Papa Don't Preach

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Summary:It's seventh year for Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley. The modern day, not so doomed, Romeo and Juliet find out they might be doomed after all. When one night goes to far they find themselves in a LOT of trouble. With the help of their best friends Lily and Albus Potter, they try and figure out how the hell they are going to conquer the road to a teenage pregnancy.

Chapter One

Papa I know you're going to be upset
'Cause I was always your little girl
But you should know by now
I'm not a baby

"Rose?" sighed Lily Luna Potter. She anxiously rapped on the wooden door to the cubicle in the sixth floor girls bathroom. There wasn't a response. "Rose! Are you alright? Bloody answer me!"

This time there was a response, the toilet flushing. Lily heard a small shuffle and the door opened, revealing a pale and sickly Rose Weasley. She stalked past her best friend and turned on the faucet. Lily frowned as Rose rinsed her mouth at least a dozen times.

"I can't get the fucking taste of vomit out." snarled Rose, aggravatingly kicking the sink. Lily's mouth formed an 'O'. Rose was, usually, not a violent person.

"Well why did you vomit in the first place?" asked Lily. She ran a hand through her shaggy bright orange locks. Her green eyes were shifty. Suddenly Rose slumped to the floor. Her brown eyes pooled with tears as she wrapped her arms around her long, skinny legs.

"Oh my god." rasped Rose, through her tears. Quickly the crying escalated into sobbing. Lily rushed over to her best friend.

"Rosie, what's wrong?" snapped Lily, her frustration growing. Rose just continued to sob. The redhead looked like a little kid as she rubbed her eyes with her fists.

"We weren't careful." wailed Rose. Her cries slowed into hiccups.

"We? Who's we?" whispered Lily, although she already had a damn good idea on what got Rose so upset. It was the only logical explanation.

"I've been vomiting every morning for two weeks." revealed Rose. Her voice was raspy and soft. Lily sank down beside her.

"Rose..." stammered Lily. Obviously Rose did not have a bug.

"I'm not positive." sighed Rose, her mood turning serious. Lily stared fiercely at the cubicles. How could she not be positively sure!

"You have to figure it out, like now." replied Lily grimly. Rose shook her head.

"No. I can''s just not possible." denied Rose. She stood up and washed her hands. Lily stayed seated on the floor.

"You can't ignore it." snapped Lily, anger flaring up again.

"Ignore what?" replied Rose. She dried her hand, lifted up her bag and strode out of the room.

"That you might be pregnant." sighed Lily, even though her best friend had already fled.

Rose Victoria Weasley scurried through the drafty hallways of her longtime home away from home. It was half past six in the evening, meaning everyone was at dinner or retired somewhere else. Being as it was a Thursday, not many students were in the corridors. All the better for Rose, a girl on a mission. She quickened her already swift pace as she rounded the corner.

"Posie!" gasped a deep voice. Internally Rose groaned.

"Hullo Uncle Harry." greeted Rose, her smile fake and forced.

A man, about six foot, with disheveled black hair, familiar bright green eyes, and equally familiar round glasses smiled. Harry Potter turned away from the Headmistress and hugged his niece.

"What brings you to the castle?" inquired Rose, hoping her own parents had not accompanied him. Apparently luck was not on her side today.

"Hello sweetie!" cooed a chipper voice. Rose spun on her heel to see Hermione and Ron Weasley smiling at her.

"Hello Mum, Dad." greeted Rose, with the same enthusiasm as with her favorite uncle. She hastily checked her watch. It was now quarter til seven, meaning she had little over an hour until rounds and less than an hour to complete her mission.

"I was just telling your Uncle how well you are doing as Head Girl." praised Professor McGonagall. Guilt spilt onto Rose like honey; thick and sickly.

"Oh thank you! Now, I hate to be so rude but there is somewhere I must be..." hinted Rose.

"late night rendezvous?" smirked Hermione.

"It better not be young lady!" scolded Ron. Rose rolled her eyes.

"Good bye dad." snapped Rose, irritated with her fathers incessant hatred of her boyfriend.

"Write to us dear! We'll see you at Christmas." said Hermione, hugging her eldest daughter goodbye. Rose smiled and politely walked away, once she hit the corner she bolted. Rose stopped, gasping for air, just outside the castle.

"Psst." hissed a nearby voice. Rose jumped. Walking out from the shadows was Lily.

"Lil! You scared the shit out of me!" snapped Rose. She continued walking, as Lily jogged over to her.

"I'm making sure you do it." explained Lily to an unsaid question. Rose stiffened.

"Do what exactly?" asked Rose, her voice had a glacial tone.

"Buy the pregnancy test." said Lily simply. Rose gasped and covered her friends mouth.

"Do you have to be so fucking loud?"

"Do you have to be so fucking quiet?" countered Lily. Rose shook her head as she continued towards the forbidden forest.

"Where we going anyway?" asked Lily conversationally.

"Outside the boundry lines. Where I can apprate." revealed Rose. She stopped and turned to Lily. An owl hooted, scaring them both. "Grab my hand."

Lily did as told. Rose spun on her heel and with a sharp crack they were gone.

Rose walked, brown paper bag in hand, into her shared Heads bathroom. Peeking outside of the door, she took notice that the coast was clear. Lily had agreed to leave Rose alone, as long as she was told immediately following.

"You can do this." chanted Rose. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her red hair was pretty and straight; her brown eyes were bright and alive. Somehow that was all about to change.


"Oh my fucking god." cursed Rose. She took a deep, almost calming breath. "Alright. One...two...three."

On the count, she picked up the plastic stick. However, the answer was on the back side. Rose flipped it over, her impatience getting the best of her. She carefully examined the find. Her heartbeat sped up tenfold. The walls slowly began to close in, just as tears prickled her eyes. A whooshing sound drowned out all others except:

"Rose?" called the voice of her boyfriend of two years Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.


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