Title: You Can't Run Forever, But You Can Try
Rating: Teen(for Jack and Ianto, well, together)
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Jack/Ianto, Gwen, Rhys, Rex, Esther, Oswald, the rest of the Miracle Day crew
Summary: Ianto is given a second chance, unfortunately all is not what it seems. He finds Jack, and they joyfully reunite, but will this reunion be short-lived, or something that will last forever?
Warning(s): Slash(obviously), Spoilers for Children of Earth, House of the Dead and Miracle Day
Author's Notes: This is basically my fix-it of Miracle Day. I didn't want to completely disregard Children of Earth, so I didn't. Instead I found a new way to bring Ianto back, inserting a bit of my own made up sci-fi.

Chapter 1: All Good Deeds Are Rewarded

The last thing that Ianto saw was Jack's tearstained face, then blackness. And that was all that there was, the blackness. A soul-sucking, infinite blackness that crushed life, and that was where Ianto was stuck. Ianto clenched his fists. Here he was, stuck in the blackness until he died, which was going to be never. What a party. A single tear escaped his eye as he thought of Jack and all that he had lost. He brought up a sleeve quickly to wipe away the tear, which was silly, considering that there was nobody else here. Well, except Serith. Oh, Ianto hoped to God that Serith wouldn't be able to find him in here. He didn't even want to think about the things she was going to do to him if he was found. But, with any luck, she couldn't see a single thing in here either.

As these thoughts crossed Ianto's mind, he felt a sudden presence in his mind.

Ianto, a deep, melodic said simply. Ianto Jones.

Yes, this is I, Ianto addressed the voice in his head. Who are you?

My name is of no importance, replied the voice.

Yes, Ianto said. But if we are going to be talking to each other, I really think we should be on a first name basis. If that would be alright.

You may refer to me as the Protector. This is the closest I have to a name.

Ianto nodded. If that was the closest thing to a name, well, it was better than 'the voice'

What exactly do you protect? asked Ianto.

Once again, the Protector sighed. You humans and your petty questions. Since you ask I shall answer. I protect the beings here, in the void. The ones that mean no harm. Your universe, particularly one certain timelord, has decided that this void, my void, is a perfect site for all the foul creatures of the universe. What they, your doctor and others, fail to realize is that this 'emptiness' was in fact created with some forms of life, some innocent forms. They lived here in peace, striving to get through life, but when the pestilent ones came, they destroyed them. And so I took the role of the protector. I hide these beings that live in my void and I protect them from the evils of your universe.

Ianto's heart quickened. He clearly was on very thin ice here. He was a being from the other universe, and evil or not he could be considered responsible for some of the monsters sent into here, including seriath.

Don't worry little human, the Protector sounded like he was laughing. You are not in any danger. You have committed no crime except dying for the cause you love. You fought bravely, twice, and I will not punish you for transgressions committed by others of your universe in here. Many of the dangerous even originated here.

Really? Ianto thought, puzzled.

Oh, yes, replied the voice. Some time ago I sent a rather nasty race of creatures to your universe. They were altering this reality quite terribly and it was badly damaged. This darkness is the best that I could get it. I believe that your people called these creatures faeries?

You sent the faeries to our world? Ianto was outraged. They take innocent children from us, warp the very fabric of time!

Hush little one, the protector spoke warningly. I did what was best, just like what your doctor did with your cybermen and daleks. They caused much damage here, but not as much as they could have back in your universe. Likewise goes with the faeries. Our spacial fabric is much more delicate than yours. Their alterations could have proved fatal to every last being living in this place.

What about Seriath? Ianto asked, slightly calmed down by the Protector's explanation.

Ah, Seriath, the Protector sighed. She was one of my first. My closest. We were even, as you might call it, "friends". Then she wanted to enter your universe and make it ours. I refused, naturally, and she turned on me. I was nearly killed, but managed to subdue her just in time. I had her restrained, in a place between the void and outside universe. She could have easily broken free within these boundaries, but the nearer to the limits we were, the weaker we all were, and so I was able to secure her. That is part of the reason the faeries need your children. The original faeries did not have as extensive power when they were first forced into your universe, and the children became hybrids, with the potential of a full faery, but able to access these powers on earth.

So, there's a whole world in here, thought Ianto. Fascinating.

I assume many would say so, replied the Protector. But, Ianto Jones, we are not here to discuss my universe, nor yours. We are here to discuss your soul, your essence.

What about it? asked Ianto.

It cannot stay here forever. the Protector spoke bluntly.

Why not? asked Ianto, curious.

It is pure, untouched by this blackness. It radiates around to any predator being within this void.

Oh, should I be hiding then? Ianto was worried. He certainly didn't want his soul to be eaten.

I am shielding you with darkness Ianto Jones, do not fear. But I cannot do this forever. There may yet be another creature I have to protect and I will leave you Ianto Jones.

What can I do? asked Ianto.

You shall do nothing, responded the voice. I will try to send you back to earth, but I will not return you to your body.

Why not? asked Ianto.

Your actual body. Your lifeless, soulless body, is stored in a cryogenic chamber somewhere in Wales, on Earth. Should I send your soul back there, you would have life for a few short minutes before dying of shock, lack of air or the chill. No, you must enter earth through another body and find your own body through there.

I don't want to possess somebody! exclaimed Ianto.

Do not fear, replied the Protector. I have experience with this. I send my own into your universe constantly, and just like the faeries, they need humans to stay strong. I have them use human hosts whose bodies are still living, however their souls have left. I believe that the term is brain-dead.

Wait, so you actually have people-beings-from the void using human hosts and acting as what? Scouts?

It is true. I need to know what is occurring in your universe to adapt my own.

Ianto sighed. He honestly could not wrap his head around some of the things the Protector was saying.

So when will you be sending me back? asked Ianto.

Around the time that Jack returns to earth, replied the Protector.

Jack left earth? exclaimed Ianto. When?

Shortly after the encounter with you in the House of the Dead. He returns approximately a year later. That is when I will be sending you.

So you can bend time as well? asked Ianto, who still could not wrap his head around the fact that Jack had left Earth.

Of course I can, the Protector sounded as though he had scoffed. If those faeries can jump throughout time, what could a year be to me?

Naturally, Ianto conceded. So shall we get on with it?

Yes, of course, just as soon as Lyma arrives, the Protector confirmed.

Lyma? asked Ianto.

Oh, yes, one of my "scouts." She has been in the void for quite a long time now and jumped at the opportunity to go to earth. It was, by far, her favorite planet in any solar system. Ahh, she is here.

I don't hear anything, thought Ianto.

Only the more powerful beings of the void have the ability to make themselves known to outsiders while in the void. Do not worry, she will be able to trace you once both of you have found suitable hosts. Now, we shall go!

Wait, Ianto said suddenly. Why? Why do this for me? I'm not part of your universe. You could just let me be destroyed. Why waste your own time to help save me, to give me another chance?

Ianto Jones, I know what you did. I know that you died twice protecting the planet that you love, and that both times you left the one you loved behind. This is something you deserve. I give you this as a gift, as a reward for your deeds. Do not waste it.

Ianto felt a sudden tugging, and he was soon flying, or so he felt like he was, through the darkness. That darkness instantly turned to light as he sped, faster than he had ever gone before. Sheer terror and exhilaration filled him as he couldn't move. Suddenly, he was once again plunged into the blackest darkness and then Ianto Jones opened his eyes.

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