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Sebastian walked down the sanitized hallways wrinkling his nose. He hated the smell of hospitals, but he had to do this. He had to apologize. Even his idea for regionals didn't ease his mind. He reached the door, he took a deep breath, and opened it.

Dave was sitting upright in the hospital bed, watching a basketball game. He muted it when he noticed his visitor, and his gaze became stony.

"What do you want?"

"I came to apologize." Sebastian couldn't even look him in the eye. He couldn't see the hate that came with that tone.

"For what?" Dave sounded surprised, and finally the blazer clad boy looked into blue eyes that were filled with curiosity.

"For the way I treated you. To be honest, that day, in Scandals, when you asked me how to get a guy to like you, I said those things because," He took a deep breath. "Because I sort of like you."


"I remember the first night you visited Scandals. I was dancing with a random guy, and I noticed you sitting at the bar, looking nervous. You weren't my usual type, but there was just something about you. For weeks, I watched you talking with people, laughing, being you, and I started to look forward to your visits. Eventually I tried to get over seeing you by going after Blaine but…" His hands were twisting in front of him. "That didn't work out."

Dave motioned to the chair in which his dad had previously occupied and Sebastian sat down. "Are you really telling me the truth?"

Sebastian nodded. "I haven't been this honest in a long time. Not even with myself. When I found out, something clicked. I needed to be honest. With myself, with everyone. I broke." And so did his voice.

Sebastian froze as a hand came into contact with his own. So soft, so warm, and strong. It was comforting and reassuring. And the pressure was enough to know that Dave had forgiven him.

"Do." Sebastian squeezed back. "Do you think you could give me another chance?"

Dave didn't answer, waiting for Sebastian to look up. When he finally did, seeing fear in those bright blue eyes rimmed with tears that still hadn't fallen in days, he nodded. "Yeah, I think I can do that."

They sat there like that for a long time, until Dave turned the game back on and soon they were watching the game with enthusiasm, laughing until the late hours of the night.