"Winry, are you done yet?" The female Elric whined, her face sweaty but her pride not allowing the pain to be expressed. Yet. "Seriously, you'd think you-YEEEOUCH!" Kagome yelped in pain as the final screw was place into the port.


Nerves hurt!

Wiinry sighed, looking crestfallen. "I s'pose you're going with your brothers?" She mumbled.

"Yep. But don't worry, Win, I'll make sure Ed writes you and calls you more, 'kay?" Kagome promised, acting overly-cheerful for someone who was intense pain. "Just..."

"What?" Winry asked, confused.

Kagome pointed to the table besid her bed, where countless bolts, screws, and tools laid. Among those items, there was a tiny pill bottle. "Can...I have a pill?"

"Agh! Kagome, you should have reminded me!" Winry cried, jumping up to reach them, before handing the small girl a glass of water.

After downing the water, she winced, that medicine was nasty.


"It wasn't that bad, you big baby," Winry scolded, rolling her eyes.

Suddenly, it grew silent, and Winry's face softened. "We missed you. Ed...Ed was broken up about it."

Kagome sighed, "I know."

"He wrote to you," Winry said suddenly, digging into her bag.

"He what? Why?"

"He missed you." The blonde shoved a box into her lap, the small, rusty lock still in place. "I saw him bury this when he left. The only thing he didn't burn down."

"Burn down?"

"He burnt down your old house."

Kagome held the small lock in her metal hand, before twisting it.

Winry stood up, stretching. "I'll give you some privacy. Ed promised to buy me some new tools."

When she left, Kagome's trembling hands picked up the earliest dated letter.

Where are you? Where did you go, Kagome?

We miss you.

Plip. Another envelope.

Kagome, please, try and find us. We're having no luck. Please, little sister. We love you.

The messy, almost ineligble, chicken scratch that plagued the Elrics was spotted with a few tears.

Please? I can't eat without you anymore.


Kagome, Al's worried. He's starting to remember more about you, though. It would probably help if...you were here.

Plip, plop, plip.

I'm sorry, okay? I love you, I'm sorry I never really told you and Al that alot but I thought you would realize that and now I really regret it because you're dead and it's all my fault I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry! Winry and Granny miss you lots too and my arm hurts a lot and Al is always sad and it's all of my fault but I can't bring you back because it'll hurt Al if I leave and I'm selfish...

The rest of the letter was torn off, as if in anger. Kagome leaned her head back and sobbed quietly, the tears making tracks down her face in rapid progression.

"I'm sorry," She whispered into the empty room. "I'm so, so, sorry."

"Winry, do you need these things?"

"Yes, to fix your dang arm everytime you bust it!"

"I've limited it to like, once a month!"


Edward felt a raindrop hit his cheek.

"Look at that," Alphonse said quietly. "The sky's crying."