All right, I'm trying something that I did for my Fallout 3 fanfiction. This fanfiction that is for Corpse Party, I am making up characters and giving it a shot. This one may be longer than my other ones, but I'm not sure.

What Eyes Should not See

Chapter 1

He woke up in Heavenly Host Elementary School to find himself in what he thought to be a desecrated classroom. The floor was gone in various areas, and the walls were cracked and dirty. Some of the desks were overturned. He could hear the rain pattering on the windows and the thunder roll in the distance. Lightning would flash every once in a while to give better lighting to the dim room. He lay on the floor for a moment or two, feeling dazed and confused. The one thing that scared him was the utter silence. Other than the thunder and the sound of the rain, he heard no voices of any kind. Before, there had been six others with him. He did not hear either one of their voices. Then, to his comfort…

"Big brother?"

He looked to his right to find his younger sister sitting up, her back against the wall, holding her head as if it hurt. He sat up as well and crawled to her to see if she was all right. With a moment of observance, he saw she was not hurt at all, which relieved him.

"Reika, can you stand?" he asked.

Reika Takahashi nodded and rose to her feet slowly, staggering slightly as she did. She was a thirteen-year-old girl, petite and pretty. She was a gymnast and was on the team at her elementary school, and was well-liked by her classmates, despite her bashfulness. She was intelligent, but she had difficulties in Math, her least favorite subject. Her black hair stopped just at her ears, and her brown eyes held a sense of innocence to them. She had on the traditional sailor fuku, her skirt a dark red and her neckerchief dark red as well, her blouse white. Her knee-knockers were white, and her penny loafers were black. In her hair was a white barrette. She looked at her brother with her big brown eyes full of fear.

"Big brother, where are we?"

Eighteen-year-old Hideki Takahashi put his hand on his sister's shoulder, unable to give her an immediate answer.

Hideki was a handsome young man with black hair and stunning hazel eyes. He had on his school uniform, which consisted of dark khakis, a dark green blazer with his school crest on the front pocket, a white shirt with a dark green tie, white socks, and brown penny loafers. He was thin but athletic- he ran track at his high school and was being given a scholarship to run at his college once he graduated. Like his sister, he was well-liked at his school, and many looked up to him. He was not as bashful as Reika, but he was still slightly shy. However, he was kind and was easy to talk to. He was also gifted, and would help Reika in her struggles with Math.

Hideki glanced around the room to find scattered pieces of paper on the floor. He bent down and gathered them. He was surprised to see that it was an old newspaper, which discussed the kidnappings that had been done to some of the school children.

"Well?" he heard Reika call.

"I'm not sure," he responded as he stood up. "Let's look around this classroom, okay? Be careful around the fallen areas of the floor."

Reika nodded, and she and Hideki began to investigate. Hideki tried to open the windows, but they seemed to be fixtures on the walls. He opened the desks, and the last one he opened had a crumbled up piece of paper in it. He smoothed it out and read the scrawled handwriting that was on the page.

I don't want to be here anymore.

Izumi, where are you?

We came here together, but you ran away after we found that body. I've been looking everywhere for you. We shouldn't be apart in this place. If you read this, please come find me.

Your dear friend, Suzume.

There was one word that caught Hideki's attention: body. He put the letter back in the desk; perhaps Suzume had put it there knowing that Izumi would look there. He walked up to the teacher's desk and opened it to find nothing. He looked behind him to see the chalkboard. Beside the chalkboard was another article from a newspaper. The first sentence immediately made him shake: Heavenly Host Elementary- Notice to All Faculty and Students. He had heard about what had happened there before, and the newspaper he found a moment ago reiterated that. Surely, they had not been somehow transported to this school which no longer existed. He looked at Reika to see her reading the newspaper he had found earlier. Where was everyone else?

He heard chalk writing on the chalkboard behind him. He turned around to find words written on the board, and the message was threatening: I'll kill you. For some reason, he felt as if he and Reika had better get out of the room.

"Reika, let's go," he said.


The feeling was nearly overbearing to Hideki. He walked over and grabbed Reika's hand.

"Let's go," he once again said as he pulled her out of the room.

Once in the hallway, Reika questioned her brother, who told her what he had felt in the room. She was stunned to say in the least, and she wondered why she did not feel the presence like he did.

"Big brother, what about everyone else? Where are they?" she asked.

"I don't know."

"You are… searching for your friends?"

They turned to see a blue light floating in the air. Almost as soon as he saw it, Hideki knew that it was the spirit of someone. Reika was looking around, trying to find where the voice came from.

"Yes," Hideki replied.

"You will not find them," the spirit, which had the voice of a young man, spoke.

Reika realized that the blue light in front of her was the thing the voice was coming from, and she would have screamed if her brother had not been so calm. She latched onto Hideki's arm, scared but trying to hide it.

"Do not fear me, little one," the ghost reassured. "I am not a malevolent spirit. I aim to help you."

Reika's tension decreased, but she still remained latched onto her brother's arm.

"What do you mean by that?" Hideki asked.

"This school has many dimensions," the ghost began. "While you are in this one, your friends are in others. Indeed, you are in the same school, but you may never meet. You are trapped in 'close spaces' against your will, just like I was."

Hideki felt Reika's arms clench tighter around his arm.

"How is it possible to be in the same school but never meet?" Hideki requested.

"It is just as I said. You are in closed spaces. There are barriers that must be broken, but no one has ever done this. If somehow you can break those barriers, you may be able to meet your friends again and escape."

"Escape?" Reika questioned.

"I… died here," the ghost quietly informed them. "No one has been able to find a way out. Many have tried. All have failed."

Hideki heard Reika whimper.

"I must warn you. There are others like me, and there are others that will do you harm. The ones that will harm you are red, like the fires of vengeance that burn in someone's heart. There are children here… three girls and a boy… who do not have tongues. If you see them, run. You will die if you linger, regardless if you mean them no harm."

Hideki nodded.

"I wish you luck. I want you to find a way out of here. I want you to live. I don't want you to be tortured like I am…"

"Why are you tortured?" Hideki questioned.

"If you die here… you will re-live your death over and over again. You will be trapped here, and you will never escape the pain you felt as you died."

Hideki thought Reika was going to tear his arm off.

"Please, survive. Do whatever it takes."

The ghost then faded away, leaving Hideki and Reika alone in the hallway. Hideki looked down at Reika to see that she had tears in her eyes. He knew she had to be scared beyond words. He was, too. He smiled at Reika to give her reassurance.

"Don't worry, Reika. We'll find our friends, and we'll get the heck out of here."

Reika smiled back at her brother, and the two began to make their way around the school. Some areas were inaccessible, so they paid those no mind. They entered a classroom to see if anyone was there, but what they found made Reika scream and Hideki cry out in shock. In the classroom were two bodies on the floor. One was a young girl, around sixteen, who seemed to have died from starvation. She was lying in the lap of the other was a girl who was about the same age, whose back was against the wall. She was bloody, and what appeared to be stab wounds were all over her body. Hideki immediately turned Reika away and buried her face in his torso, but the damage had been done. He inspected the corpses to find their nametags: the girl that was bloody was Arisu Tomei, and the girl in her lap was Emiko Tomei, twin sisters. Clenched in the hand of Emiko were several pages of paper. Hideki took them out of Emiko's hand and read it to find that the pages were dated and took account of the events that happened to the two girls.


Arisu died today.

I could only stand outside of this room and listen as that little girl in the red dress murdered my twin sister for no reason. I was locked out, and I tried my best to get in, but…

After the murder, the doors were unlocked, and the little girl was no longer in the room. Arisu was dead.

I cried, but no tears came out. I know I'm dehydrated, and I'm starving. I'm so tired. To be honest, I just want to go ahead and die. I can't live like this anymore. I think I'll just rest a moment right here. I can't leave Arisu now. Just a minute, then I'll get going.


I can't leave this room. That little girl in the red dress locked me in here.

You know what? I don't even care anymore. I know Mom and Dad will be sad, but I'm just so tired… and I can't leave without Arisu.


I can hear that little girl laughing outside this room. I know she's mocking me.

Can I die now? I don't want to do this anymore.

The writing stopped, and Hideki could only surmise that Emiko finally passed away. He thought about his friends, the six that came here as well. There was the girl he loved, Anju Hanari, and her best friend Ayame Imamura. Hideki's best friend Haru Kano and his girlfriend Shiori Nijo were also there. They were all on his mind, but getting to Anju was his main priority. He thought about the possibility of her being alone in this horrific place, and he wanted nothing more than to break down those barriers and find her to make sure she was safe.

He and Reika stared at the scrawled notes in wordless horror. Emiko had went through so much, and even stayed with her sister's corpse until she departed from the world. Hideki glanced at Reika to see that she shook from fear. He put the notes back in Emiko's hands and stood up.

"Come on, Reika. I think we should go. If Arisu was killed in here, that girl may return, and we don't wanna be in here when that happens, do we?"

Reika quickly shook her head, and she and her brother walked out of the room. Just as Hideki's whole body had exited the room, the door slammed shut. Hideki and Reika jerked around and looked at the door. What seemed to be thick black hair was now wrapped around it. Reika took a step closer to get a better look, but she suddenly screamed and jumped back. She buried her head in Hideki's torso and clenched onto his shirt. Confused, he looked at the door, startled to see faces behind the hair. He took a step back, Reika still latched onto his body. He staggered and softly pulled Reika away from him. He hid her eyes from seeing the door, and he led her away.

Hideki had always been brave, but even this place was pushing his limits. People lay all around, dead, decomposing or just a pile of bones. The smell was immense, and the sights were macabre to say in the least. Since his sophomore year in high school, he had been preparing himself for the career he was to pursue in college: crime scene investigator. He knew that he would see sights that were grotesque and horrific. Life did not discriminate: men, women, children- death came to them all, sometimes in a grisly manner. He knew this. He thought he was certain that he was ready for the future. Still, nothing prepared him for the things he and Reika were seeing in this school, and all the while, he had to keep a good front so that Reika would not lose her mind.

He wondered about his friends again. He thought about Anju, and if she were with someone. He had to find her- he would tear down this place dimension by dimension if he had to.