I do not own the show and the movie it is parodying! Ownership belongs to CBS and Warner Brothers. P.S. This is my first TBBT fan fic so don't be afraid to give your honest opinions.

Penny was feeling low in herself for the past few months. She spends most of her days working as a waitress in the Cheesecake Factory or with her friends Amy and Bernadette, instead of hanging out with her neighbors Leonard and Sheldon. Leonard, her ex-boyfriend, has a new girlfriend, Priya , who is the sister of his friend Raj. It is because of Priya that Penny is forbidden from seeing Leonard and that makes her sad because she still has feelings for him. With her friends Amy and Bernadette away for the weekend and Priya back from India, she doesn't know what to do about it. However, it is during a fateful night that things would take a giant turn.

Penny was driving back home after an audition from out of town. As she passed the place where the boys go paintballing, a lot was going on in her mind about what to do tonight and what they might be up to, but more especially what Leonard and Priya might be doing. But her thinking halted when her eyes focused on a round, bright object. It looked like the moon, but it could not have been that smooth and clean. Whatever it was, it was coming straight at her. Penny skidded off the road to move out of its way where the object made a landing on the ground.

She got out of her car and marveled at the thing. It looked like a satellite, only larger. Steam was sifting through the door. Many sounds were heard faintly inside, mainly consisting of beeps and loud thuds. Penny was both frightened and amazed at the same time. She decided to take out her phone and took a picture of the UFO.

"Man, the boys will never believe what I saw," she said to herself. "Or will they?"

Just then, the one door on the UFO opened and a silhouette of a giant figure was seen through the foggy steam. Penny screamed and ran back inside her car, speeding back to the apartment building to tell the boys what she seen.