After visiting his opposite, Cosmo felt that a huge weight had been taken off his mind. His troubles were over, yes.
From now on, Anti-Cosmo would satisfy Timmy as long as his whim lasted, and he could return to his normal, happy life, and forget those dark and shameful secrets.
He would be again Timmy's fairy godparent, and nothing more, with no sexual favors as bonus.
Cosmo was so happy he began to whistle, not even noticing the gloomy surroundings and the grim faces of the anti-fairies around him.

Upon arriving home, he was in such a good mood, that he decided to make dinner for once to surprise Wanda when she returned.
He made a few omelets, and didn't burn anything this time; well, yes, he burned one of the omelets, but he would eat that.
Nothing could displease him today.

When Wanda and Poof appeared through the door, he jumped and covered them with kisses.
Wanda was surprised by the change in her husband, and seemed very happy when saw that Cosmo
had left the melancholic attitude of the past few weeks and returned to his crazy foolish normal self.
At dinner time, he ate with his usual appetite.
After that, he played around with Poof until the child started to feel sleepy.
And finally in bed, he pleased his wife as he hadn't done for a long time.
He fell asleep soon after, peacefully.

Everything would have been perfect, if he hadn't dreamed about Timmy ... and a wet dream, also.
He awoke in the middle of the night as if he had a nightmare, his heart pounding in his chest, sweating profusely, suffocated as if it was 40 ° C in the room.

- Oh! Timmy ... -he moaned, remembering the dream with great detail, and touched his crotch,
where the erection threatened to come out of his underpants. - Shit, shit, shit! Get down, please, don't do this to me!

But when he realized what he was doing, he found that he was already playing with it.
Who was he kidding? He wanted Timmy, he wanted to feel again the fragance of his hair,
his weight over him, his youthful energy when he thrusted inside him.
One last night, just one more night and it would be the end, really.
He needed to do it one last time. He deserved it.

With infinite care he leaned over Wanda, fast asleep, and kissed her head.

"I'm sorry, Wanda, but after this I won't cheat on you anymore. I love you. What happens to me right now is just physical. "

He got out of bed quietly, left the castle and the fishbowl, and got into Timmy's bed as stealthy as a thief.
Once under the sheets, he came closer to the boy's body, until he felt the warmth that it gave off.

Timmy slept on his side and his back, turned to him, went up and down with the rhythm of his quiet breathing.
Cosmo hugged him from behind, trying to encircle the broad shoulders of the boy with his little arms.

- Mmmm ... Timmy! – he sighed, rubbing his head against the back of his neck like an affectionate cat. - Wake up Timmy, it's me, Cosmo. I need some love, wake up. –
And he began to stroke his godson by reaching under the t-shirt that he wore to sleep.

It didn't take long to awaken him with so many caresses, and the boy pushed Cosmo slightly to move him away.

- Why have you come? I didn't ask you to come today. – he growled sleepy. - Leave me alone, I wanna sleep!

But Cosmo kept on insisting, and stuck to Timmy even more closely than before.

-I know that you haven't called me, but I wanted to be with you regardless. Come on, Timmy, be a good boy! I wanna make love, come on ...

Timmy's patience ran out when his godfather began to kiss his neck and pressed the crotch against him.

- Damn, Cosmo! What part of the "No" don't you understand! – yelled, and this time he pushed him away harder. – You're a sex-maniac!
If you're so hot, go and jerk off yourself, but let me sleep. Really, seeing how you behave, you seem more a nympho than a fairy.
Do you think that sneaking by treachery in the bed of your godchild and feeling him up is nice?
I'm sure there are laws in Fairy World that punish the godparents who do these things.

Cosmo was paralyzed under the reproach-rain that poured over him.
And worst of all was that Timmy had a point: He had no right to snuggle up against his asleep godson and wake him, asking for sex.

He was the fairy godparent, he was the one granting wishes, not asking things for himself!
And yet ... he had really hoped that Timmy would reciprocate, that he would do this little favor, if only for the love he felt for him, or the pity.

Since the fairy stood apart on one side of the bed, motionless and silent, without doing new attempts at harassment,
Timmy turned around and closed his eyes, trying to regain the sleep that this stupid Cosmo had stolen from him.

And then he heard it.
A quiet sob, shy and stifled, as does someone who doesn't want to be found out crying.
He, Timmy, had made Cosmo cry, his godparent.

It's not that Cosmo crying was a novelty. In fact, Cosmo cried CONSTANTLY: when he scraped his knee,
when someone ate his candies, when Jorgen didn't let him take his giant wand, and so on.
What was important therefore wasn't the fact that Cosmo was crying, but that He, Timmy, was the one who had made him cry.

And besides, this one wasn't the childish and insignificant crying so typical of Cosmo.
It sounded more like an adult man crying about something serious, about a real problem.

Something inside Timmy "clicked" then, and all the scenes of his life that he had shared with the little fairy passed in front of his eyes,
as if a movie projector had been set into motion.
All the stupid whims and wishes that had ocurred to him countless times, and that he had however tried to fulfill the best he could, even when they were dangerous.
The plays, and laughing, and clowning that he used to entertain him during those horrible days, now distant, that he spent with Vicki.
How much he and Wanda had cared for him, and the lessons about life that had given him, and how, ultimately, had fulfilled the role of parents much better than his true biological parents.

And at the end of all this long series of scenes which comprised his life, after having received so much in exchage for nothing, at the very end,
how had he paid Cosmo? Pushing him away to a cold corner at the edge of his bed, after taking advantage of him whenever he wanted,
saying him a few harsh words, and making him cry.

"My God, I've been so cruel!"-Timmy was appalled upon seeing himself for the first time, as they saw him from the outside. - "I was so focused on my own problems
with the rejection of Trixie and the jokes of high-school bullies, that I haven't even notice the damage I've been doing. I've been a bully too, after all. "

Timmy came closer to the small figure of Cosmo, who still curled up and trembled there, and put his arms around him.

- Oh, Cosmo, don't cry, don't cry please!

Cosmo flinched in surprise as he felt suddenly Timmy's arms, which a moment before had pushed him rudely, now embracing his body for warmth,
and the mouth that had criticized him so harshly, now kissing his hair and whispering conciliatory words:

-I'm sorry, Cosmo. I had no right to speak to you as I have done. I've been insensible, I've used you for what I wanted,
and I haven't stopped for a moment to think about your feelings, to think that maybe you had needs and desires as well.
Forgive me, Cosmo, forgive me, I've been a horrible person!

Cosmo swallowed the sob that was stuck in his throat and quit crying,
while a warm and bright happiness began to grow more and more in his chest, to the point that it almost hurt.

- No, Timmy, you're not horrible, you're a good boy! I knew, I knew that deep down you were still the same boy! – he exclaimed, pressing against Timmy so much,
that the boy thought that his godfather would go through him to his other side. - I regret so much getting in your bed without permission. That's been very nasty, I admit it.

-It's okay, Cosmo. It's not your fault to be horny. After all, it was me the one who forced you to come every few minutes to have a screw;
how can I get angry then, if you come of your own free will! What hypocrisy! It's what I've done with you what it's truly nasty: abusing you, blackmailing you ...
I won't blame you if you hate me from now on.

-I don't hate you, Timmy. I'll never hate you.

The boy was moved: how quickly did he forget and forgive!, how easy was to please him!
He stroked the backbone of the fairy up and down, very gently, and Cosmo sighed with joy.

And then, Timmy did something that he had never done before: he grabbed Cosmo by the chin, lifted his face toward him, and kissed him tenderly on the mouth.
Cosmo melted inside when Timmy's tongue entered his mouth, and embraced his own tongue, and ran through his teeth, and tickled his palate.

"Timmy loves me, it's not just sex, he loves me!" -celebrated a little voice inside his head, as he gave himself with unleashed passion to that first kiss,
which unfortunately had to be the last.

-Hey, Cosmo, do you still want to make love? - whispered Timmy.

The bright eyes of the fairy and the way he pressed the abdomen against his thigh, were more than vocal about it.
Timmy smiled warmly and ran a hand through his naked side. He was so soft ... the softer skin that Timmy had ever touched,
velvety and covered with a peach-like fuzz. Surely that stupid Trixie, even with all those creams that put on her face, wasn't half as soft as him.

- Well? What do you want to do, Cosmo? Today you choose. Ask me anything.

Cosmo was again as aroused as before:
- I want to do what we did the first day, and then what we did the second day! – he exclaimed, anxiously.

-You're not very demanding, right?

The fairy shrugged:
-I don't have much imagination, I suppose.

So Timmy went to work. But this time, he didn't rush to undress his partner, or spared in kisses and warm-up caresses.
He pleased the fairy all he could, until he asked him to stop, and was careful not to hurt him.
After finishing, they huddled against each other, exhausted and satisfied.

-Thank you, Timmy. - sighed Cosmo, while an immense peace took over his body. - This time you've outdone yourself. I don't know if I'll can fly tomorrow ...

- What an exaggeration! - laughed the boy. - But yeah, I guess I've improved since the first time. I'm sorry I teared you up back then, I was such a brute.

- Bah, everybody can have a mechanical failure!

-Anyway, we have many nights ahead for practice ...

When he heard this, Cosmo felt a painful bite on his chest.
He had to tell Timmy. Not in vain, if he had come to his bed that night, was primarily to put an end to this affair.

-Yes, about that, Timmy ... You see ... I can't keep doing these things.

Timmy looked up sharply and tried to peer into Cosmo's eyes in the dark, confused.
- What do you mean?

-Well ... I have a family, I'm married, and I don't want to risk my marriage cheating on Wanda. You must understand, I love her.
And although I had a great time with you, and although I love you as my godson and during these nights I started to love you also as something else ... she is my wife.
And there's nothing in the world that can make me leave her. So I have to end these night encounters, before it gets out of hand. You understand, don't you, Timmy?

Timmy nodded, sad.
-That's true, Cosmo. I forgot that this affair not only affected us, but also your family. Forgive my selfishness. - And leaning over him, he kissed him on the forehead. –
If you don't want to sleep with me anymore, I respect that. I feel sad having to say goodbye to all this, but it's your decision.

- Oh, Timmy, that's very noble and very mature of you! If I were in your place I'd have started yelling hysterically.

-Do not tempt me ...

-Anyway, there's no need to worry. I found a replacement for me to fulfill my duties whenever you feel like having company.

-Who is it? - asked Timmy, raising an eyebrow suspiciously.

-Anti-Cosmo! - announced the fairy, as if that was sensational news. Timmy frowned in disgust.

-Anti-Cosmo! But he's evil! And so ugly ...

-How can you say he's ugly, Timmy! Anti-Cosmo is gorgeous!

-You say that because he has your same face, of course...

-Well, yes ... but he's very elegant.

-He's blue!

-He's great at kissing.

Timmy shook his head in disbelief.
-Damn, Cosmo! Have you kissed him! But what's wrong with you? You say that you love Wanda and have to be faithful, and then you go around there, kissing the first guy you find!

-Yes, I know, I have so little self-restraint! But he was the one who jumped on me! - apologized Cosmo, embarrased.- Well, what do you say? Do you want to stay with Anti-Cosmo or not?

Timmy rolled his eyes, a little tired of the conversation.
- Okay, okay, let him come someday! Just to try ... Although, on the other hand, this afternoon I've received a call from one of the girls I met on the beach, do you remember?
I had given her my number, though I didn't hope that she'd call me, and suddenly this afternoon, wham!, she has remembered me and wants to meet with me tomorrow!
Maybe I should date her. What do you think?

Cosmo's eyes widened and a smile from ear to ear crossed his face, upon hearing such good news.
-But Timmy, what are you saying! That plan is even better for a 16 year old boy than staying at home, smooching with anti-fairies!

So the next day, Timmy met with the girl and Cosmo accompanied him to help with the date's details,
while Wanda stayed watching Timmy's room to impersonate him if their parents come in, since the boy was supposed to be studying.
Not that Wanda liked helping not to study, but this was a special occasion and very important for Timmy.

Meanwhile, Cosmo had a great time that evening, enjoying the fact that he could be again just Timmy's fairy godparent:
no tension, no surreptitious glances, no dirty thoughts circling his head.

The date went well without a hitch.
Cosmo turned first into a sports car, so Timmy could pick up the girl and go to the cinema with her.
During the film, he magically introduced a couple of terror scenes, hoping that the girl would be frightened and embrace Timmy.
The one who was scared was Timmy himself, but the result was the same, so he was satisfied.
Later, while strolling through the park, he turned into a rose-seller, so Timmy could have a romantic gesture with his partner.
And finally, in the cafeteria where they were drinking a milk-shake, he turned all songs on the radio into love songs.
He couldn't intervene directly in her feelings, but a little help wouldn't hurt either.

Upon leaving, after Timmy had brought the girl back to home, she leaned over and kissed him on the lips, proving that the plan had gone correctly.
Cosmo liked the girl: she was pretty, nice, they seemed to like each other a lot,
and she would be a great help for Timmy to forget once and for all his unhealthy obsession with Trixie ...
But when he saw her kissing Timmy, his beloved godson, the fairy couldn't help feeling a pang of jealousy.
After all, just the night before Timmy was still embracing Him, kissing Him, and he hadn't got over it yet. In fact, it would take him a long time to get over it.
He had enjoyed too intense and pleasurable experiences with Timmy to forget just like that, overnight.

Acting out of petty revenge, Cosmo couldn't resist the temptation to turn into a bee and sting the girl in the nose when she was already opening the door of her garden.
Now she would be beautiful! Fortunately, Timmy didn't realize that the vicious bee was his godfather.

After returning home, Timmy started studying for the few hours he had left before having to go to sleep, and Cosmo returned to the castle in the fishbowl.
There he found a pretty bored Wanda in front of the TV.

- Ah! You're back, honey. How did the date go? Nothing interesting has happened here...

- Oh, the date went very well, very well ...! - replied Cosmo, somewhat cranky, remembering the kiss of Timmy with that teenager, and went fluttering to the couch to sit beside his wife.

Wanda toyed around with one of the strands of green hair in a flirty attitude.
-You say that as if you were upset. What happens, Cosmo? Are you jealous? Don't you want anyone taking away your Timmy? He's getting older, you know.

- Wanda, you talk as if he were my lover or something! – he exclaimed, and instantly regretted deeply what his big uncontrollable mouth had just dropped.

His wife smiled wickedly.
-Well, Cosmo, you and Timmy spend so much time together and alone lately ... that who knows!

Cosmo felt his guts churning upon hearing that, and he almost threw up out of anxiety. He excused himself a moment and flew like lightning to get locked in the bathroom.
He didn't feel well, and looking in the mirror, found out that he was pale as a corpse. He splashed cold water on his face, trying to react.
Why, why he felt so badly when heard Wanda talking like that? She was just joking, and also, his relationship with Timmy was over!

There was no reason to feel guilty in front of her anymore, that was old news! And yet ... why did he still feel guilty?

"Sooner or later you'll have to tell her everything, Cosmo. You know it. "- said an insidious little voice in his head.

Cosmo tried to shake off those frightening thoughts.
Telling her! No way! What was the point in doing it now, when all was happily resolved? Wanda hadn't discovered it and that was what mattered, why make her upset?
And the truth was too harsh, she would kill him ... no, worse, leave him!

"But she's your wife and has the right to know, not? If you don't confess, the regrets will kill you, Cosmo.
You won't find peace or rest, you'll never feel clean in front of her until you admit openly what you've done. "- continued the insistent little voice.

- Oh, shut up, stupid brain! Who is listening you? I do not, of course. I haven't ever listened to you. – he exclaimed angrily, and splashed more cold water to his face.

Wanda knocked gently on the door.
-Honey, are you okay? You don't have stomachache, right?

-Don't worry, Wanda, I'm fine. – he answered reluctantly.

-Does your faggigly gland hurt again?

-No! My faggigly gland is perfect!

-I say it because if you've done lately intense physical exercise you could have damaged it. Maybe we should go to the doctor to check you up, just in case ...

-For the last time, Wanda, I haven't done intense physical exercise, I don't need a doctor to check me up, and I have nothing to hide! - shouted Cosmo, now angry for real.

Faced with this answer, Wanda moved away and left him alone.
Cosmo, however, got over his anger soon and apologized to Wanda for the last outburst.

After that he was quiet, until night in bed, when he was assaulted by the question of what would have happened with Timmy and Anti-Cosmo.
Would the anti-fairy come finally to his date with the boy or not?
Suddenly, Cosmo was frightened by the idea of his godson alone with his evil opposite. How could he thought it would be a good idea sending him there!
How could he give him permission to get into Timmy's bed! He didn't remember having been drunk when he closed the deal with the anti-fairy.

His British charisma probably seduced him.

Dying of curiosity and fear, he rose from bed to go take a look at Timmy's room and make sure everything was okay.
But he hadn't left the bedroom yet, when he heard Wanda stirring under the covers and murmuring sleepy:

-Cosmo, darling, where are you going now? Poof is fast asleep, and I don't think Timmy needs you at this ungodly hour ...

"Damn, she was awake!" - cursed Cosmo. - Um ... I ... I ... I was going to have a pee. –he dropped the first excuse that came to his mind.

-Fairies don't need to go to the toilet. And you know it, Cosmo.

-It's true. I always forget ... "God, now she'll think I'm even more stupid ...!"

-Come on, get back to bed.

He had no choice but to obey and try to sleep, even with the uncertainty about what would have happened.
Fortunately, Anti-Cosmo didn't show up that night, as Timmy told him in a confidential way the next morning.
But Cosmo was left with some dismay over what Wanda had said. Why did she think that he was going to Timmy's bedroom? Since when was that usual?
All that did nothing but remind him once again about his painful secret.

The bomb finally exploded that afternoon.

Cosmo was sunk in the Turner's sofa, now that they had gone out, and stared at the TV, changing channels so fast, that it seemed the fun was in the control button,
rather than in what appeared in the screen. Wanda was in the armchair next to him, reading (or pretending to read) one of those women magazines.
From time to time she raised her eyes from the text and looked at her husband. When he was aware that she was watching him and turned slightly,
she arched his eyebrows, smiled affably, and returned to reading.

Cosmo was getting a little nervous about this constant play of looks.

-Wow, this article is very interesting! - exclaimed Wanda at one point. Cosmo left the remote control on one side and payed attention to her,
relieved by the breaking of that awkward silence. - It says here that a high percentage of men, at a certain age, experience a kind of crisis
and suddenly have the urge to do new and risky things to feel young again. It says that many buy a motorbike, or start playing dangerous sports, or change their dress style ...
But what many women don't know is that their husbands begin to have also extramarital relationships to escape the routine.
Some of them even begin to do things with other men, and they're more than what one would think!

Cosmo didn't like the turn the conversation was taking, no, he didn't like it the least, nothing at all.

A cold sweat ran down his forehead, and his wings flapped because of the strain that started to accumulate in his stomach.
To make things worse, Wanda continued talking about the article:

- ... There are a few tips for women who have discovered that their husbands are cheating on them, and also a series of clues for those that suspect it.
Wow, I wouldn't like to be in the place of those poor women! - her big smiling pink eyes stared at Cosmo, as two sweet and innocent daggers.

"Why does she look at me like that, why does she smile so naive!" Cosmo could hear his heart pounding against the ribs,
as if trying to break through them and come out of his chest. "I'm sure she hears it too, I'm sure she does."

And Wanda kept on talking:
-I, however, feel so lucky to be married to you, honey ... You might not be the most handsome husband, and certainly not the brightest,
but I know perfectly well that you adore me and would never make me hurt. You'd never cheat on me, would you, Cosmo?
You love me too much, right?

Cosmo's wings vibrated so rapidly at that time, his heart was beating so fast, and he sweated so much from every pore of his skin, that only two things could happen:
either Wanda realized what was going on by herself, or he would explode in a magic cloud, disintegrated by his own nervousness.

"Tell her, NOW!" -ordered the insidious little voice, and Cosmo bowed to its will:

-Alright, alright, I'm going to confess! I'll confess it all! – he said throwing himself to the ground, at Wanda's feet. - I've cheated on you, I've cheated on you with Timmy, our godson!
I, Cosmo Cosma, have slept with Timmy Turner, I, his fairy godparent, have made love with him!
He asked me to do it and I pleased him, and he's been inside of me, and I've enjoyed it, and I've desired him!
And even when all this is over now, I don't deserve to be his godparent anymore, and above all, I don't deserve to be your husband anymore!

The words escaped the lips of Cosmo by themselves, without the latter being able to do anything to hold them among the many tears that clogged his throat.
He knew this would be his undoing, but he couldn't help it.
His whole little body trembled, shaken by tears, awaiting punishment.

At any moment, he'd hear Wanda screaming hysterical, and she'd start hitting and throwing things at him, and fluttering madly from side to side of the room,
and finally she'd collapse in a corner and burst into tears, with her whole life destroyed.

But none of this happened. Instead, he just heard the calm voice of Wanda saying:

-I knew it.

Cosmo looked up at once to stare with astonished eyes at his wife. All his despair had turned suddenly into amazement and disbelief.
- H ... How do you ... do you know? – he stammered.

- How do I know? Anti-Cosmo invited himself yesterday at afternoon for tea, while you went with Timmy to his date, and told me everything.
But I wanted to wait for your own confession, dear. - replied Wanda, somewhat sarcastically.

Cosmo had stopped crying completely, but was unable to utter a single word.
That Anti-Cosmo bastard...! How could he be such a gossip! The one to blame was himself, after all, for trusting an anti-fairy.

-Oh, and he also told me about that plan of yours to send him to replace you in Timmy's bed! - continued Wanda, putting her hands on her hips,
and frowning in disapproval. - You think it's funny to send anti-fairies to our godson, eh, Cosmo?
Of course, I told him that if he happens to poke his nose around Timmy's room, he'll have to deal first with me.

-B ... But ... - was all the fairyman managed to stammer, he was frozen in place.

Wanda grabbed his hand and got him up from the floor, to look directly at him, face to face.
Her expression was severe, but curiously enough, she didn't have the attitude of someone who has been deeply hurt.
She was angry, yes, but it was the same anger with which she scolded him, whenever he messed something up, accidentally.

-So making love with Timmy, huh? But do you know the mess you could have got into! For God's sake, Cosmo, he's still a minor!
If Fairy World authorities heard about this, you'd go to jail, and of course, you would be disqualified as a fairy godparent!
But how can you be so stupid to get involved in this by a hormone-crazed teenager! It's certainly true that men only think with their crotches ...

Cosmo finally mustered enough strength to reply:
-And what could I do, Wanda! He wanted to sleep with me, that was his wish and I had to fulfill it! The rules don't prevent it and ...

- The rules? - Wanda waved her wand and called Da Rules forth.
She opened the book at the end and flipped a few pages to find what she wanted. - Read here, come on, darling ...

Cosmo bent over the book and read the line his wife pointed out:
-"No fairy may be forced to have sex against his/her will."

Cosmo flushed to the roots of his green hair.
- I ... It's impossible, I checked the whole book! Where was this rule!

-Appendix I, which refers to typical cases with teenage godchildren. Don't you read the appendices, Cosmo?

-Who the hell reads the appendices! – exclaimed the fairyman outraged, both at how badly organized was that book, and at his own stupidity.
All he wanted now was that the earth swallowed him to hide his indescribable shame. - But I don't understand ... If we broke the rules, why didn't we receive any notice? Why nothing happened?

-Well, I guess your "against will" wasn't very strong, don't you think, Cosmo? - said Wanda with sarcasm.

And Cosmo got even redder, if possible.
But Wanda was right; in fact, Timmy hadn't even formulate the wish to have sex with him.
He just asked him to undress, and then Cosmo got turned on very quickly, and gave himself without resistance.

-At least you'd use protection, right? - sighed Wanda, seeing that everything else was already beyond hope.

- Protection? Well ... I had a pillow under my head so as not to hurt me. - Wanda covered her face with her hand, resigned.
No, it was hopeless, her husband was far beyond hope!

- But Cosmo, how can you be so irresponsible! What should I do with you? Right tomorrow you're going to the doctor, and Timmy as well!

-Will I have a baby from Timmy?

-No! Fortunately, that doesn't work that way. And thank goodness, because we had enough already just with Poof.

Cosmo was feeling much better now, seeing that Wanda still worried about him.
-So ... do you still love me? - asked shyly the fairyman- Aren't you going to pack, take Poof, divorce me and ask your father to bury me under a mountain of garbage?

Wanda waved the hand in a careless way.
- Bah! The truth is that I always knew you were a little gay, honey.
In fact, sometimes I spend my free time writing erotic stories in which you make out with Jorgen ... –she smiled, blushing a little. –
But what bothers me indeed, is that I've been asking you literally for centuries to try new things in bed and you never feel like it because you're so lazy.
And then comes Timmy and asks you, and you go for it at first attempt. I assure you that after 10,000 years of marriage ANY woman gets tired of the missionary position!

Cosmo stared at her, being so grumbling and still so understanding, and a tear of happiness rolled down his cheek.
Indeed, Wanda had no reason to be so good to him, but the fact is that she was, and that's what mattered.

Without a word, Cosmo threw himself onto his wife and gave her the strongest hug of his life. He had never loved her so much before as in that moment.
Wanda surrounded him with her arms as well, and stroked his hair while kissing his cheek tenderly.

-I'm so sorry, Wanda ... I don't know what came over me. I wasn't thinking about what I did, only about pleasure, because I'm too dumb to see the consequences of my actions.
But I swear you it won't happen again, because you're the only person I love and Timmy has understood it. Everything is sorted out, you haven't to worry about it.

-Yeah, I know, I know ... - whispered Wanda, comforting him. Cosmo felt the luckiest fairy in the world: Wanda loved him, Timmy loved him ... even Anti-Cosmo loved him, in his way!
And that despite being unable to do anything right. He couldn't ask for more. -And regarding Timmy, - added Wanda in a more stern tone- he's going to have a tremendous scolding from me, and I'll think a good punishment for him, for being a spoiled brat and get you into this mess ...
Although ... well, I guess that on the other hand, I should be grateful to him for expanding your sexual horizons, eh, Cosmo?

-Yeah ...- he murmured, more concentrated in the embrace and the scent given off by Wanda's hair, than in what she said.

-And ... well ... I had thought that ... since you've been exploring your gay side ... - Wanda hesitated, stroking the wings of her husband with some nervousness –
... We could have a threesome with Juandissimo.

Cosmo gazed open-mouthed at her and Wanda bit her lip.
-That's a joke right? - said the fairyman, not believing what he had just heard.

-Huh? Yeah, right ... it's ... it's just a joke. How could I seriously pretend that Juandissimo… and you… and I ... well, that?, he, he!

-Phew, what a relief! Because you know how much I hate that guy. - and Cosmo turned to rest his head on the shoulder of his wife, satisfied.

Wanda sighed, "Well, I had to try at least ..."

-Oh, just one more thing, -said Cosmo, frowning intrigued. –
... Jorgen? Why with Jorgen!


And that's all. Thank you for reading this pervy little story of mine to the very end,

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