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Chapter 5

Three and a half hours later

It was far past noon as they continued their walk to the unnamed village. It was somewhere out near this place where they grew a lot of rice, and there were a lot of traveler towns there, and Jiraiya wanted to stop at all of them. "OOO this one has Casinos!" Jiraiya yelled, he had stars in his eyes and was extremely excited. "You know Casino's sell alcohol which attracts women… Maybe we should stop here and pick up our walk in the morning…?" He asked, Orochimaru's eyes scanned over Tsunade.

Round one: Me, Round two: Her, Round three: Me, Round four: Me … She has some catching up to do… He thought. He looked at Jiraiya and shrugged. "If you want."

"Don't try that reverse psychology on me, Orochimaru, you just want to screw with Tsu-" Orochimaru put his hand over Jiraiya's mouth, and pulled thirty dollars out of his pocket.

"Take this, go to a bar, pick up some chicks. And if you EVER say anything like that again I won't be putting the money in your hand you understand?" he asked, Jiraiya nodded and Orochimaru let him go. Tsunade's cheeks were bright red, but she still wanted to be dominant.

"Besides, what do you care if we go fuck for a while?" She said, implicating herself. She wrapped her arms around Orochimaru's.

"He already told me you two are betting, 'nade… or should I say naughtay." He said, both Tsunade and Orochimaru rolled their eyes. "But whatever I will go have a 'chat' with some ladies, whilst you to… what was the word? Oh, right, 'Fuck'." Jiraiya said walking off.

"What do we do if he tells Sarutobi that we were…you know… on a mission?" Tsunade asked, Orochimaru held her close and kissed her neck.

"He won't, I bribed him away from the idea." He said, she giggled,

"How so… hmm?" She asked, he picked her up bridal style,

"To a hotel then?" He asked, she smacked him playfully,

"Put me down!" She protested, he let her onto the ground and led her to a nearby hotel.

*ten minutes later*

"Orochimaru… all this… it doesn't mean anything, right?" Tsunade asked sitting down on the bed. He smiled at her,

"Not unless you want it to. Round Five?" He stated. She smiled and motioned for him to come closer, he did, bending down to kiss her. She pulled off his shirt and got them both on the bed.

"If you insist." She whispered. He smiled and kissed her, snaking his tongue into his mouth. It wasn't long before Tsunade had managed to get him completely nude.

"Darling, for this to work, you need to be wearing less clothing." He said, she shook her head.

"Not yet." She whispered. She rolled over him, and straddled him, grasping his hard-on in her hand,"Not until you forfeit this round."