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Chapter one: There is a fairy in my breast pocket!

It was a normal day at the Phantomhive manor…well as normal as it could be. You know the normal stuff. Bard, Maylene and Finny were making a ruckus around the house; Sebastian taking care of everything they did, Ciel barking orders at the four servants and Tanaka drinking his tea peacefully after saying 'Ho, Ho, Ho'. (A/N: Go Tanaka-san's awesomeness! :D)

But while everyone was thinking that it was a pretty boring and normal day, the now 16 year old owner, Ciel Phantomhive was having a very hard day himself. Filling papers, drinking tea, meeting with people that he didn't actually found interesting in the slight bit, doing everything the bloody Queen ordered him to do, yelling at the idiotic trio that only were good at destroying his house…and then there was his very distracting butler. Ciel sighed as he placed his almost empty cup of tea on his desk.

Lately, he'd been thinking about Sebastian in ways that were…um…unusual to him and this was causing Ciel a great lot of stress. The young man placed his head on his hands, lost in thought.

'Sebastian that sexy bastard…With his annoyingly beautiful smirk, his perfect face, that body that only makes me more curious to see how it is, that maddening voice, his inky black hair that falls so perfectly and his eyes... Oh his eyes! Those crimson eyes could make even a toddler drool at the mere sight of him… Wait, what the bloody Hell is wrong with me?!' Ciel thought before slamming his hands on the smooth wood underneath his elbows, so hard, that his hands became an angry red color.

"Bocchan, are you okay?" Sebastian asked, quickly appearing besides Ciel examining his red hands.

Ciel looked down at his hands, trying to hide the blush that had appeared across his cheeks and hoping that Sebastian wouldn't notice, but obviously did. Sebastian pressed their foreheads together without warning, making Ciel blush even harder, the butler pulled away, looking at his master with a worried expression. (A/N: For those who don't know it is a Japanese technique for knowing when you have a fever or something like that…please correct me if I'm wrong. ^.^)

"Are you sure you're alright? You seem to have a slight fever. Do you want me to—"

"I'm fine Sebastian! Go and do something useful, like…dust all the bookshelves or something!" Ciel interrupted quickly.

Sebastian gave Ciel his trademark smirk before placing a hand to his heart and bowing, saying the words that made Ciel melt no matter the circumstances. "Yes, my lord."

When Ciel was sure that his butler closed the door with a soft click and was away, doing what he'd ordered him to do, the young earl slumped back on his chair and covered his face with his small hands in embarrassment. His heart was beating wildly on his ribcage and he felt as if he was going to die in any second. He was mad at himself for feeling so strange around his butler; it angered him that his body would react in the oddest ways every time his butler was changing his clothes or how his face would heat up when he felt Sebastian's stare on his very back.

Ciel let an exasperated sigh escape his full, rosy lips. Taking off his eye patch he pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to calm down even if it was a tiny bit. Those unnerving thoughts were molesting him so much that he let his head slam again the hard wood of his desk, making the blue and purple eyed boy groan a little. Without knowing so, his eyelids shut closed and he was sent to dream land.

Ciel was in his room, reading a book, waiting for Sebastian to come and get him ready to bed. The boy was exhausted and he wondered why Sebastian was taking so long. As soon as he finished that thought, the door opened, revealing a very stunning Sebastian. The demon was holding a chandelier with lit candles and an apologetic smile. But the thing that shocked Ciel was the fact that Sebastian's shirt was unbuttoned, revealing the creamy, soft, strong flesh of his beloved butler.

"My apologies for taking so long…I was taking care of something important." The demon butler said, running a hand through the inky locks of hair.

With mouth agape, Ciel noted that not only did his butler had his shirt unbuttoned but his butler was soaking wet, making his clothes stick to his skin like another layer of flesh. The blue haired boy looked at his butler in awe not even bothering to respond with some snappy reply to what his butler had said earlier. Sebastian, noticing the heated stare that his young master was giving him, smirked while running a hand on his exposed chest deviously. Ciel licked his lips absentmindedly as he watched, mesmerized as his butler closed the space between them.

"Like what you see, Ciel?" Sebastian purred seductively in his master's ear, making the young boy tremble slightly.

"Y-Yes, very much."

Without any warning, Sebastian crashed their lips together, savoring that distinctive taste that could only be Ciel's. Red eyes glowed with lust and passion as he hummed contently as their lips danced. Soon, Sebastian was biting the lower lip of Ciel, asking permission for entrance. Parting his lips ever so slightly, Ciel felt as his butler's tongue slipped inside his mouth, exploring and tasting the wet cavern while winning a battle against his own tongue. Both of them shuddered in delight, Sebastian finding that he liked the sweetness of his little master and Ciel finding amazing the feeling of Sebastian's lips on him. A strong arm wrapped around the lithe body of the bluenette, pressing it against a strong, soaking wet chest and lifting him up from the chair he was sitting on previously. Soon Ciel was placed onto the bed with Sebastian hovering over him with a pleasant smile on his lips.

"Se-Sebastian, kiss me." Panted out Ciel.

"Yes, my lord."

They kissed passionately until the demon parted their lips, a string of silver connecting their mouths. Licking Ciel's lips, Sebastian traced the younger neck with his tongue, making the small figure underneath him shiver with pleasure. A small, quiet moan escaped the pink lips as he felt a pair of big hands caressing his torso in a loving way, so softly that it tickled. Tiny hands tangled themselves in the mass of black that was Sebastian's hair, pulling it not so softly. This made the demon growl lowly, loving the way it felt, his masochist side waking up. Sebastian looked up at Ciel through his thick lashes as his mouth dipped lower still, kissing the abdomen of the blue haired boy. Yanking Sebastian upward by the hair, Ciel whispered in an annoyed tone:

"S-Stop teasing me, demon."

A Cheshire cat grin appeared on Sebastian's lips as he obliged. An expert hand grabbed Ciel's erection and stroked it slowly, gaining a loud moan in return. Then he placed his thumb over the angry red tip and started massaging it softly, while his other hand teased his hidden entrance. Once the young boy was writhing and moaning wantonly , Sebastian stopped his ministrations and looked at the piece of art that was underneath him. Big, warm hands caressed small thighs in circles making the other shiver in anticipation. Without any warning, Sebastian took Ciel's length in his mouth and started bobbing his head up and down at a very quick pace, eager to taste Ciel completely. Wine colored eyes looked up at his young master, only to see him gripping the sheets as if his life was depending on it. Sebastian smirked around the stiff, hot flesh. Soon, the bluenette's tiny hands were gripping the black hair on his butler's head, thrusting into that hot mouth that made him see stars. After a few minutes, the room was full of the melodious sounds that were coming from Ciel's mouth, making Sebastian grunt in pleasure as he heard the beautiful song that was being sang to him by his little master.

"Ciel, Ciel, Ciel…" the older male repeated, but it sounded so far away.

"Ciel, Ciel…" he said louder.

Cracking a cerulean eye open he saw the slightly amused face of his butler and gasped, almost jumping out of his chair as he did so. The boy looked around frantically, noting that he was in his study, sitting on his chair and not in his room. Then the truth hit him… Suddenly, he became light headed, panic perhaps, as he replayed that lovely dream. The more he replayed it in his mind, the more flustered he became. He just hoped that he wasn't mumbling non sense while having that awful dream.

"Master, I've brought a chocolate cake and Earl gray tea for your afternoon snack." Sebastian said, chuckling slightly.

"Uh…t-thanks." Ciel replied, not daring to look at his butler's face.

Picking up his fork, the bluenette placed a big chunk of chocolate cake on his mouth as an excuse for not talking. Sebastian noticed this and excused himself with a small smirk. Before closing the door completely, the raven haired man looked at his, still flustered, master.


Ciel gasped for air, his face immediately heating up at the mere reminder of that odd dream. 'God, I didn't know that I had such a sexy butler… What the Hell is wrong with you Ciel, get a hold on yourself! He's only a lowly servant, he's not worthy of Ciel Phantomhive!' thought he, while slapping himself hard. Ciel sighed sadly, looking down at his hands.

"Well, I cannot tell that person what I feel, I mean, I'm a mere human he's a very powerful, very sexy demon…" Silence. "God damn him! He makes me go nuts, I hate it!"

Ciel gripped his blue locks tighter and slumped half of his body onto his desk. As soon as his chest hit the desk he heard a screech coming from somewhere. He looked around but found nothing. He felt as if something was tickling him or perhaps pinching him but he just ignored it, until it became annoyingly uncomfortable. Small hands started patting his chest, for it hurt really badly, and once again heard a small screech. Looking down at his chest, he saw a bit of movement on his breast pocket. Ciel carefully opened his pocket and in that same instant a tiny girl, the size of his thumb fell on his desk. A cerulean eye widened in surprise and he leaned down so he could see the girl better. When he was close enough the girl poked him in the eye with her leg, making Ciel fall backwards on his chair.

"Agh! Why'd you did that for!?" Ciel exclaimed, sheltering his poked eyes while taking off his eye patch so he could glare at her with his purple eye.

"You deserve it you moron, you nearly squished me to death!" squeaked the tiny girl, folding her arms on her chest.

Both of them stared at each other in silence. He watched as the girl walked to the end of his desk and jumped from it. For a second Ciel freaked out, this couldn't be happening! A tiny girl just committed suicide in front of him and it was obviously his fault! He panicked even more when he saw a bright light coming from the other side of his desk. 'Oh great, now the tiny police is out to get me!' The light grew so bright that he had to shelter his eyes so he wouldn't go blind. When the light subsided and it was safe enough to uncover his eyes, he did so, only to find a very pretty girl standing in front of him. She had a black dress that went up to her mid thighs, it was corseted on top and the skirt was very frilly. In one hand she wore a black glove that covered almost all her arms while in the other one she held a big, silver scythe. The stockings were over the knee and she was wearing black lace boots that went up to her knees. She had brown hair that fell on her back beautifully and the bangs were pink. Her eyes were the strangest combination of yellow, green and blue all mixed up together and her face was very angelical. On the bridge of her nose sat black glasses which she gracefully slid up her nose with her index finger. Gray wings flapped slowly on her back, giving her a very lovely look. The girl suddenly got close to Ciel and sniffed him. A big smile appeared on her lips as she sat down on the edge of Ciel's desk.

"I smell demon scent on you. What is it that you desire, boy?" The girl said in a soft tone.

Ivory skin flushed red at the question, making the girl chuckle. A few minutes passed and she asked: "Well, what is it? I can help you achieve it, no matter what it is."

"T-There is this person I desire…you see but he's—"

"The demon, I see. Go on." Smiled the girl.

"Exactly, and I do not want to make a fool of myself with telling him how I feel without knowing if he feels the same way about me." Ciel finished, looking at the girl with a serious expression.

"This is interesting, a human in love with the demon that is going to devour your soul, correct? I see, I see Ciel. Alright, I'll help you…But my help haves a price, little Ciel." The beautiful girl whispered in Ciel's ear.

"W-What i-is the price?"

"A daily percent of your delicious blood, Ciel." The girl said while tracing the bluenette's neck with a slightly sharp nail.

The boy's eyes widened slightly, not quite understanding why this girl wanted a daily percent of his blood. Was she a vampire? The girl sensing the question on Ciel, added quickly: "No Ciel, I'm no vampire, those things are myth and simpletons my dear darling. They are wannabe freaks, nothing more. I am a blood fairy. So, do you accept my proposal or not?"

After a bit of thought, Ciel nodded eagerly, making the girl smile widely. The brunette girl leaned into Ciel, until her lips touched his nose. Then her lips brushed the soft skin of his neck.

"This is the seal…of our little pact." After saying that, Ciel felt her sharp teeth sink into the tender skin of the crook of his neck. A small groan escaped the boy's lips but he quickly recovered from the pain because the girl pulled away as fast as she had sunk her teeth into his neck. She smiled apologetically before wiping the remaining blood with her tongue softly. Slowly, Ciel smiled back at her. 'Perhaps this could work, that is of course, if I do things right. Perhaps she is as easy to control as Sebastian.' The boy thought foolishly as he got up to his feet so they could be at the same level.

"Right, you'll have to do as I say and act only when—"

"Ah ah ah…that is where you are wrong mister. Have you ever heard about fairies and their deals? No? Okay. When you make a pact with a fairy, the fairy would do as he or she seems fit in your situation, and in your case I have to see what the problem with your little demon is. Don't make that face Ciel; I am very considerate, I swear it on my wings. Think of it as if I were to be your…fairy godmother."

"Very well, ah, I believe I did not have your name, fairy."

"My name is An—"

"My lord, dinner is ready. Ah, who is this young lady?" Sebastian asked entering the room, raising an eyebrow.

Ciel, panicking, looked over at the girl, only to see that she had changed her clothes and now was wearing a black and white corseted dress, her hair made into a messy bun. Ciel sighed quietly and Sebastian looked at him questioningly. The small teen smiled a little and walked over to the suddenly quiet fairy. He placed his hand on the small of her back and Sebastian's brow twitched. The girl smiled a little then stepped forward.

"My apologies for bothering you sir, my name is Antoinette, a pleasure to meet you." The fairy said bowing a little while smirking deviously.

"Sebastian, prepare a room for our lovely guest, she will be staying for a while." Ciel announced making both, Sebastian and the girl, to smile at little Ciel with hidden intentions clear in their eyes.

Sebastian stared at the girl in curiosity for a while, hmm I don't remember letting her in, before turning to his master and saying with such reverence the words that made the butler feel something unexplainable on his chest:

"Yes, my lord."