"Since Timmy turned into a teenager, he's thinking about sex the whole day. Too bad for him, that he can't get any girls so, when he looks closely at Cosmo, certain dirty ideas start to pop up in his head..."

This is M rated (I wasn't sure if T would have be enough, but just to be safe…) and it's SLASH (Timmy x Cosmo). Other things to keep in mind are: somehow non consensual sex, and an abusive Timmy.

That being said, read and enjoy (here's the first chapter).

Note: Since this show isn't M rated, I suppose I own neither the show nor its characters, and that's for the best.


That afternoon Cosmo was fluttering through the house of the Turners, bored. Timmy's parents had gone on a trip or something (Cosmo never paid much attention to what was spoken in the family) and Wanda spend the whole day in Fairy World with Poof, doing typical mother-and–son things.

So he and Timmy were the only inhabitants of the house at that time. However, since Timmy had become a teenager, it wasn't the same.
He spent the whole day in his room, listening to music, chatting online, playing video games, or on the phone. That, of course, when he wasn't with his friends, doing only God knows what mischiefs around the neighborhood. He barely payed attention to his fairy godparents, in fact, their presence used to bother rather than cheer him up in most cases.

Cosmo sighed. How he missed the crazy adventures of old times! He needed fun, constant action, absurd situations ... This present state of affairs was killing him.
He felt very depressed, and although he knew that Timmy would get angry if he bursted into his room without warning, he decided to "poof" in there anyway, because if he didn't speak with somebody right now, he would explode.

Of course, Timmy was annoyed, and how! Cosmo could see his godson quickly closing a website filled with naked women, at the time he entered the room.

- Cosmo, I've said you a thousand times that you must knock before coming in! - He shouted, turning in his chair angrily. The little fairyman stayed floating in the middle of the room, embarrassed, and turned his big green eyes.

-I ... I ... I'm sorry, Timmy. But you shouldn't look at those websites. You're only 16 years old.

- Bah! What do you know about it! -growled a sullen Timmy while he lay face down in bed- Why shouldn't I look at them? Since Trixie doesn't want to date me, I can look at other women, at least in the Internet.

Cosmo shook his head, worried. Timmy hadn't cope well with the process of becoming a teenager. He was still a weakly boy with a pink t-shirt, in love with a girl who had never payed attention to him, and never would. Because of that he was embittered. The worst thing was that, after an entire childhood with a couple of fairy godparents that granted him every one of his wishes, he had become very fussy and zappy, and couldn't stand the fact that anything in this world wasn't as he wanted, which was what happened with Trixie.
Cosmo was sometimes tempted to think that his godson had become a bad person, but always tried to shake that thought from his head as soon as possible. No, Timmy couldn't be blamed. His parents, who had never payed attention to him and leaved him every now and again alone with a sadistic baby-sitter, were the ones responsible for that behavior.

Cosmo went floating to the bed, where the sulky Timmy was liying, and touched his shoulder gently and affectionately.

- Come on, don't get like that! Let's play something, okay?-Timmy looked at his godfather: a pair of eyes that beamed with kindness, and a smile from ear to ear. He was always so accommodating, so nice, so ... FOOL.

- Don't be such a dumbass, Cosmo! I'm too grown up to play your silly games.

Cosmo's smile faded instantly upon hearing this, he bit his lower lip, and Timmy thought for a moment that he would burst into crying. He hurried up to comfort him:

- Come on, Cosmo, forget it, okay? Why don't you sit here next to me so we can talk, eh?

- All right! -Said Cosmo, feeling happy again at once. His beloved godson wanted to talk to him, that is, he didn't judged him so stupid after all, he even appreciated his company!

He sat beside him on the bed and looked at him with adoration:

- What do you want to talk about, Timmy?

-Well ... there's one thing I lose sleep over ... I keep thinking about it, but I can't talk to anyone, because it's so embarrassing.

- What is it? – asked Cosmo, without even remotely knowing which way the wind was blowing.
-It's sex. - Cosmo regretted asking at once, and felt his blood rushing to his cheeks. – I want to do it with someone, but I can't find a girl! All my friends have girlfriends, and some of them have even done it already. Meanwhile, I feel like a stupid kid. And worst of all is that Trixie is dating the captain of the football team, a big guy with blond hair that bullies me. – complained Timmy.

Cosmo took his hand gently.

-But Timmy, why do you worry about that now? You're still young. You can think about S-E-X when you get married and want to have children, right?

Timmy rolled his eyes, but didn't bother to reply to his godfather. In any case, he wouldn't understand ...
He turned to face him: he was still smiling with naivety, and Timmy noticed how soft was the touch of his hand, and the heat that his small body gave. Timmy had grown over the years, but Cosmo had still the same fairy-size of always, and now he realized how fragile he was.
Inadvertently, Timmy's eyes went down to rest on his godfather's crotch, and almost out of instinct, he imagined Cosmo in some dirty situations. Hormones were playing again with him!
However, fairies must also have sex, don't they?, and Timmy's curiosity was piqued.

-Hey, Cosmo ... what about you? Do you and Wanda ... you know, have sex? – asked he suddenly, with some malice. Cosmo gave a start and instantly withdrew his hand from Timmy's.

- M ... Me... and ... and ... Wanda! – Stammered he, redder than a tomato.

- Yes, you and Wanda! Do you do it or not? - Timmy became impatient.

-W ... Well ... yes ... She ... She often kisses and hugs me ... ...

- But that's not sex! ¿Don't you do anything else!

Cosmo tried to loosen his tie, feeling very worked up.

-Um ... Well ... well ... There are times when we're in bed, and she undresses me and ... and ...

- And what, and what! ¿Does she suck your dick, tell me Cosmo, does she suck you! - Timmy bounced on the bed, excited and amused. What could be funnier and kinkier than imagine his fairy godparents doing dirty things in bed? Just a little more and he would burst out laughing.

- What! No, Timmy how could you think that? The mouth is just to talk and eat, and sometimes to hold nails, but nothing else! - exclaimed Cosmo, outraged. - She just takes my thingie and ... and puts it inside her other thingie.

That was enough to trigger the explosion. Timmy threw himself on the bed, rolling around with laughter, pounding so hard on the mattress that the light body of Cosmo bounced at each shake.
He didn't understand. Why was he laughing so much? He was the one who asked on the first place. Cosmo simply shrank back in embarrassment and looked down, until Timmy's laughter attack subsided. The boy approached him then, wiping tears of laughter off his face, and stood a while staring at him.

Cosmo was sitting on the edge of the bed, his back turned to him, so he could see his small shoulder blades and his spine vertebrae revealing through the white shirt, going up and down in the midst of heavy breathing.
His godfather's green hair looked so soft ...
Without realization, he was caressing it.

- Oh!- sighed Cosmo, purring like a cat, as the fingers went through his hair. Obviously, he hadn't grasped the erotic innuendo of that action ... not yet.

- Come on, Cosmo, don't get angry! I found funny what you said, nothing more. – whispered Timmy. He had an uncontrollable desire to touch his godfather. Don't know why, that feeling had suddenly awakened in him. Perhaps because he seemed cute to him, or helpless, or pitiful, or simply because Trixie wasn't available and right now the only one that was there was Cosmo.

Trying to cheer him up, and following the impulse of establishing physical contact with him, Timmy tickled him on the ribs. Cosmo fidgeted, unable to suppress a giggle.

- Hey, stop it, you know I hate being tickled! - And he retaliated by jumping on Timmy and tickling him all over. Those childish games were his weakness, and Timmy knew it. They rolled over the bed, laughing and playfully fighting with each other. Timmy let him win, so that Cosmo ended lying on him, still engaged in his silly games, happy and completely oblivious to what was brewing.
Timmy had his godfather's face a few inches away, and from there he could smell the fragrance of that green hair. He felt something warm pressed against his knee; it was Cosmo's crotch, but he hadn't even notice.
With a hidden intention, Timmy moved the leg a little, so that his knee rubbed Cosmo's private parts. Cosmo just smiled innocently.

"Is it possible that he wants this as well and is only pretending? Maybe my godfather is just a dirty old man after all " -thought Timmy.

-Listen, Cosmo ... could you do me a favor? – he said, throwing a seductive stare at him that the fairy surely didn't understand.

- What, Timmy?

- Why don't you take off your clothes? I want to see you. Come on ... -he whispered in his ear, in a lewd tone.

Cosmo withdrew in horror. With his green eyes popping out of his head, he looked into Timmy's blue eyes, and noticed that they sparkled with lust, and seemed to be already undressing him.

- T ... Timmy ... I can't do that! I'm an adult and you ... you're just a boy and ... and my godson ... and I'm married ... It's against the rules!

- Are you sure?

The truth is that Cosmo couldn't remember if there was anything written about it in Da Rules or not. He waved his wand and made the rules book appear, then started looking frantically through all the pages, hoping to find a clause explicitly prohibiting something like that.
But despite all his efforts, he found nothing. Probably, those who wrote the rules hadn't a dirty enough mind to think that such a situation could happen.
He closed the book frightened, with the eyes wide open.

- Well? - Asked Timmy with malice – Should I understand that there's no rule about it?

Cosmo shook his head shyly, while a cold sweat began to drip from his forehead.

- Great! Then I want you to take off your clothes, now! It's my wish and you have to fulfill it.

Cosmo had no choice but to please him.
Submissive, he began to take off his tie and unbutton his shirt. He felt Timmy's hungry and at the same time curious eyes staring at his body.
He got naked from the waist up. Timmy looked at that small chest, white and soft, and felt a mixture of tenderness and compassion. The nipples, like two little pink eyes, had hardened in contact with the cold air, and seemed to look at him provocatively.
Timmy stroked one of them, and Cosmo shuddered.

- Timmy, don't ... don't do th ... that! It's wrong, it's ...! - But Timmy had already put the nipple in his mouth and was stimulating it with the tongue, while his hand caressed the other one.

Cosmo let out a moan of pleasure, and his mind was left completely blank. He had never been very thoughtful, of course, but his focus was even smaller if they aroused him like that. He was just an instinctive type.
Before he could even realize, he was lying face up on the bed, sighing, and with an increasingly obvious erection pressing in his pants.

-Well, it seems your nipples are very sensitive, huh? - Timmy smiled, pinching one of them.

-Y ... Yes ... They became so sensitive after giving birth to Poof -confessed Cosmo, blushing.

- Ugh! Please Cosmo, don't ever remember me about the issue. It was grotesque!
Cosmo felt sad. Why did Timmy think that? What was so grotesque about birth? Having a baby is supposed to be always a beautiful and moving experience, right?

Timmy's fingers poking around the fly of his pants took him out of these meditations.

- Timmy, what are you doing?

- What do you think? I'm going to give you what Wanda hasn't given you ever. – he said pulling down his pants to his ankles, and exposing Cosmo's private parts. - Oh! Isn't it lovely?Your hair down there is also green. – he laughed, stroking his pubic hair.

- Timmy stop that, please, don't be mean! – sobbed Cosmo, dying of shame. - I'm married, think about Wanda, think how much she would suffer if she knew!

But Timmy, ignoring his pleas, continued with his own business. He had seen blowjobs many times in porn movies, and they seemed funny. That it was him receiving, or him giving it, what was the difference? The only thing that mattered was having fun.

Cosmo stopped protesting when he felt a wet tongue sliding over his glans. He closed the eyes, clenching at the sheets, and his back arched as shaken by some electric current.
He wanted to cry, to die, to disappear in a "poof" and hide in the innermost corner of the fairy world, but his body didn't obey him. He felt too much pleasure, and it was also a new kind of pleasure.
So instead of trying to escape or struggle, which was what he should have done, Cosmo began to caress Timmy's hair and move the hips, asking him to go on among moans.
Timmy's tongue started to descend slowly: over his penis, his testicles, and lower, lower… down to his little hole.
And just at that moment, he felt a cold and invasive finger inserting itself there, where nobody, no one had touched him ever, NEVER, not even himself. He was being penetrated, HE; he had something, SOMEONE inside, moving there and doing as he pleased.
Never before had he felt so submissive, so dominated, so humiliated ... and so good.

- Do you like this, Cosmo? – asked Timmy. But Cosmo was no longer able to respond. Timmy's tongue stroking his penis up and down, and at the same time that foreign presence reaching the deepest recesses of his body, touching something that was in there and produced waves of pleasure at every touch, all this was too much for him.
When Timmy inserted a second finger, Cosmo lost control. Unable to contain his body any longer, he gave himself over to the most intense orgasm he had experienced throughout his long life as a fairy.
His wings vibrated wildly, trying to move in vain since they were crushed against the mattress, and he came among jerks and shrieks of pleasure.

It took him several seconds to regain consciousness and realize what had happened.
Timmy was looking at him, angry and stained with semen.

- Damn, Cosmo, how little endurance you have! Couldn't you wait just a little longer? What about me, eh? You are so selfish!

-I ... I ... I'm sorry Timmy. But I had never done something like this. I wasn't prepared ...

- Clean up this mess, on the double! - Cosmo waved his wand, and all the stains disappeared immediately- And now get out of here, I want to rest for a while! - growled Timmy, lying down in bed and turning his back to him. Cosmo obeyed, dressed quickly and went to Fairy World.

He was absent-minded. Flying to and from aimlessly, without seeing or hearing anything, without greeting the familiar fairies who passed by, no sense of time.

What had he done, what had he done? Everything had been so fast ...

Maybe it was just a dream ...

But no, it wasn't a dream. He still felt that tingling in his groin.

He was a bad godfather, the worst godfather ever. How could he agree to do something so perverse, so sick! ...

But Timmy had asked him, it was his desire, and the rules didn't say anything ...

Excuses! He should have refused anyway, he was supposedly the responsible adult, not a teenager crazed by hormones! Also, he had enjoyed letting Timmy do those horrible things to him!. He had enjoyed it more than with his wife!

A tear leaked from Cosmo's eye. "I'm a pervert, a pervert who sleeps with minors. I'm not worthy to return home with Wanda. How can I look at her now, after what happened?"

But despite everything, Cosmo went home with his wife and son.
Wanda and Poof had returned from shopping and were unpacking the purchased things. Cosmo greeted them with a hollow smile upon entering the room.

- Honey, you're at last here, we've missed you the whole day! - said Wanda cheerfully, and getting close to him with a fluttering, kissed him welcome- Did Timmy and you have a nice day, what have you done ? - Cosmo felt a chill seizing his entrails at the question, it was as if Wanda knew, no matter how absurd sounded this. However, he kept his composure, and without letting go of the false smile, replied:

- Oh, we haven't done anything special, above all, we haven't done anything wrong! - Wanda raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Cosmo, you idiot, why don't you just tell her directly, huh?" he scolded himself. - We've been playing all afternoon, yeah, that is.

-Well, you must have been playing rough. Look how's your hair! - Wanda admonished him in a motherly way, combing the curly bangs. -By the way, I brought you something ... - Wanda took a tie from one of the bags -What do you think? It's black, like the other one, but ... Oh, my God, Cosmo! Where is your old tie?

Cosmo looked down. His shirt collar was open and his tie was nowhere to be seen. His heart quickened when he realized that it had been left on Timmy's bed. What if Wanda saw it? Bah, she wouldn't think something so bad, she wasn't so twisted!

-It must have fallen down while I was playing with Timmy- he apologized. Wanda shrugged:

-You guys are savages- she sighed- By the way, I also bought something for me ... But I'll better show you that tonight, in the bedroom ... - and she winked mischievously.
For once, Cosmo caught the hint. His mind was full of dirty thoughts, how couldn't he catch it? His innocence was gone down the drain.

He decided that he needed a shower, and fast. Soap may help him feel less abject.
He got into the bathtub and filled it to the brim with foam. He didn't want to see his naked body as he washed, he was too embarrassed.
Suddenly, a flashback of what had happened in the afternoon made him relive it all again; he felt again Timmy's tongue on his penis, he felt again the invasive finger, touching him in that point ... and he got aroused again.

"More soap, I need more soap!"

Wanda showed him the surprise when he was already in bed, after putting Poof to sleep. She entered the bedroom wearing a set of red lingerie, with a sexy stance.

-Well, what do you think?

-It's very nice. - and Cosmo smiled foolishly.

-Only nice, nothing more? - Wanda got closer to him in the bed, and placed herself over him, invitingly. Cosmo swallowed, it was clear that Wanda would want to do things with him that night, just today! Why just today! Cosmo wasn't able to make love with his wife a few hours after cheating on her, with his godson, to top it all! But nevertheless he made the effort.

He made the effort, but he clearly wasn't focused, and soon both of them lay next to each other, separated: he apologized a thousand times, and she comforted him and assured that nothing was wrong, that "this" happens to all men .

Cosmo finished the day hugging Wanda and trying to sleep, thinking about how would he face Timmy tomorrow.

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