How do you dream, when every hope you had is fractured? Do you stand on the brink of nothing and hold your hands up to the skies?

Death. Forever. There are no answers now. Everything that I try to ask is hurdled back at me, singeing the air with its laughing scorn. I want to scream a thousand times. I want to call his name. I want to hear his voice. Why? Why? I have asked that before. So many times before, when I, in my stupidity, thought I could not go on. It always had an answer. There is none now coming back to me from the heartless stars.

How do you cry, when every tear you had is spent? Do you kneel on the verge of madness and scrape the tears from your eyes?

Blood. Fire. There is no escape now. I was there. I shall always be there. I shall forever stand on that hill, separated by pain and cowardice, watching the scream. The air was screaming. It was the air. No matter how many times I try to force myself to believe that it was my cry, reaching out to him over the heartless desert, I cannot. My voice was still as I watched the scream. My lips were shut. I did not even call his name.

How do you stand, when your legs are shattered? Do you crouch on the point of forever and shout your curses to the stars?

Steel. Anger. There is no healing now. My soul and my heart are as maimed as my body was when he came to me against reason, weeping for the churl who left him. His voice was frail when he saw me; his strong voice, his singing voice, it sounded like it would break. He held his hand up to me, in his valiant folly he thought that he could reach me. He did not know then what I know now; no one could ever reach me again.

How do you love, when your heart is broken? Do you stand on the edge of nothing and throw your soul upon the wind?

Flames. Shadows. There is no distance now. Even if once I stood on that shore and turned away. Even if I closed my eyes. Even if I let fire take my soul. What could I say? What can I do? It is all gone now. Falling away through my madness and this fire.