Merry men did gather there

Within the Prancing Pony's lair.

Song and drink were plentiful;

Seldom were the times there dull.

Weary walkers in Bree did stay

There at the Inn where footsteps sway.

Travelers welcome though beware

For it was most unwise to linger there

Where walls did listen without ear

To loosened tongues which held no fear.

They sat and drank all in cheer,

Recounting tales from yester-years.

A Halfling they say had once stayed

There at the Inn where footsteps swayed.

Underhill and underfoot to most

Though was ever thankful to his host.

He sat by as his companions cheered

And said his name for all to hear.

Frightened, hurried, he ran their way;

Slipping, stumbling, down to lay.

Two did fall, one not man.

Two did fall, not one did land.

The Ring had cloaked his clumsy spill

And so did vanish Underhill.

A silent man watched those fogged with drink

As they slowly turned from the startling feat.

He slunk away into the gloom.

Slipping into his counseling room

Cautioning them to be more wary.

So began the journey there of

The silent man, the crownless king,

And the Halfling that did bear the Ring.