Hi guys! So…yeah this is my first fanfic so I'm sorry if the plot or the stories aren't that great. I don't own Ace Attorney or any of the characters but, you already knew that. Anyways enjoy!

Caty: Hello and welcome to the first ever, ACE ATTORNEY GAMES! I am your host, the marvelous Caty. In these games you will see most of your favorite characters fight for the spot as Champion of Ace Attorney. Now let's meet our 8 main players.

1. Phoenix Wright

2. Miles Edgeworth

3. Kay Faraday

4. Klavier Gavin

5. Ema Skye

6. Franziska von Karma

7. Dick Gumshoe

8. Larry Butz

Caty: Alright, now lemme talk about the rules/guidelines. There are a total of 7 rounds with one person going home in each. The person who gets last place in each round will lose and unfortunately be banished from the game. However, the loser will be punished and that's where the good part comes in. YOU people in the audience get to choose what "punishment" the character shall suffer. Ready? Alright, ON WITH THE GAMES!

A/N: Kay, so this is just an intro chapter so it's just getting ya into the mood of things. Oh and for the extra co-hosts and punishments just leave a review or PM me anything's fine. Btw, you can also suggest what activity all the characters will do to compete in each round. (Soccer Match, crafts, etc.) Okay see ya soon!