"Mom!" The three children cried happily, fully expecting their mother to be there.

What they saw would haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Kagome, the youngest, was being eaten by the truth, until a final POP resounded, showing she was gone.

Al's body was gone too, and Ed's leg was missing.

"Al...Kagome...please, not them! Not them! I need them!"

Clapping his hands, he placed them on the ground once more.


With a final howl tearing out of him, he tried to bring them back.

He managed with Al, connecting his soul to armor, for his arm.

But he never knew what happened to Kagome.

And neither brother forgave themselves for it.

She was, after all, their little sister...

Kagome Higurashi was crying at the edge of the well's lid. Her mother-no, Kun-loon, she reminded herself bitterly, as the memories assulted her, had coldly told her that she was adopted. Of course, Kagome always suspected, what with her odd blonde streaks with her raven hair, but to hear it...her mother had also abandoned her to go to her time, one she origianally came from. She did, however, have to do an equivilant exchange. But she wasn't worried. She'd figure out something soon, when the gate asked her to.

Clapping her hands, and placing them around the well, met Truth once more.

"So..." Truth said in a frighteningly soft voice. "You've been through Hell and back, huh? I feel sorry for you, y'know. So I'll take you home and let you see what you desire... IN THE TRUTH!"

Kagome didn't scream when small, dark hands grabbed for her. She didn't scream when the giant, red, sad eye opened at her. It knew everything. It knew who she was, how she was treated for the majority of her life. It comforted her, the Shikkon Miko, and made her feel loved. Truth, knew almost all she loved was dead.

"Hello, child..." Truth whispered inside as it showed her everything on her journey back.

What happened to her brothers, how to do alchemy with out a transmutation circle...but most importantly, how to restore bodies back.

"What will you sacrifice for the Gate?" The voice said, a smile hidden in it.

Kagome held out a bauble, pure aura emmited through it as she looked at the Gate, determined.

"I offer the Shikkon Jewel in order to remember the neccessary, and only the neccessary, information, to help Ed and Al. And, to transport me to where they are. That is my price."

"Do you truly love your brothers? Hmmm...yes, you do...Very well, but be prepared, Kagome Elric. Do watch your landing..."

Kagome could only blink as air appeared beneath her feet, and she fell down, down, down...

Landing straight into the middle of a meeting with two familiar auras and a raven male's meeting.

"O-ow...Now, I have to- Hey! What in the Gate's name are you doing?" The gun pointed at her lowered a few inches, just to show a woman with blonde hair glaring at her.

"Who are you?" The blonde demanded, suspicious.

Kagome backed away slowly, hands up in surrender until she heard a voice similar...

"What, do we actually point guns at kids my age now?"

...To her brother's..

"Ed..." She whispered softly, in a heart broken tone.

"How do you know Fullmetal?" An authoritive voice rang out.

Roy noticed that the shrimp and Alphonse were oddly silent, eyes glued onto the figure. He..couldn't figure out why though. Noticing the brow furrowing in what could only be honest confusion, she said, "Wh-who's Fullmetal? I said Ed."

Alphonse trembled a bit, the metalic noise causing Kagome to turn.

"Ed? Al?" she whispered, looking at one as she said their name.

"Yeah, so? Wh-who're you?" Ed said. Kagome twitched, before running up to him and shaking him.

"You little bastard! Don't you recognize me, you-you-you little prick!"
"Kagome?" Al's voice said in bewilderment.

"What? Hey! Let go, crazy! Al, Kagome's-"
"Right here, stupid!" Her voice inturrupted him again, causing him to glare at her. His glare melted when he saw her eyes.

He remembered those...those two colored eyes.

Blue and Gold.


"It's...really you, isn't it, Kagome?" He stammered.

She collapsed in his arms, smiling.


Kagome Elric woke up with harsh, panting breaths, a horrible dream from the truth in her head.

But she couldn't remeber any of it-was it simply the Truth using her to rid of some of it's terror, some of it's loneliness?

"-gome...Kagome!" Her elder brother's voice rang out. "What, Al?" She groaned.

"I was-wait, how did you tell-?"

"Your aura."


"Why do you ask?" Kagome rubbed her eyes open, smiling at the sight of her oldest brother asleep in a chair.

"Well, because of what happened..." The boy said, gesturing to his temporary body.

Ed woke up, yawning. "How'd you come back?"

"Well, I had to go through the gate to get here."

"What?" The two shouted, "Are you okay?"

She waved dissmissivly, still grinning that Cheshire cat smile.
"I think I know how to fix you, Al. But I can only do it once...I'm...sorry, Ed.." Ed snorted, rolling his eyes. "Whatever! Now, how do you do it?"

"I-I don't know how to explain it...I'm..I'm a shrine priestess-shut up, Ed! I serve..'Truth'..and because of it, he's going to allow me to channel it's power through my hands. He promised me this if I gave up an important artifact."

Ed tugged her outside impatiently, grinning hopefully at Al, who was running in front of them a bit.

After reaching a clearing, Kagome went into a trancelike state, drawing a transmutation circle so complex that her two brothers looked at her, confused.

"Get in the center, Alphonse," She said quietly. He complied, and she clapped her hands, placing them in what seemed like slow motion.

Suddenly, Kagome came back, screaming in pain. Ed clapped, adding his alchemy to the project.

A white burst of light, and Al, in the flesh, appeared once more.

"Ed! Alphonse!" Two voices yelled as all three fainted.

Roy and Riza came up to them, slightly panting. Riza noticed the transmutation circle immediantly, and the figure lying in the middle of it. "Sir...is that Alphonse?"

"Get them to the emergency ward immediantly!"



That was the sound of her elder brother's heart monitor. Kagome listened to it, panicking when it started going haywire. "No...NO!" She screamed, looking at him. He was pale.

"The Gate.." She thought viciously, clapping her hands once more. "The Gate..."

Kagome was back at the Gate, facing Truth. She walked up to him angrily.

"Why the Hell isn't Alphonse healthy?" The young ravenette whispered angrily.

The Truth frowned. "He's not? He should be..." Backing away from her, the Truth put his hands up in surrender. "Hey, look. There's nothing I can do without another sacrifice..." "My arm," She said quietly. "What?" "My arm! Take it, but restore Alphonse Elric back to full health!" Kagome insisted, forcing her face to be calm. But she was terrified. To lose a limb? But..Al was worth it. Her brothers were worth it.


Roy was talking with a nurse, walking to Al's room. Upon opening the door, he met a gruesome sight. The young girl, Kagome Elric, lay bleeding on the floor, while her elder brother stood over her, worried and trying to stop the blood. Looking up, he connected eyes with the Colonel.

"Colonel, please, I-I had a dream, and K-Kagome sacrificed her a-arm for my h-health. Her arm, Colonel! She's just a year younger than me and-" He kept babbling as the nurse called the doctors.

"Shh. Al, where's Ed?" Roy asked, patting the young alchemist's head.

"I-I don't know...Where is Ed?"

"Why're you looking for me so (yawn) early?" Said boy called calmly.

"It's Kagome..." Al trailed off, hiccuping.

Ed instantly snapped to attention. "What happened to her? Why're you crying, Al?"