.

"A bad dream," he choked. He did his best to wipe the tears from his face. Daisy reached for a tissue and handed it to him.

"Don't feel embarrassed," she whispered. "I came to help you."

Luigi nodded and blew his nose. She crawled next to him and put her head on his shoulder.

"Sometimes I wonder."

He turned towards her, his heart beating quickly. She looked so beautiful, even with frizzy hair and no makeup. Her eyes dancing even through the darkness.

"What I'd do if I didn't have you." She kissed his forehead and sat up.

He followed suit. "That was what my dream was about, you know."


"Losing you."

Daisy blushed. It was obvious she was flattered.

"Rosalina stomped on you and Bowser blew fire at you." Luigi gulped in air. "It was awful."

She smiled faintly. "Don't worry, I'm here. And I'd never, ever, ever let that happen."

"I know." He paused before adding, "You're much too strong for that."

"And you are too."

They were quiet.

I love you, Luigi."

And she kissed him, gently, but full of love. It was quick; there was a bed under them and they really didn't want to start anything, but it was still wonderful, sending shocks of warmth and happiness through both of them.

"I love you, too."

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