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Chapter Fourteen

Twelve Weeks Later

"Rose, Rose come on." A booming voice said. Rose Weasley sat inside a small room, staring out the window. The door was locked, and a light breeze filtered in through the window. It was June, and the country side was gorgeous. The smell of apples and flowers perfumed the air, making the young witch smile. A small hang rested on her balloon belly. Her twins kicked in reply to the loving hand.

"Posie, come on out." Harry Potter begged from the other side of the door.

It was Rose's wedding day. A day that was supposed to happy and joyful and...perfect. Everything was, it was true. Her dress was an empire waist with a lace overlay and a jeweled waistline. She was in love with it, along with her veil. She even got to wear her Auntie Muriel's tiara. When the old woman died, she said that the first Weasley woman to marry would decide who the tiara was passed to. Vic hadn't married yet, so it fell on Rose's shoulders.

Rose let out a long sigh. She stood up, unsteady in her heels. She opened her door, revealing her father, her uncles, and her future father-in-law. She raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow.

"Can I help you?" She asked, her voice like wind chimes. The men in her life jumped back.

"I-you weren't coming out." Ron muttered.

"I was thinking. A bride is allowed to do that on her wedding day. Mom told me it's perfectly normal." Rose said calmly. She lifted up her dress and walked past them. Her mother was sitting in a different room, tending to Lily's hair.

"We almost ready?" She asked, letting out a long sigh.

"Yes, Lily's all ready to go." Hermione said, smiling. She looked timeless and had a happy glow surrounding her.

"I'm so proud of you." She whispered, kissing the crown of her daughter's head.

Hermione quickly went and took her seat with Harry. Rose had chosen four bridesmaids: Lily, Vic, Dom, and Anna Nott. They paired with their partners and began to walked down the aisle. Rose hooked her arm with Ron's, and tried not to pass out. Thoughts of running, thoughts of becoming a runaway bride flashed in her mind. However, she pushed the negative thoughts away as the doors opened.

Everyone got to their feet as the beautiful, blushing, pregnant bride made her first walk down the aisle. Rose's eyes locked with Scorpius, who stood next to Danny Zabini. He was smiling so wide it looked painful. Tears infiltrated Rose's eyes as she tried to remain calm.

"Who gives this lovely bride away?" The wizard official asked.

"I do." Ron said, smiling. He lifted Rose's veil and kissed her cheek. Rose stepped up and accepted Scorpius' hand.

She listened to the wizard, but there was something nagging. A tiny, pain in her lower abdomen. Every three minutes, it appeared. It wasn't unbearable, but it was very painful. She bit her lip, trying not to cry out.

"In sickness and in-"

"Rosie, are you okay?" asked Scorpius. The minister stopped and focused on the bride. She smiled nervously.

"I'm fi-oww!" A particularly painful contraction ripped through her lower abdomen. Suddenly, there was a trickle...then a gush. Rose looked up, her eyes widened with fright.

"It's too early." She rasped. "They're only thirty seven weeks!"

Scorpius quickly grasped her hand and supported her back. Rose squeezed her eyes shut and tried to not scream. Hermione and Ron were by her side quickly. The guests were watching, intent to see what would happen.

"Rose, we need to get you to St. Mungo's!" Scorpius ordered. Rose shook her head quickly.

"No, I will get married before I have these babies. Sir, please finish. Maybe speed it up." Rose said fiercely. Scorpius was wary.

"Rose, how far apart are your contractions?" Hermione asked in a motherly tone.

"About, argh, six minutes." Rose mumbled.

Hermione nodded. "You have time to finish, I suppose. But, Rosie, I don't recommend it."

"I will get married." Rose repeated. She crossed her arms.

"Mom, Dad, sit down please. Sir, go on."

Scorpius shook his head, but allowed his love to get what she wanted. The wizard said a few more words, then:

"Repeat after me, I take you to be my wife," Scorpius repeated it verbatim. "forever and always, til death do we part."

It was Rose's turn. She said what she was going to say and smiled while doing it. The couple touched the tip of their wands, then the wizard did the same. A shower of gold stars and sparks lit up the sky. A warm tingle shot through their body; they were connected infinitely.

* * *
"Bloody hell this hurts!" Rose screamed. It was two hours later, Rose was laying in a hospital bed. Her contractions were thirty seconds apart and extremely painful. Rose had always prided herself in being a very tolerant person especially when it came to pain, but nothing prepared her for child birth.

"You're almost ready to push, Rose." Hermione soothed, pushing her daughters sweaty hair from her forehead. Scorpius was watching with Lily, both looking deathly scared. Scorpius couldn't believe that in a matter of an hour, he would be a dad. Lily would be a godmother, along with Albus. It was frightening to say the least.

"Get-the-doctor." Rose growled as another contraction seared her body. She gripped Hermione's hand so tight it could have been broken. Hermione remained calm as she tired to soothe.

"Come on, Malfoy. Let's get go get Healer Lowell." Lily tugged on Scorpius's hang. A minute or so later, the young woman entered the room. She pulled on her gloves and moved the mask over her mouth.

"Alright Rose, you're about fully dilated. On your next contraction we are going to go ahead and push, are you ready?" She asked.

"No, but I have to get ready." Rose said, trying to smile.

"Alright, another contraction." Lowell said as Rose contorted in pain.

"On three, Mr. Malfoy come and sit behind your wife." Scorpius scampered over, Lily following. "One...two...three, push Mrs. Malfoy!"

Rose bore down and pushed. The pressure was intense and she tried not to cry, but the pain hurt. Lowell encouraged. She screamed, but this time her scream was matched by one of a higher pitch.

"Baby A is out." Lowell ordered. A nurse scampered over to pick up the squalling baby, while Rose collapsed into Scorpius's arms.

"H-How long til the other?" She panted.

"It varies. Twins can be born hours apart in extreme cases." Healer Lowell said casually. Rose groaned.

The nurse returned, a smile on her face. "Baby A is a boy."

"Little Nick is going to be a big brother." Scorpius chuckled. Rose started to laugh, but then pain rippled through her abdomen. This was unlike any pain before though; it wasn't pressure it was wrong.

"Oh no." Lowell said, running over to her. Scorpius started to panic.

"What's-what's going on?" He yelled. Lily looked absolutely petrified, so did Hermione.

"What the hell is going on?" Hermione yelled.

Lowell shook her head. "I can't be sure, but she's bleeding. I think it's a ruptured placenta. I have never seen this before. We need to perform an emergency C-Section."

"A muggle technique?" Scorpius exclaimed. Rose leaned back as the pain continued. These contractions were seemingly endless.

"We perform cesarean sections often, it's not just muggle." Lowell barked. Nurses were rushing around,.

They were then rushed to a different room, sterile with lots of instruments. Most of the wizarding world agreed that pregnancy and childbirth was not something to be messed with using spells. So they went to the basics. Rose was numbed and a few calming spells placed on her. Scorpius watched, incredibly fearful.

Healer Lowell cut a wide incision. She got to the uterus and managed to find the cause. Baby A had kicked the placenta, which she deduced already had a small tear in it, and ruptured it. Baby B then was left with the fluids. As quickly as she could she pulled the baby out. The young couple lucked out: baby B was completely fine, no lasting damage. However, the damage to Rose was a lot more extensive.

"What's going on?" A groggy Rose asked as she lay in the hospital bed.

A very tired looking Scorpius sat next to her on a chair. He opened his eyes. Rose immediately saw pain in them. She instinctively touched her sore abdomen.

"Are the twins okay?" She whispered. Tears welled up in her eyes at the thought that they weren't.

"Olivia and Nicholas are fine." He said, equally quiet. "But Rose...you...there was a complication in the c-section."

Fear tingled through her veins as he continued. "Your blood wouldn't clot. They transfused you several times but it wouldn't clot no matter what they did. They tried spells and even muggle things but it wouldn't clot!"

"What did they do?"

"They took out your uterus." He said solemnly. Rose leaned her head back at those shocking words.

She couldn't believe that she had gotten married, had two children, then had a partial hysterectomy all within the same day. It was bizarre and utterly repulsive.

"Can I see them?" Rose asked after a few minutes of quiet. Scorpius nodded and got up. When he left, Lily walked in. Her own eyes were swollen.

"Rosie, I'm sorry." She sniffed. Lily crawled into the bed to hug her best friend. Rose let out a tiring sigh.

"I'm not going to say it's okay, because it's not." She began. "However, I have a loving husband and two healthy children. There are lots of little kids running around this planet without parents. We can adopt. I'm going to make the best of this."

Lily smiled and kissed her forehead. Scorpius walked in, trailed by a nurse pulling two carts. Inside each was a baby, one swathed in blue the other in pink. Rose sat up, ignoring the pain. Scorpius handed both of them to her.

Rose marveled at their perfection. They were wonderful. "Hi babies. I'm your mommy. And that's your daddy, and Auntie Lily. You're going to live such a happy life."

Scorpius leaned over and kissed his wife's cheek. The Malfoy family was going to be okay. No, they were going to be better than that. They were going to be happy.

The End.

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