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For the first time ever, Sora had watched the sunrise.

He didn't understand exactly how though, because he felt as if the entire time he was asleep. Maybe he simply had dreamed up the whole sunrise? He wasn't sure, all he knew is that what he saw was beautiful. The sun seeped past the curtains and illuminated the entire room with hues of yellow and red and orange, permeating any aspect that night once existed.

The fresh scent of morning mixed with the heavy scent of okonomiyaki filled his tired senses and slowly Sora's blue eyes revealed their selves, saying goodbye to sleep. The first thing he saw was Miharu sleeping beside him and breathing softly. It wasn't the cold basement he knew as his room or the cold cruel house around him he called home; it was Miharu and only Miharu. It had been made clear the day before that he was now safe, and in the midst of the night it was repeated, over and over, though neither could remember; the two had been too lost in ecstasy to remember.

'Miharu…' The younger boy's name was repeated in his head over and over, like a broken record. It was music to Sora's ears, it had his heart pounding, his blood racing, and yet he felt so calm. He felt like his whole body was numb and heavy, yet light as a feather at the same time. He wasn't even sure how to explain how he felt to himself even; it was confusing, but all he knew was Miharu, that's all that mattered to him.

His stared seemed trained to Miharu's face, watching him sleep with comfort, forever trapped in a blissful dream. This dream made Miharu shift slightly, his hand clutching the blanket under him while the other fell to rest by his side. His head tilted more to Sora's direction with his lips parting slightly, letting the trapped air from his lungs free.

'He knows...' Sora thought, feeling Miharu's hot breath fan against his cheek. 'He knows everything...' Sora sat up with weak muscles, cringing to the pain to the still healing wound in his arm. Once finally up, he looked around Miharu's bedroom, and then down into his lap.

It had only registered to him now what happened, everything that happened had seemed like a dream, his father, the abuse, Miharu... But no more. It was all reality, and another part of reality that had Sora blushing was his exposure; all he had was the blanket covering his legs.

Sora lifted the blanket up to his chest with his good arm as his face turned red with embarrassment. He searched the bed through the blankets for his clothes, but when he figured they weren't there, he leaned over the side of the bed to see his bloody, tattered shirt sprawled along the floor. He reached his bad arm out, trying to grab it, but there was only such a distance he could go before fully lying on Miharu's legs, and he didn't want to wake the boy. However, it was already too late. The sudden shifting had stirred him awake, and for a moment his green eyes opened and gazed blankly at his wall.

He felt more shifting and lifted his head to look at what had awoken him from his lovely dream. He saw Sora with the blanket pulled up to his chest, his back still exposed to the air around them. Miharu could see very visible scars all along his body, and after he recalled all that happened a days before, he felt sick to see them, but happy just to see Sora there and alive.

"... Sora…?" Miharu asked, sitting up on his elbows. Sora jumped; he was surprised so suddenly that when he looked to Miharu he fell over the side of the bed and hit the floor. Miharu sat up quickly to look over the side of his bed and watch Sora sit up quickly, grabbing his shirt to cover his chest while his bare legs bent in to cover his lower half. "A-Are you okay?" Miharu asked with confusion.

"Y-Yeah, I'm fine," Sora said while he avoided eye contact with Miharu, and instead of looking at him he looked around the floor for his clothes. Miharu chuckled as Sora held the worn shirt to his chest while Miharu ran his fingers through his bangs, trying to clear his blocked vision. He watched Sora with a humorous giggle before reaching down to grab at Sora's undergarments and hold them up to dangle them in the older boy's face.

"Are these what you were looking for?" Miharu asked. Sora blinked and snatched them away from Miharu, his embarrassment controlling his every move. His cheeks became even more red from embarrassment while he averted his gaze.

"S-Sorry, I'm sorry." Sora apologized. Miharu sighed as he pulled the blankets from over his are legs and joined Sora on the floor. He let his thin fingers touch Sora's heated cheeks and gently held onto him as he placed a kiss on his forehead. He lingered for a moment longer, staring into those big, blue eyes he cared so much for before kissing his lips silently.

"Don't apologize," He murmured against Sora's lips. "You've done nothing wrong." He continued. Sora swallowed down a heavy lump in his throat and nodded his head, trying to be compliant, but Miharu could see everything about him. He was like a mind reader, and Sora's mind was an open book.

"Hey," Sora looked up with timid eyes.

"Yes?" He asked.

"Why don't you get dressed? I'll cook you some breakfast and for today we can just relax." Miharu suggested. At this point, it sounded like the best idea he had ever heard of; food itself sounded even better. He was so hungry at this point he felt he could eat anything.

"Okay," He agreed whole heartily. Miharu chuckled and grabbed his shirt that was hanging off of the side of his chair and quickly tossed it on.

"Then take your time." Miharu said as he went about putting on the rest of his clothing. Sora nodded his head as he looked down to his shirt, looking at the dried blood covering the front of it. Against the back of his head, he felt a nudge; he turned around to see Miharu extending his arm out, and at the end of his arm was a clean shirt. "This should fit you." Miharu said. Sora took the shirt willingly and looked over it.

It wasn't anything special, a simple tan turtle neck, but Sora felt it to be the best thing he had ever received. He had never been given a gift at all, and even though it was temporarily his, still, it made him feel so grateful.

"I'll meet you downstairs." Miharu said. Sora looked up to see Miharu waving at him through the door. It surprised him how fast Miharu was at getting dressed. Miharu shut the door behind him and thought about what he should make for Sora as he headed downstairs. He didn't know what Sora liked to eat, and as he thought about it, he didn't know much at all about Sora, but he knew they were alike in ways no one could understand. They were the same, but Miharu wasn't sure why just yet.

Miharu continued to think hard about this as he walked down to the restaurant and entered the kitchen. He was so lost in thought that he didn't notice his mother and grandmother sitting at a table nearby, smiling towards him while sipping cups of morning tea or the costumers in the restaurant.

"Morning Miharu," Asahi said with the mug to her lips. Miharu seemed to wake up from his thoughts and looked over to his family, his mind still dazed with the thoughts about Sora.

"Oh, hi," Miharu said, slightly taken aback by the faces on his kin.

"Did you sleep well?" Miharu's grandmother asked.

"Uhm, yeah I did." Miharu said, slightly disturbed by the atmosphere his family was giving him.

"And Sora...? How is he dear?" His grandmother asked.

"He's fine," Miharu said as he grabbed at the necessary things he'd need to make breakfast.

"How did he sleep?" Asahi asked as she joined her son at the counter he was setting stuff on.

"Well, I guess." Miharu mumbled. He was uncomfortable with the atmosphere in the room, and he wondered maybe there was something on him or he looked weird, but then he wondered why he would care about that. As he began mixing batter for some okonomiyaki, Asahi began running a finger through some of his hair, curling it up and letting it uncurl while she hummed to herself contently. "Mom, don't do that," Miharu whined as tried placing his hair back in its original place.

"Oh sorry, I'm just making my little boy look nice for his boyfriend." Asahi chimed while ruffling her son's hair. Miharu froze from her statement as his cheeks heated up.

"W-What…?" Miharu asked while looking up from his batter.

"These walls aren't that thick, Miharu." Asahi tapped her boy on the nose and sipped at the cup of tea she still had with her. "It's a good thing we were closed yesterday or the whole restaurant would have heard." She added with a playful laugh and soon joined her mother back at the table. Miharu seemed to be frozen with embarrassment from what she had said, not even moving to leave the room.

He was so petrified by his mother's words that he didn't notice Sora walk into the restaurant to find Miharu. When he saw him, there was a small smile printed on his face with a light hue of pink to his normally pale cheeks. He was completely unaware of the full restaurant or Miharu's family going about their usual day.

"Well good morning, Sora." Miharu's grandmother said brightly. "How did you sleep dear?" She asked. Sora looked over and lost the smile when he felt the awkwardness come over him.

"Oh, f-fine, thank you..." He mumbled while looking at the ground. He left the door he had been standing at and went to Miharu's side, finding more comfort to be with him then alone, but when he saw frozen Miharu, he was left with confusion. He looked the boy in the face, waved his hand near his eyes, but the young boy didn't even blink. He looked over to his family for answers, but all his grandmother did was shrug while his mother shook her head.

"He's acting so funny today." Asahi said and chugged the last of her tea. She left her place at the table to place her cup in the sink, and as she did, it seemed Miharu chose the time to finally snap out of it. He looked over to his mother and then to Sora. When their eyes connected, Sora still being extremely confused, Miharu let out of loud yelp of surprise before falling backwards, the okonomiyaki batter going down with him and drenching him.

"M-Miharu...!" Sora bent down to his friend who was now covered in batter and placed his hand on his shoulder. Miharu groaned with displeasure as he sat up from the ground and shook his head, making the batter fly off of the strands of his hair and all over.

"Sorry..." He whimpered.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Asahi asked and went to the other side of the counter.

"Y-Yeah, I'm okay." Miharu said as he rubbed his head with his sticky hand. Asahi hummed and patted her boy's cheek before getting up to assure the costumers he was okay. Sora held out his hand for Miharu to use and Miharu took it willingly. He blushed lightly and smiled as Sora helped him up off of the ground.

"Better...?" Sora asked. Miharu nodded his head and looked down at his form, noticing the sticky batter covering his apron, shirt, shoulder's and head. What had been the point of putting on clean clothes this morning if this was going to happen?

"Will you take a shower?" Asahi asked her son.

"I guess I have to." Miharu answered while slipping the apron off over his head.

"We'll take care of things from here." Miharu's grandmother announced to him as she picked up the bowl he had dropped up off of the floor. She then grabbed the whisk and placed it on the counter to grab some paper towels and clean up the mess.

"Okay," Miharu said and began leaving with Sora close by him, their hands lacing together. "Thanks grandma." He said as he left the restaurant portion of their home. Sora followed closely behind as Miharu led him to the bathroom, his hand never leaving Miharu's. Miharu then pulled him and his self into the bathroom and closed the door behind him before letting out a heavy, heavy sigh.

"What's happened back there?" Sora asked.

"My uh... My mom told a really... Bad joke." Miharu said with a little, nervous laugh.

"A joke...?" Sora asked, puzzled. He wasn't sure if what Miharu had said had been some sort of code or not. He was prepared to corner that comment, but he was silenced as Miharu pressed his lips to Sora's. Sora quickly ignored what he was going to say and left his comment hanging to keep the kiss lingering, but before he could kiss back, Miharu pulled away slowly and smiled weakly. "What was that for?" Sora asked, slightly breathless.

"… I don't know…" Miharu murmured against his lips. The young boy then rested his head against Sora's shoulder and sighed, forgetting that he was still dirty with batter and unaware that he was getting it on his friend. Sora wrapped his arms loosely around Miharu's thin waist, waiting for something more from him, but when nothing came, he decided to talk.

"Miharu…" He began. "… What now…?" He asked. There it was, the question that they were both waiting for the other to ask. The truth had been that neither knew what to do from here. Sora was safe; he was with Miharu, so now what? What could possibly happen now?

Neither knew an answer. Within one week, Miharu found someone who could pull him from under the depths of his apathetic stat. He found someone he would consider his friend and more. Within a week, he became someone different, even his mother and grandmother noticed a difference in him.

Within one week, Sora was pulled away from a chaotic hell. He was pulled away from abuse by his father and brought into safe arms. Those arms were softly wrapped around his waist and comforting him, soothing the questions in his head and telling him it was all okay now. Though Miharu too didn't have an answer, if they were together, they were going to be okay.

"I guess… I don't know…" Miharu answered into his friend's neck.

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