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Rachel and Artie kept looking from each other to the clock and back again. She was starting to get worried. It was her first day back in the studio since her week off and all she could think of was how amazing it would feel to record the song she and Noah had written together. But she didn't want to start recording without him there.

So where was he?

"Rachel I don't understand. He's never late to the studio. Want me to try calling him again?" Artie wasn't really sure what else he could do. Puck was thirty minutes late and that was a big deal considering he was early to the studio most of the time. He felt just a little bad for Rachel since she'd come in that morning all excited about a song she'd apparently written with Puck during their time off.

She was just about to dig her phone out of her purse and call him herself when the door to the studio suddenly swung open.

The second Noah walked into the room, Rachel could feel something was different about him. He seemed, lighter, less brooding than she'd grown accustomed to. Without saying a word, he pulled on the rolling chair she was seated in until she was facing him, wide-eyed and curious but unable to speak. Before words were able to form, he threaded his fingers through her hair and kissed her with all the passion of a longtime lover. Rachel squeaked her surprised, mainly because Artie was sitting two feet away, but quickly returned his kiss. Holding nothing back, she gladly accepted his tongue past her lips, practically purring when his tongue sent a spark of electricity through every nerve in her body. It was exactly like the first time, and nothing like it at all.

Beside them, Artie cleared his throat. When that didn't do anything, he shrugged his shoulders and decided he might as well go call Quinn and tell her that she owed him dinner at her place. After she'd told him about how Rachel and Puck had apparently had sex in the studio, he'd bet her that something was bound to happen in the studio again. He'd been a firsthand witness to way too much tension between the two of them so it made sense that they would happily slip up again. She insisted that they were both too professional to let something like that happen again but gladly accepted his wager. Artie didn't care who won that bet since he'd get another date with the beautiful lawyer no matter what. But it'd still be funny to hear the surprise in her voice when he broke the news to her.

Gently, Puck broke the kiss when he heard Artie leave the room. He had to grin at the still confused look on Rachel's face. Fuck, she was cute. From his back pocket, he pulled out one of his notebooks that held his songs and wordlessly handed it to her. He could tell that she recognized it as the same one he'd used while they'd been at his house only a few days before. She looked up at him with more questions in her eyes but he just gestured to the notebook again.

In the middle, a section of pages had been folded down so Rachel opened to them. As she read the notes and words scrawled across the paper, a soft gasp escaped from her throat. The song was like some strange and fitting amalgamation of their stories, their past. It held insinuations to feeling cheated by the world, becoming disillusioned with the things you loved the most, striking out and creating your own path and then rediscovering what had always spoken to your heart.

The words alone made Rachel fall in love with the song. They were his words; Noah's words. At that moment, somehow singing it became everything.

Tentative, Rachel looked back up at Noah. The thoughts running through her head were jumbled but she knew two things for certain. She wanted to sing this song for the album and she needed Noah to sing it with her. Given his reaction to the last time she'd requested his voice in a song, a prick of disappointment shot through her. How could she ask that of him again?

"Noah, I—it's beautiful." He released a breath and smiled. For a moment, she thought he would kiss her again. Instead, he pulled a stool in front of her chair and sat down.

"After you left the other day, I couldn't get this melody out of my head. I started thinking about the story you told me, about that douche bag director and how he'd made you feel, and lines started popping up in front of me. By the time I'd finished writing it, it had become this whole combination of—well, of you and me." He paused suddenly, just staring into her eyes, and Rachel felt a strange sense of hope bubble up in her throat. She didn't know what that was about. "The whole time I was writing and composing the song, I kept hearing it my head, as a duet. I know what I said about never wanting to record again but… Rachel, you awakened something in me the other day when we sang together. And I'm giving this song to you with no expectations but I'd be honored if you'd let me sing it with you." Rachel felt her eyes welling with tears as she smiled up at him. "And I got it cleared by the execs this morning before I got here, that's why I was late, so you can use it for the album if you want."

She didn't know what to say but her body was screaming for her to touch him. She obeyed without hesitation. Swinging her arms around his shoulders, Rachel hugged him as tight as she was able to. When she felt his lips on the top of her head in a soft kiss, she mumbled a soft "thank you so much" into his neck. He kissed her again, the tip of her nose and then her mouth, and grinned.

With his forehead touching hers, he whispered, "so, are we gonna do this or not?" Rachel giggled against his mouth and replied,

"That's a loaded question." Noah waggled his eyebrows suggestively as Artie came back in the room.

Loaded or not, they both knew the answer was 'yes'.

The lights in the sound booth had been dimmed as Puck sat on the floor with his guitar in his lap. Rachel sat across from him with the microphone adjusted between them. The notes hung around them, like a fort children make with sheets and couch cushions. They were cocooned in the song, the music, that was all them. It felt like a beginning. New, frightening, exciting, everything at once. Wherever this experience took them, both Rachel and Puck knew that it would only bring them even closer together.

The music would accept nothing less.


Rachel was close to falling back asleep when a chuckle at her back shook her awake. Noah had turned the television on once he woke from their nap and immediately started laughing at the story that E! News was running. Rachel leaned her head back against his chest and focused on the program to see what was so funny.

"Sources close to the Broadway-turned-pop-star say she's head over heels for the new man in her life. With Rachel Berry's national tour starting soon, everyone is not only wondering who exactly the mystery man is but just how he'll feel sharing the sensation with her adoring fans."

"So," Noah poked her in her side, "it's been two months and they still consider me 'new' and a 'mystery'. You know once the tour gets underway, the rumors are gonna fly like crazy."

Rachel turned her face up to his and smiled. Dragging his mouth down to hers, she startled him a little bit by nipping at his lip. Turnabout was fair play apparently because suddenly his hands were inflicting such delicious torture on her bare breasts. When they pulled away for air, his arms simply settled around her midsection, securing her to his front. He dropped a kiss to her neck and sighed.

"Noah I've dealt with rumors my entire life. I don't care what the tabloids say now or when the tour starts. We're together and nothing they say is going to change that. Besides, this is all a dream come true for me and knowing that you're going to be there with me, on stage in every arena, just makes it even better. I never thought I'd be glad that my guitarist had to back out at the last minute either." At that, Puck smirked.

"Well I figured since I was gonna be there with you for our song performances, it wasn't that big of a deal to step in as your lead guitarist either." Rachel rolled her eyes. He had a habit of downplaying things just to mess with her.

"It is a big deal Noah. After all we've shared since we met, I couldn't be more happy to be sharing this with you too. I want you with me." Again, his mouth descended on hers and she could feel his smile. Few things could compare to that feeling.

Rachel turned around and straddled his hips, never breaking the kiss. He gripped her thighs and slowly slid his hands higher. Just before his thumbs reached their destination, both of their phones began making noises to signal they'd received text messages. Puck ignored his but Rachel leaned forward to grab her phone off of the bedside table. Puck took the opportunity to swirl his tongue over her nipple, pleased when she moaned and ground down on his dick while reading her text message.

"It's Quinn. We were supposed to meet her and Artie for dinner thirty minutes ago. How did we both forget?" Puck just laughed at her worried expression. He guessed his own text message was from Artie and probably said something like 'you two quit fucking around we're hungry'. He smirked and circled her other nipple.

"I've got a couple ideas about how we forgot."

Rachel didn't want to stop his ministrations but she knew she should. Or shouldn't. Or never. God why did he always make it so difficult to think straight? It was wonderful.

Just five more minutes. Maybe an hour?

As they were getting dressed, Rachel could hear Noah humming from across the room. It made her pause in putting her shoes on and stare at him. She didn't recognize the song but it was beautiful all the same.

"Is that a new one Noah?" He just nodded as he zipped his jeans continued to hum the tune. "What's it called?" With nimble fingers, he buttoned his shirt while making his way across the room to her. Standing in front of her, he lifted her chin up so she was staring into his eyes.

Softly, he whispered, "I was thinking something along the lines of 'My Words on Your Lips'. What do you think?" Rachel sighed.

"I love it. How'd this one come to you?" He shrugged his shoulders and gave her the smile that made her insides melt.

"I have a great muse."


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