A young lady comes out from behind some curtains cue Advanced Wind English version

"Hello everyone" *Bows* I am so excited to do a Wild Arms fanfic and I mean seriously there should be a lot more around because of all the games and it makes me so sad that there isn't a lot so I decided to remedy the situation now without further ado here it is now quick Twilight slave do the disclaimer"

Twilight sighs "And why should I listen to you oh Great Author –Sama my queen and lordship" she says sarcastically

"Because I said so bitch now slave disclaimer now" Author laughs in joy.

"Fiiiine The Great royal pain in the ass Author-bitch-sama does not own anything that is Wild Arms except for her characters there I'm done goodbye" Twilight storms out of the room slamming the door.

"Huh wonder why she is so mad, oh well on to the story" The screen fades to black

It was a dark

and stormy night . . .

Screen cues in to a Train and inside one of the carts, inside is a dark room with one lone chest in the middle.

"Dammit where is she, she's supposed to be here by now" A young girl whispers to herself behind some barrels in a corner.

* sighs* "Knowing her she probably is in the- whoa" Suddenly the train gives a shake causing the young girl to ram into the barrels hard.

"Ow son of a bitch what was that" She holds her side in pain

Suddenly the door opens to reveal a young girl in a pink dress and a young boy with red hair, but no one cares about him even though he has a name which for some reason we know him as Tony even though he didn't even mention it.

Quietly the young girl watches them like a hawk waiting for something to happen.

Tony peers into the darkness and notices the treasure chest untouched, and he gives a sigh of relive.

"Thank goodness … Everything seems to be in order, but let me check the crate even though it's clearly a chest, just in case." Tony says looking relived while the young girl looks around with a questioning look.

"All the windows are boarded up. You sure are taking precaution. What exactly is in there, anyway?" Pinky asked curiously while spying a lone chest in the room.

Tony just ignores her and walks to the chest and opens it, and a blue light sparkles out of the chest.

Pinky gasps "Wow. . . What are all these light?" she stood stunned staring at the weird blue sparkles.

Suddenly a young man bursts through the boarded up window, a giant tribal looking man comes running from behind some crates the pink dressed girl looks wildly from the commotion, another man in his 30's comes running through the door and a young girl jumps over some barrels and finally an older woman comes bursting from the chest scaring Tony and everyone is pointing there ARM'S at each other each waiting for someone to make a move move and suddenly silence.


"Bwahaha I'm so evil, also I wonder who those mysterious characters are since I sure don't and I have no idea how they came to be HAHHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" The Author laughs evilly from her bed while petting her two cats.

"I'm sure everyone is dying to know *Eye rolls* so please review so that she can STOP LAUGHING SO PLEASE REVIEW EVEN JUST ONE BEFORE I GO INSANE!" Twilight screams in horror.