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Chapter One

Orochimaru absentmindedly stared at Tsunade as she finished off her Ramen. Jiraiya had finished long before her, and Orochimaru himself hadn't had any, the smell in itself repulsed him. She was taking her sweet time, twirling her chopsticks in the broth and picking out the noodles. He rolled his eyes and opened the mission scroll again. It was practically Genin level. A simple escort. First they had to walk to the village and then back. The village was so small it was lacking in a name.

"Tsunade, hurry it up." Orochimaru said quietly.

"Excuse me?" She said turning to him. His eyes immediately went to her large breasts as they were hard to ignore. She had 'grown' quite a bit since he had first met her. He shifted his vision to her eyes and cleared his throat.

"Tsunade, please hurry along." Orochimaru corrected himself. She hated both him and Jiraiya and constantly reminded them that a woman such as herself deserved respect. The chef looked down at them,

"Masters Orochimaru, Jiraiya, May I interest you in some Sake?" He asked, Jiraiya smiled and Nudged Orochimaru, they both knew that they looked older than they were.

"Yes please." Jiraiya said, Orochimaru nodded in agreement, and the chef brought them their Sake.

"You guys can't drink that." Tsunade said, glaring at them. "Drinking that… Repulsive… Besides were are about to go on a mission."

"You think we care about Repulsive?" Jiraiya said taking a sip of the Sake. "Were the frog king and the snake king!" He started to put his arm around Orochimaru but changed his mind quickly. "Beside that it's just one drink." Tsunade rolled her eyes and finished up her ramen.


Tsunade stretched her arms as they left the confines of the village. Orochimaru knew how much she loved these missions, the ones with several days of traveling; he did to, however not in the same way she seemed to. She seemed to breathe more and be more alive, whereas he just turned into a bit less of a cynic. "alright, here is how this is going to work. I will be walking in front, Orochimaru, you will be behind me, Jiraiya behind him, Clear?"

"Why are we walking in a line?" Jiraiya asked,

"Because, this way if we are ambushed there is more of a chance of survival."

"Then shouldn't Orochimaru be in front, The Medical ninja be in the middle, and I… bring up the behind." Jiraiya asked, looking at her butt shamelessly.

"No. Because unlike you, Orochimaru is not a Pervert." She replied smacking him.

"Hmph. I'd Beg to differ." Jiraiya retorted, rubbing his face.

"Let me see your proof, Pervy-nin." Tsunade said,

"why I ought ta…" He said, getting up in her face, his own face turning red. In all the time that they were arguing, Orochimaru had already started off in the direction of the other village.

"Orochimaru! Wait up!" They called running up, he had gained quite a bit of distance.


It was a long journey to the village that they had intended to go to, and they decided to stop at a small town on the way where they could rest in a hotel and maybe take a soak. The room they had rented happened to have a bathing area downstairs. But the place was small and they were currently the only customers at "The Springs" so the bath did not catch much of Jiraiya's Attention.

"Why don't we go to the hotel across the street? I saw a lot of girls checking in across the street Orochimaru." Jiraiya was saying, Orochimaru looked over his shoulder at the place, it looked loud and dirty, he felt that there was a lot of women, but he wasn't in the mood to toy around with all the noise.

"No. Jiraiya." Orochimaru said as he took off his backpack and sat on the bed, "Beside, we already paid for the room."

"Well can't we at least go over there and fool around!" He asked. Orochimaru looked at him, as if wondering what was really going through his head.

"You can do whatever you want. I am going to go bathe." Orochimaru said, standing and taking off his weapons belt.

"I think ill go do some…" Orochimaru shot him a look. "…R…research… for my uh… book!" Jiraiya said rubbing the back of his head and smiling. Orochimaru knew this was a lie, but couldn't resist himself, he laughed quietly.

"And what's the book about, women? I look forward to reading it, mr. Novelist." He said as he left the room.


The bathing room was warm and steamy to the point where Orochimaru could barely see in front of his face, there was a sign posted outside the door that said, "Mixed Bathing room, no clothing or footwear allowed." Orochimaru sank under the water, Feeling the warmth crawl up his back. He leaned against the warm rocks and closed his eyes.

The steam felt good, soaking into his face and allowing his muscles to relax. This was the exact reason he had picked this hotel. It was his favorite and he stayed here every time that they had to pass through this way.

The door opened and someone stepped in. Orochimaru opened his eyes and looked out the outline, he immediately knew it was Tsunade due to the outline of the figure, whose breasts were clearly defined. She must have known he was in there, because his clothes were just outside the door.

Tsunade settled into the water and looked across at him. He could tell without clearly being able to see her that she was blushing. She didn't much like the mixed gender baths, and he knew that. Especially since her last encounter in the baths with Jiraiya and his peeping eyes, with a considerable lack of steam.

Tsunade eventually relaxed in and put her arms to the sides, in full repose. Orochimaru closed his eyes again and let the water rush over him. "Did you sleep with her?" Tsunade asked in her bluffing voice, the one Orochimaru knew all to well.

"With Whom?" He asked, opening his eyes.

"The Lady at the front desk." She asked, He sat up and squinted at her. He wasn't surprised that she had observed how the desk lady acted around him, but he was surprised that she realized they had had sex.

"And if I did?"

"Oh nothing. She didn't think you were that…good is all."

"What do you mean good?" He asked sitting up.

"You know exactly what I mean."

"What does it matter to you?" He asked, He crossed his arms and listened to her sigh. She was still bluffing. She Wants you, Baka. His mind was saying, but it didn't make much sense with Tsunade.


He knew that she had a secret drinking problem, and a gambling problem. Admit it or not, she loved Sake, and money, both of which never seemed to be in high enough supply. It immediately made him wonder if she was drunk or had lost a bet.

"Stop bluffing. Be straight with me." He said sitting back again. The steam cleared for a moment and he saw her face clearly and she saw his. She was definitely not drunk. She rolled her eyes.

"Nothing. Nevermind." She said. But it was untruthful. He ignored his and leaned back, resting again, closing his eyes, but then all of a sudden she was staddling his hips and leaning close to his ear. "I lost a bet with Jiraiya on our walk… He said if I lost I had to sleep with you, and try to make you happy about it."

"Seems like a stupid bet." He said, trying to keep some hold on what was happening, He couldn't focus enough to tell if she was still bluffing or not.