The HiME of Zero

I've had this idea for awhile and been playing with it, and now here it is in all of it's glory!

To say my life has been nothing but crap would be putting it lightly. Most of my life was in the dirt and for a while even lower than that. But it also had its ups too, in regards to a certain Student Counsel President and her damn teasing…My life has also been one of the weirdest ever too. First the HiMEs and the Carnival, then living with Shizuru for the time that we did. That was defiantly weird for me.

But this…This takes the cake on being weird.

First there was that green, oval, thingy placed right in the middle of the sidewalk and me being stupid enough to get sucked into it. Traveling for what seemed like forever. Now I'm in the middle of a cloud of smoke on my ass. I must have pissed god off or something and I'm only 22 dammit!

I quickly stand up and brush off my clothes, first brushing off the dirt on my jeans, then off my jacket and straightening my shirt underneath it. Luckily my hair is in a high ponytail; otherwise it might be all over the place. I check to see if I still have my necklace. I dig around in my shirt for it before fishing it out, the heart shaped locket, the thing dearest to me. I place the locket back into my shirt and take a relaxed stance but I'm ready to hit the first person I see.

The first person I see is a girl, small and thin, but her hair really stood to me, long and bright. Strawberry blond bright to be exact, she looks at me and her eyes almost fill with disappointment when she looks at me. I feel a twang of annoyance, she pulls this stupid stunt and is disappointed by the prey she's caught? But her clothes catch my eyes, a normal school girl uniform with…a cape? Have I been caught up in some kind of cosplay performance or some nerds doing that…what do they call that board game…Dragons and Caverns?

In fact most of the people around us are wearing the same thing as the girl, a school uniform accompanied by a cape. This was one weird prank, 'I bet Nao is behind this.' I think as I bite my lip to keep myself from just start grilling the girl in front of me with questions. Only Nao would try and do this, but I'd be suppressed that she could talk this many people into doing something like this.

Suddenly the people around start talking in a different language, the girl talks back in the same language, I can't make heads or tails of it. The others laugh at the girl in front of me, especially a girl with red hair, tan skin, and a pair of breasts that rivals Mai's. Their laughter quickly gives me a headache, "Shut up!" I yell out and rub my temple. God I'm getting a headache already and I've barely been here ten minutes.

The crowd turns their heads toward me and stares, before talking among themselves again. I find my temper rising again before suppressing it, if I can't understand them most likely they can't understand me. A tall bald man steps in, the people stop talking and turn to the bald man as he talks, a teacher maybe or some kind of important person? I cross my arms, wondering what to do next though I probably should just leave these weirdos.

Looking over some of them, they have weird animals next to them.

One girl has a frog on her shoulder, and girl has a…is that a freaking dragon! I must be seeing this, maybe these people drugged me and the effects haven't worn off yet. The tan girl has a red salamander next to her, and its tail was on fire, like that one Pokemon. But that wasn't the weirdest animal there, oh no, the weirdest one was a giant floating eyeball. Yes a floating eyeball...

The girl in front of me gasps and turns bright red as the man talks. She's give me a quick glance before saying something back to the bald man. The girl flinches at what the bald man says next and looks back at me.

She cast her eye's downwards and then gives a determined look before marching over to me. I swear the guys in the crowd are making even weirder noises, it almost sounds like hoots and even whistles. 'Well this can't be good.' I think as the strawberry blond comes even closer to me, she says something which of course I can't understand and then pulls me down face to face, and promptly kisses me on the lips.

I freeze up instantly, my mind goes blank instantly, my reflexes don't kick in, and I just stand there, letting this girl kiss me. She pulls away and says something again which snaps me out of my trace and also makes me bring back my left arm and throw a punch at her face. She's easily knocked to the ground and I hear what sound like gasps coming from the other student and even the bald man.

I'm beyond pissed and I could care less if the girl on the ground is in pain. I bring the arm that hit her up and I wipe off where she kissed me. "Don't…ever do that again." I threaten her. She holds where I hit her and looks shocked, like someone told her dog had died. I felt sort of bad for doing it but that feeling goes away as another feeling comes up instead.

Pain, white, hot, burning pain fills my whole body; I grit my teeth to stop myself from crying out. It seems to focus on my left hand as writing begins to appear on it, and for a brief moment, in one brief second I feel something very familiar. So familiar that I forget about the fire in my body and instead focus on this feeling. The feeling I remember from so long ago, during that damn Carnival. The feeling of being a HiME once more, it was only for a second but I defiantly felt it. But it was not that feeling of being the HiME of Ice that I was during the Carnival. No, it was different in that way but I could still tell that I had become a HiME once more. I searched the sky for signs of the HiME Star, the bright glowing star that only HiME could see.

I don't see any signs of it and again pain fills my body. The writing on my hand glows brightly and soon fades leaving behind a tan in the shape of the writing. "Tch" I click my tongue. This can't be a trick; that pain was all too real, which means I'm some where else that's not home.

But did I travel through space, time, or maybe both? 'What a crappy day.' I feel a headache coming back on, and the others start talking again as the strawberry blond girl gets up. I get the strangest feeling their talking about me and it's nothing good.

No I have to ignore them for now; I open one hand at my side and close my eyes. I'm looking for my Element at the moment, I figure out how to summon the child later. First I begin with my old method of summoning my Element. Using my hate for First District to try and summon the element, and as I expected it didn't work. After all love is the greatest weapon for a HiME, so I tried my second way, after I accept Shizuru's feeling and returned them.

I pour all my love for Shizuru, to manifest the Element, I felt something there. I was defiantly a HiME again, but the Element didn't manifest like I thought it would. It was just like the time that I lost the power to summon my Element and my Child Duran. Why though…it was our love for our most precious person that summoned our Element…

So why wasn't mine coming out? A thought hit me though, 'It's not my element.' It was a simple thought but it hit me like a train. If it's not my Element then whose is it? Then another thought hit me even harder. It is the love of the HiME's precious person that gives them power and this HiME power is not mine….then….

'Will I have to throw away my love for Shizuru?'

My eyes snap open, my stomach filled with uneasiness, my mind quickly tries to throw out such thoughts, and I suddenly feel like puking also. I throw a hand to my mouth, and I'm force to takes two steps back so I don't fall, and try to keep my stomach from coming up. But the thought wouldn't leave me alone. It nagged at me like a woodpecker in my head. I quickly push it down with another thought, 'No! I'd rather die than give up my love for her!'

Shizuru had done so much for me, in high school, during the Carnival, and after words. She stained her hands in blood so I wouldn't have to suffer any more. Hell, she took down First District herself. She loved me for who I am and accepted me. It was corny, yes, but maybe that's why I fell for her also. I would never give up everything we've been through just because of something like this happened; actually I wouldn't give it up for anything.

But I can't hold my stomach down any more. I turn around and puke; I grab my knees so I don't fall. My eyes water up and burn as the bile comes up, the people behind me make a noise, like it's the first time they seen someone throw their guts up. I only had to puke once, before my stomach was clear. The bald man is at my side in a flash and offered up something. It was a handkerchief, or the equivalence to it, "T-Thanks…" I say, though I doubt he can understand me.

The man nodded, as if he understood me, but I doubt it as he said something in the foreign language. The girl with pink hair walked over…or rather stomped over to me and took my hand, pulling toward the castle looking place. I wanted to speak up, but didn't. I could hear her mumbling something under her breath.

Apparently this girl wasn't too happy about what had happened in the yard. So she decided to start yelling at me, in language I still can't understand, I wonder when she'll figure that out… Waving her arms up and down like a chicken, and touching were I had punched her. I smirked at that, which made her go off even more. No sense in getting angry that I can't understand her.

I decided to use her body language inside of her words to decipher what she was saying. "OK, she mad at me. She's mad at me punching her and for puking in front of everyone…" I speak as she acts, which pisses her off even more. I chuckle at her anger; at least I can kill some time until I learn the language. 'Oh boy that will be fun…' I sigh. Then the strawberry blond pulls out a stick from her cape and points it at me, not point blank but close enough.

"What is tha-" Is as far as I get before there an explosion and I sent backward, tipping the chair over, and rolling backward before hitting my head against the wall. "Ow…What the hell was that?" I ask out loud. How the hell did she make an explosion out of thin air, magic?

"That was supposed to be a silence spell." Oh so she was trying to shut me up. "Well fat load that did." I complain out loud rubbing my head…wait a minute. "Shut up you commoner!" Yep I wasn't hearing things, she spoke and I understood her.

"Hey I can understand you now…" The smoke cleared and I see her shocked face as well. "And I can understand you…" Thank god I don't have to learn a whole new language. "Alright then little girl I've got some question for you." I stand up and face her, putting on my 'Ice Queen' gaze as everyone calls it. The small girl opens her mouth, but shuts it quickly after giving her the gaze.

"First off, who the hell are you?" Calling her "girl" the whole time would get annoying for both of us. She keeps her mouth shut as if pondering something. Then she speaks up, "I'm Louise. Louise de La Valliere and a commoner should not speak to a noble in such a way." 'A commoner?' Was the first thing that entered my mind. I let my head drop and sighed, "OK then, how did I get here and why am I here?" I asked the girl named Louise.

"Humph, I summoned you of course. Though I wished it had been a Dragon or a Gryphon or something better than a commoner." Louise starts pulling at her hair; upset with what she thinks is a fail summoning. She has no idea she summoned a HiME, speaking of HiME, whose mark do I have? I ignore Louise's ranting while walking to the mirror in the room.

I pull up the left of my shirt to see if my mark is on my back. I don't even have to get that far, as I found it already. It's on my left side, "This mark belongs to…!" Shizuru. I can see plain as day, her HiME mark is on my side. Relief floods my mind and body, and I about fall to the ground.

"Hey don't go dying on me familiar!" Louise shouts and rushes to me. I smile and want to cry, "No…it's…I'm just happy…" I look at her, with a smile on my face and my eyes water up. Man, I shouldn't be crying. Honestly, I can't help it. Louise backs up and looks away, "B-But of course, you should be happy to have me as your master." Honestly she about threw the moment right out the window.

I had Shizuru's HiME mark; I didn't have to throw anything away. I wipe my eyes and slap my face with both my hands, "Alright, now to summon her Element." I say out loud and walk forward to the open part of the room.

"Element? She was a noble?" Louise tilts her head again. I sigh but in a happy manner, "Just watch." I tell her and place one hand in front of me. I had once asked how Shizuru summoned her element, even during the end of the Carnival when she thought I hated her. She simply replied, "Ara, I always believed I was Natsuki's knight." I near fell out of my chair in laughter, she pouted in her manner and called me a meanie. It was childish, though maybe that's why it fitted Shizuru also. She was mature at school and around other, but with me she showed off that childishness and liked to be spoiled also.

I smile at the thought of those times and close my eyes. I saw myself, and Shizuru, but the roles were switched. Shizuru saw herself as the knight and me as the princess, however this time I would be the knight and she would be the princess. The Element materialized into my hand, and just as I thought it was her naginata. I open my eyes to see it in all its beauty.

This naginata was a part of her, just like my pistols were a part of me. Since this was her Element that means I can also summon her child as well. Kiyohime, one of the strongest if not the strongest Child ever, only second to Kagutsuchi if not. As much as I would like to have Duran by my side instead, Kiyohime would be more than enough help. Hopefully it didn't get any teasing habits from Shizuru.

I turn to Louise and lower the naginata, her face is ripe with a surprised look "You didn't just summon anyone. You summoned a HiME." I tell her. She snaps out of it when I spoke to her. "Where did that weapon come from? Wait Hime? Does this mean your royalty? Tell me more familiar!" She demanded, but being called 'familiar' all the time was going to get old fast. "You know I have a name. It would be nice of you to use it." She stops with a peculiar look on her face.

"Alright, what is your name then?" It was more of a demand than a question, "Kuga. My name is Kuga." Just my family name, I didn't want her know my full name. Not yet anyways.

"Then answer my questions Kuga. Are you a princess and what is an Element for that matter?" Great now I'll have to explain this five time most likely.

"Listen up master; I don't want to have to repeat this five times." It was weird calling someone master but she did summon so I guess master would be the most appropriate title. "HiME stands for Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment." I can already tell that I'll have to repeat this. In the mean time I dematerialized the naginata and took a seat. Louise sits also trying to wrap her head around the sentence; I can tell she can't make heads or tails of it.

"It means that I can summon what's called an Element. That naginata that you saw was an Element." She stares at me for a second, the words going in one ear and out the other. I sigh, "So you can summon more than one thing?" My master suddenly asks. "Well other than the Child, no I can only summon the naginata." I answer, her interest perks up again. "What's a Child?" "A Child is a creature that is summoned by the HiME using there love for their most precious person." She makes and O face, "So you have someone precious to you?" I place my hand on my locket that in my shirt, "Yes I do." Louise stops and puts one hand to her chin like she's thinking. "Do you want to see them?" Huh?

"Wha…?" "Do you want to see them? Maybe if I feel like it, we'll take a trip to see whoever your precious person is." Louise holds a finger in the air like she had a bright idea. "No that's definitely impossible." I don't even hesitate, and that scared me. It's like I had already give up returning home. She seems taken back, "Well why not? If you give me their name surely we can find them." Oh she still thinks I was summoned from this world.

"Because she's not in this world in fact," I stand up. "I'm not from this world." My master looks shaken, like she can't believe what she's hearing. "Not from...this world?" I walk to the window and look out it, "Yes, you summoned me from a different time and space most likely." "And why would you say that?" She immediately asks. Of course, the thought of another world with beings like me, it would be a real blow to her reality. She also ignores the fact I said 'she' and not 'him,' maybe people here are more tolerant of homosexuals.

I stay silent wondering if I should keep quiet. "I'll tell you later master. I believe it is getting late." I observed that it was much darker now outside than before, maybe our entire talking made time fly by, or perhaps that the day is shorter here.

"Yes it is." Louise holds her hands up into the air. What in the world is she doing? "Well, what are you waiting for?" "Huh?" I answer her with one eyebrow raised, "You think a noble would undress themselves?" Huh! If she thinks I'll undress her, she's got another thing coming.

"Now hold on, I may be a familiar. But I'm not your slave or your maid." I look dead on and tell her, "Familiar, slave, maid, same thing different names." I felt myself fall forward. I hate stuck up people who can't take no for an answer, "Well you obviously had undressed yourself before I showed up." I shoot back. "Yes, but I didn't have a familiar then, now stop squawking and undress me." I grit my teeth to stop myself from grilling her, and simply sigh and begin to under her.

That's it, I'm out of here, familiar or not. I can't stand this person for sure and I bet my liver that everyone else is stuck up also. I bet if I can summon Kiyohime, I'll be able to get pretty far into the world. Then just lay low for about a month or so, and then start figuring how to get back to my world. I pull Louise's panties and to her feet, and then make a break for the door. I'm out it in a flash and dash to the stairs.

The reason I undressed her first was if she did come after me, she'll need to get redressed first which gives me time for a head start. Also my guess is that she'll be surprised that I left, that she won't recover till I've hit the first set of stairs. I quickly make my way down the stairs, and into the second hallway, I don't slow down even as I pass by a guy and girl talking in the hallway. I hit the second set of stairs and quickly make my way down skipping a set or two. Hitting the bottom of the stairs, I can hear Louise has already made it to the hallway above, damn. I take off running at full speed, through the large room.

It was large enough to hold a fountain in the middle, where the red head from the yard sat reading a book. I paid her no mind either, as I exit the room to the court yard I turn my heard at the sound of yelling, both Louise and the boy from the hallway are giving chase, shit.

I have to focus, I need Kiyohime. I try to call her out using the same method as I used to summon the naginata, but nothing happens. 'Damn! Then how do I call to her?' I wonder to myself. If Shizuru pictured herself as a knight maybe then….Kiyohime was her stead? It's possible; then right now I need to be thinking about that. I don't slow down, my heart hammers in my chest, I start breathing harder, but this is nothing compared to my daily exercises. 'Ok focus, Kiyohime is your loyal stead…' I can feel her now I just need to bring her out and…why am I floating? My legs are off the ground and I fly higher into the air, "SHIIIIT!" I yell, and I brought closer to the three people.

I hear laughter, "Ahahaha! Y-Y-Your familiar ran away? You really are Zero." The red haired girl is holding her sides and laughing, the guy from earlier has a rose out and is twirling it around. I twirl around at the same time, 'Going to be sick again…' I push down the urge, "I can't believe I'm even doing this…" The guy says uninterested. "Then put me down." I'm flipped upside down and brought face to face with the guy.

He has the face of an arrogant man and his blond hair doesn't help the look. "You finally decided to speak rather than making up gibberish?" Yeah a real asshole, "Nah she," I point to Louise, "casted a spell so we could understand either other." The red head and blonde here look shocked, "Zero made a spell work? That's not possible." "It involved an explosion though." Both nod their heads like they understand. "You dog!" Louise shouts and I don't take being called a dog lying down. Only one person is allowed put me and mutt in the same sentence and she's back home.

I shoot Louise my Death Glare, which is much different from my 'Ice Queen' gaze. I see her shiver and step back, while the other two just shiver. "Can you let me down now?" I ask the guy in front of me. "Fine, only because it is rude to treat a lady in this kind of manner, familiar or not." Great, he's a snob too. I'm turned right side up and set on the ground, my locket falls to my chest. It must have fallen out when I was upside down.

"Familiar what is that?" Louise asks pointing to my locket, "None of your business master." I tuck it back into my shirt. Louise shoots me another glare and I challenge her glare with my glare, which she back down from.

Well I can't run now the blonde boy will just pick me up again, and I don't feel like going on another ride. "No food tonight for trying to run!" Louise shouts at me, "Yea yea." I wave her off, which only makes her madder. "Just come on, you've embarrassed me enough tonight as it is!" My master drags me away from the other two, back to the dorms, and to her room.

I sit on the floor, with a collar around my neck, which is chained to the wall, Louise paces back and forth, rambling on about familiars, commoners, nobles and other stuff. 'Awesome…' So while she's rambling on, I decide to look for Kiyohime, 'First she's a loyal stead…' I can feel her, so now I'll get a better grasp on how to bring her out. I 'tug' at her try to bring her closer to the surface of being summoned, she comes closer, and closer, then stops suddenly.

She's not at the top, but almost stuck in the middle. 'I'm not doing something right.' Maybe she wasn't a stead, but armor? No, Shizuru never worried about protecting herself, she was always worried about me so then Kiyohime is her shinning sword? I could 'tug' Kiyohime to the surface much faster now, right before she was at summoning level I stop her. I could feel her whine at me, wanting to come out and see the world.

'Sorry Kiyohime not yet, as soon as I can get outside you can stretch your necks.' I apologize to my child, but I had to make sure I could summon her when ever I need it. "Hey, Familiar! Are you listening at all?" I pull myself to the real world and see Lousie glaring at me fiercely. "Nope." Oh, it seems master might chip a tooth if she grinds her teeth like that.

"You…damned Familiar!" I could image steam coming out of her ears like those cartoons at this point. She sighs and throws her arms into the air, "I'm too tired to be dealing with this." She turns around and starts to takes off her clothes. "I thought nobles didn't undress themselves." I tease her, "Fool me once…" Well at least she has some common sense.

After taking her clothes off and slipping on what looks like a sleeping gown, my master throws her clothes at me. "I want those clothes washed by the time I wake up tomorrow." She turns away, and goes to her bed to sleep, "And how am I supposed to wash them if I'm chain to the wall?" She simply ignores me and goes to bed, blowing out the candle by her bed.

Cutting through the chain it is then. Ah this is going to be a long night.

Louise dreamed normally for the first part of the night. Dreaming of whipping her new familiar and having her beg for forgiveness. "No Master I'm sorry stop it~~" Yes that was the good part of her dream.

But the second part…

"Mommy!" A small child with dark blue hair that was in pigtails opened the door into an office with happy look on her face. The office was simple with a desk, a bookshelf, and some chairs. But on the desk was a square, flat, black box on a stand that an older looking woman, who looked a lot like her familiar, was staring at it.

"Ah and how's my big girl today." The other woman said turning away from the black box and picking up the child. "Mommy, the boys where picking on me today again." The child's happy face left quickly, "Oh my, and what did you do dear?" The older woman began noticing the small cut on the child's face and arms.

"I beat them up of course!" The child pumped her fist into the air and had a proud look on her face. "What has mommy told you about fighting?" The woman scolded the child the look on the child's face was replaced with a look of uncertainty.

"That I shouldn't beat up other kids…but they wouldn't stop picking on me and trying to take Duran away." The child shows her mother a stuff dog.

"And they were wrong to do so, but that doesn't mean you can just beat them up." The mother scolded the child again. The child looked like she wanted to cry, "Now now, don't cry sweetie. Mommy will take you to get your favorite ice-cream." The child brightens up at the idea of this ice-cream, whatever that was.

And so Louise dreamed of a mother and a child having fun and being a family together.