Dear reader:

Hello, I would like to let you know that things are going smoothly with the fixing of this story and I am pleased to tell you that (hopefully) soon you'll be getting a new chapter. I have taken it upon myself to go over the chapters I have written and fix the general mistakes that were on them, those chapters being chapter one throughout chapter three.

Then there is chapters four and on…I have made several changes and (hopefully ^^) will make a change in the whole story. Chapter four is no longer called "Queen Leila in the house!" as Queen Leila no longer exists...I found her to be in the way and so I decided to kill her…Sort of, in a way. xD

Since she's no longer in my story I have to fix the chapters that follow chapter number four…Oh by the way, Chapter four is very different that how it was, so I suggest you go read that and the ones that follow so you won't be lost when you keep reading the other chapters. :P If I remember correctly I told you that this chapter was going to be 14 chapters long, right? Yes? I don't remember…but if I did, I changed my mind. Lol. xP With the changes and all, this might actually be a bit longer…So yeah, have to keep up with me. Hehehe…

So yeah, I might as well keep working on this for it is not every week that you get two days free of school just because there is a hurricane coming…^O^ Thank you for reading this guys!

Sorry for the inconvenience and the bother,